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Awaken the infinite power of your mind and start the journey of your life towards the Success you want.

Mental Wellness

Maintain Your Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

Create A Great Success In All Areas of Your Lfe, Health, Wealth, Relationship, Happiness, Love.

Mental Wellness


Thursday, December 29, 2022

5 Definite Ways to Fulfill Your Resolutions in 2023


Just before the beginning or at the beginning of the new year, the tendency making new resolutions of people increases very much. Especially in the first few pages of the first month, new resolutions and their implementation in real life are written in the new diary. But after a few days, the diary remains in one place and the owner is in another place and there is no connection between the two for the whole year. How many of you would agree with me in this regard?



How many of you have made a resolution to improve your health at the beginning of the year, a resolution to kick out bad habits? How many have resolved to make themselves more productive? I think almost everyone has made some sort of resolution in the past! 

Now tell me how many of you have made your resolutions perfectly or have been able to give them reality?


Why do we fail to fulfill new year's resolutions?

It is very essential to understand why at the beginning of the new year we start with a lot of enthusiasm by taking new resolutions, but after a few days we go back to the old track. Written commitments are remained in diaries, resolutions became dusty and faded from memory. We all know that we need changes in our lives and we want to change in our lives but how many of us know why we need to change and what will be. We want to be successful but we don't know what the definition of success is to us.

At the beginning of a new year we emphasize making new resolutions, so I explain with the word 'resolution'. The synonyms of resolution are determination, analysis and solutions (although there are many other synonyms, I have taken these three for this context).
Out of these we only accept the first word, the rest i.e. 'Analysis' and 'Solution' we leave out of context, and that bury our resolutions in the first month of the new year. It is fact that we take decisions but we do not analyze why we are taking these decisions!  How beneficial it can be for us to fulfill this resolution!  What challenges can come before us to fulfill this determination! If the determination is fulfilled, what personal evolution will develop within us!  etc. If you don't have a clear picture of why you are doing something and what result will be at the end, your internal motivation can never be triggered. Naturally, after a while, you'll give up that work, whether it's your personal development or self-care.

Here I would intend to refer more to the second synonym of resolution i.e. 'solution', because we need not only to make a resolution but to find a way to resolve it, we have to have the resilience to deal with the obstacles that may arise on the way fulfillment of that resolution. If you just set the goal without strategy to reach there, is it possible to achieve it?

If we try to understand with the help of an example the matter becomes much simpler. Let's say that your new year's resolution for good health is to lose weight and you start exercising as usual. After a few days you realize that 'time' has become a big challenge for you. Will you be able to fulfill your determination!  Never, you will never feel congruence. The timing problem was still there when you made the resolution on the first day of the new year but you didn't analyze it and find a solution.

How we can make 2023 more productive:

Making decision is not a problem. You may have taken thousands of such resolutions over the years but the real challenge is to implement them, to feel the inner motivation for them, so that you don't give up in the midway, you don't go back to the old track. 

You will never know how and when 2023 will pass if you continue in the same way as you have been going on and on in the past years, making unplanned resolutions and failing.  365 days from life will be minus again, at the end of the year you will make new year's resolution again. In the end, results will be same, nothing will be changed in life. 

Taking specific action and planning to transform the next 365 days into the best year of your life so far without going in the traditional way is sure to bring massive results. If you want to make the right plans to make the year productive before entering the new year, it is not only about making New Year's resolutions, but also about analyzing them to make them successful and taking immediate action to resolve them. 

Whether you want to break old bad habits and develop good habits, you want to sweeten relationship, to reach another level of success, meet new financial goals, take care of your health, or anything else, you have to make a commitment, but to meet the objectives and to achieve those objectives, they must be analyzed at first. 
You must have a complete explanation in your mind of why you are making the new resolution, what positive impact the resolution will have on your life, how to apply it in your daily routine, what new steps you may need to take, what challenges may be arised and how to overcome them. How can you prepare yourself for!

There are various aspects of life that you want to change and improve in the next 365 days. Choose the two to three most important aspects and then analyze them one by one. The better you analyze, the clearer the solutions will be to you. 

Everyone knows consciously that in order to stay healthy, they need to take healthy food and do exercise, yet most people don't do so, why? Because none of them has a clear idea of ​​what positive changes in life can be brought about by eating healthy food, exercising for 365 days. As a result, they do not want to get out of their laziness, go back to that comfort zone, eat junk food due to cravings.

How to fulfill your Resolution:

These all are the definite steps I have described below to make sure your Resolutions come true.

