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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Monday, September 20, 2021

Symptoms of low self esteem and the way of developing self esteem

Self-esteem is a person's own value

Table of content:
    1. What is self-esteem.
    2. Symptoms of low self-esteem.
    3. The reason of low self-esteem.
    