1) Clear Understanding of Goals:

Setting goals is not enough, but you can never focus on them if you don't have strong reasons and clear picture about them in your subconscious mind.  Even if you start with the first initiative, it will disappear after a few days. Follow the "MASTERY" rule to set your goals so that your goals stick in your mind and you feel congruent. 
Here 'M' for Meaningful, 'A' for Achievable, 'S' for Specific and Simple, 'T' for Time-bound, 'E' for Ecology check, 'R' for Responsibility, 'Y' for Yearning. Read the article 'MASTERY' The Golden Way to Set Goals and achieve them for details.
Setting goals in this specific way will ensure that you feel connectivity, never let go.  No matter how well you set a goal, no matter how well you plan, it's very difficult to achieve if you don't have the right mindset. To develop a positive mindset you need to set goals with the help of 'MASTERY' rules.

2) Integrate your Resolutions into your daily routine in a well planned manner:

Time is a big challenge for all of us in this busy age so if you don't use the 24 hours of the day in a well-planned way then your determination will fade into the pages of old memory. Plan and create a routine that allows you to set aside time each day to make your New Year's resolutions a reality. 

by santanu


3) Make those in your habit:

The first month especially the first few days are very difficult to develop any new habit.  Once if it becomes a habit it will be very easy for you. You see, when you learn to drive a car first, it seems so complicated, managing so many pedals at once, along with steering, horn, keeping track of front-back, left-right, Oops, it seems impossible. When this driving becomes a habit, so many things will be handled automatically without any conscious effort.

Making anything new in a habit first requires conscious control, conscious effort, after some time it becomes a pattern in our subconscious mind then there is no problem. In the same way, the actions you need to take to fulfill your resolutions, first take conscious control over them to turn them into your habits, then automatically you will continue on that path and succeed.

4) Take Massive action:

"Slow is painful, fast is easy" keep it in mind, take massive action and only then you will get massive results, you can notice the change. Whenever progress is slow, success will not be at that level and you will also become demotivated. 
The more you procrastinate at work, the more you lose interest. Of course, taking massive action can seem daunting if you misunderstand what it means. 
Massive action doesn't mean taking a big step in right away, but maintaining a steady and upward effort to do things consistently until you reach your goal and fulfill your determination. Don't pretend to be busy, but increase your self-efficacy so that you can become committed to your dreams.

5) Give reward to yourself:

This is also a very important step. Success is a journey, a perticular process, if you can enjoy each step of this journey, obstacles will disappear. Any reward gives us satisfaction, make us joyful, boosts self-confidence, helps us to focus more on the goal.  Monotonous journey makes us demotivated
Suppose you wish to set a financial goal, you want to increase your income by 10% in the first six months of the year, and at the same time announce a reward for yourself if you can achieve it in a certain time, you will go for a trip for a few days or will have a party with your family,  whatever may be pleasing, but reward yourself and it will multiply your motivation.


If you want to fulfill your new year resolution the best way to start by thinking of why you want to achieve them, why they are mostly important to you and what you will get from of it. If you maintain the steps that I have mentioned in this article, you will definitely get success at the end of the year.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

How self care is important for mental health


Before going to the main topic, let me tell you a small but very important story. An experienced apple grower once being greedy  started spraying some chemicals on apples before ripening to make the apples look fresh and beautiful. After several sprays, the apples became shiny, and the farmer's heart became full of joy, becouse he can now market them at a much higher price than before. 


Finally he picked them up for ripening and make them ready for marketing. The wholesaler came and saw the apples, while bargaining, the wholesalers checked the quality of the apples and found them of low quality. He did not buy at a higher price, instead the farmer was compelled to sell the apples at a much lower price. The farmer began to huff and puff, thinking with his head in despair that if he had taken care of the roots of the tree without sprinkling chemicals on the fruit, he would not have been in such great danger, he would not have had to suffer from such a great financial loss. 

This story teaches us a great lesson. We do the same with our lives, for self-care we use marketed creams on our face or body, wear expensive watches and clothes, insist on hair cutting and hair dressing, all these are like spray to make apples shiny but low in quality.


What self care really means:

Self care is not about polishing yourself from the outside, self care is about taking care of yourself from the inside, taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Self-care, however, is considered an an integral part of luxury. In fact, not only that, self care is actually a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted process that helps to maintain mental, physical and emotional well-being, so that you can remain stable under pressure, overcoming life's obstacles and challenges. It can be luxury if you change your looks externally, but self care means taking care of yourself so that you can maintain your physical health, mental health and Mental Wellness. Without maintaining good health in both physical and mental you will not be able to perform better in your work, to maintain any good relationship. That's why I said 'If you don't take care of yourself, you will be burden to someone else.' 

Of course, self-care includes taking care of your clothes, your appearance, and it is also useful primarily to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Not only this, but this kind of self-care generates a positive feeling in itself, also another very important thing is that people are initially attracted to your out looks and judge you, then they may want to know your quality, whether you are even the Person of Deserving or not!

Is self care is important:

If you don't care of your health, of your Mental Wellness, after certain age, you will be the burden to someone else or to you. To keep up with the times, you will have to be very careful, becouse day by day work pressure, economic pressure, sense of responsibilities are increasing along with new diseases are emerging. To cope with all these, to sustain yourself, to make a meaningful life, to fill it with happiness and prosperity, you need to take care of yourself, to maintain good physical and mental health.

Outlook has value up to a level, but then you have to be verified by someone. There is a lot of gold glitters but they rarely come close to the price of pure gold. Its value is not determined by its luster, the value of gold is determined by checking its purity, if alloy is mixed, the value is reduced. In the same way, if you never become pure gold by not taking care of yourself, when you get hit somewhere, your body will either not support you, or you will break down mentally.

Why self care is important for mental health?

Our body and mind together form a system by which we are guided, affecting one of these two naturally affects the other.  Immunity is built up in our body to fight against most diseases so it is important to take care of yourself physically. If the body is weak or sick mind can never set to do anything though there is skill. 
Likewise, 'the better you take care of your mind the more motivated you will be' to do something.  Mental health will help you to overcome any obstacles. Self-care can easily help to overcome mental obstacles like grief, suffering, pain, stress, depression.  Not only this, it also greatly reduces the risk of getting sick. 

No matter what success you've achieved, no matter what you've had recently, it's almost impossible to enjoy it without mental health, and there's no other way than self-care that can help you maintain long-term mental health.

How self-care reduces Mental challenges:

Basically we face mental challenges because of our personal internal representation of any event, what actually we are giving meaning to any situation in our life, how any event from the external world is getting register in our mind!
For an example, you are calling your lover for several time and she/he is not picking up your phone. You may perceive that she or he is ignoring you, is not careful to you. This kind of perception disturb you, give you mental pain. In fact it may not be true, he/she may have been taking rest or doing important something else by muting the Phone. 
The meaning your mind will give to an event depends entirely on your belief system, your values, your past experiences, your meta program and your mental and physical state at that particular moment or time. If you really take care of yourself the way you see the outside world will change, your belief will be much stronger, your values will change, you will be able to erase your past painful memories easily. Above all in terms of any situation you can remain steadfast and maintain resourcefull state. 

How to take Self-care:

Almost all of us are consciously aware of how to practice self-care best. But it is not only knowing, but to implement them in our life, we have to make them into our daily habits and for this some special methods can be adopted which I have mentioned here.

Keep doing exercises:

Self care should be taken by keeping at least twenty minutes of exercise in the daily routine and doing it regularly every day. Physical exercise and activities include morning walks, sports. Doing these on a regular basis will increase immunity, feel lighter and more relaxed, can sleep well, mind will be better.

Consuming a healthy, balanced diet is very important:

Drinking enough water and taking balanced diet according to body growth and weight is an important part of taking care. Tempting, spicy, junk food should be avoided, so that the problem of gas heartburn does not bring down your energy.

self care

Maintain Mental Wellness:

Another very important thing to take care of is to pay attention to mental health, maintaining Mental Wellness. Although it is a continuous process, following this method you will not be consumed by negative thoughts, you can keep your mind in a resourceful state at all times, and your self-efficacy will increase.
       Methods of maintaining Mental Wellness:

Meditate daily: 

Meditation calms the mind, improves observation skills, increases the tendency to react thoughtfully instead of reacting quickly, patience increases. This kind of personal evolution process has life-changing positive impact.

Being aware of one's own conversation: 

What one speaks to oneself and to others determines one's level of self-awareness, self-care. Just as your behaviours are the product of your innate thoughts, so your habits are the product of your internal and external dialogue. Use positive and influential words to you and other also.

Focus more on positive events:

It is natural that some events are negative and some events are positive. We cannot always avoid negative events, but when we focus more on positive events, the more good events will unfold before our eyes. 
It is very pleasant for you to get the news of how many beautiful innocent babies were born instead of how many people died in the hospital, it will increase your Mental Wellness. So why go to get the news of how many people have died?

Try to find positive aspects in any event:

Just as the bad aspects of something negatively affect our mind, the good aspects help us stay in a resourceful state, helping us to maintain a good mood. There must be both good and bad sides in every event. If you can find the positives, you will find the real logistics of maintaining Mental Wellness.


Self-care and mental well-being and health are inextricably linked, complementing each other. Similarly what we mean by self-care in common parlance i.e. skin care, hair care, clothing care, these are required. Wearing clean clothes, keeping yourself clean will certainly have a beneficial effect on the body and mind. So in terms of self-care, they should also be given importance, not to show, but to feel good.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

How to make Yourself 'The Person of Deserving'

'A deserving person does not need to claim, his qualities claim for him'.
Indeed deserving persons demands more than others, but they do not make demands on others, their demands are very intrinsic, they make demands on themselves and make themselves worthy to fulfill all these demands. Incompetent people wait to get something without paying it's proper value. They make unreasonable demands on society, people or the government, they do not hesitate to take undew advantages from others.


    • Well Deserving Meaning.
    • How Deserving You are.
    • How to be deserving.

you deserve

Well Deserving Meaning:

If anyone is deserving something that means he or she has qualities, he or she is the right person to receive it. Whenever you demand anything from others, it is not necessary that you will have get it, but when you make yourself the person of well deserving then the things will come to you as a reward. We have many examples in this world who achieved a lot of money, love, wealth and many other valuable things without making themselves as the person of deserving but they have no fulfillment in their lives, or they lost everything after a few days. 

How Deserving You are:

There is no instrument and standard in this world to judge how deserving you are. Those people are considered as deserving people in the field of education whose educational qualification is of high quality, the most deserving person in business is the one who understands business, who has economic knowledge, who is skillful in calculations. 'The person of deserving' in such various fields is the one who is well versed in that subject. 

You can judge yourself how deserving you are by the result what you are getting at present, present is the result of your past, how deserving you made yourself in past. if you are not getting the result or not receiving anything which your visualising or thinking, it is indicating that you need to improve yourself as 'the person of deserving', there is still some qualities missing in yourself. 

It is not exactly true that what you get in life is the direct result of how deserving you are and it is also not like that whenever you make yourself 'The Person of Deserving' immediately you will get results. Getting result, getting extraordinary success is a process, if you don't stop, don't give up they will come to you, you just have to believe in yourself, you need to have positive mindset.

If you want good relationship, want the life of financial freedom, want perfect love and connection, name and fame, if you want to be extremely successful, then you will have to become the person of deserving, otherwise you will not get results upto the level by demanding or claiming. 

If you raise your standard, increase your qualities, develop yourself up to the lavel what you are thinking to deserve, you will get it today or tomorrow. 

I personally know many people who have reached the peak of success overnight and have earned a lot of fame, especially in today's age of social media, where it has become possible faster, but almost none of them has been able to sustain that success. It's only because they didn't raise themselves to that level, didn't make themselves the person of deserving, that's why they fell so fast. 
I remember a recent singer, I'm not mentioning the name, suddenly her song went viral on social media, she became a great singer, became famous within a few days, suddenly she goes from beggar to celebrity, her hustle and bustle and lifestyle changes unimaginably. As soon as the year passed, she returned to her place. Now we are seeing that the social media through which she rose to the top is making her crazy and demeaning not because of her tone of voice - suddenly changed or none has taken away her voice. The fact is that she didn't deserve what she got, or make herself deserving for it.

How to be deserving:

The first step to make yourself deserving is to stop making demands of others. You may claim to achieve something, but until you have made yourself deserving of it, you cannot enjoy it with joy, or the success will not last. Each of us has many demands, it is better to have those demands and it is important to take responsibility for fulfilling those demands, otherwise the habit of demanding from others will lead your life to a lower level. 

Making yourself 'the person of deserving' is a definite process, not an overnight change mantra or a magic spell with God's blessings. This process is time consuming, 'yes' sometimes it may take time for months and sometimes it may take years. 
You want to be a famous singer, want to gain fame! For that you have to practice daily, improve your voice, practice with musicians, do Sadhana and many other methods (I'm not a singer so I don't know the whole process) to become a great singer. When you follow these methods, it means that you are developing yourself as a qualified singer, you are becoming the person of deserving in this field. Being persistent in goals with passion and focusing on personal development can only lead you to the person of deserving.
If you want to be the person of deserving in any field, you need to understand the actual weakness you have through self-actualization and then you can choose the best ways to improve yourself on those areas.

You can use some affirmations like "I am worthy enough" to program your subconscious mind, this affirmation will not make you 'The Person of Deserving', but it will motivate you to make yourself worthy. This motivation will help you to take action, giving you mental strength to become a deserving person. 


Behind every discovery lies years of tireless work and concentration of scientists. What's more, a person devotes many years of his life to become a deserving person, competent scientist who can discover something new. 
An archer who wins gold at the Olympic Games may be once or it takes a few hours or a few minutes to cover up the competition, but to make himself/herself the person of deserving for the world's greatest platform of games, it takes years of unremitting hard work and practice. 

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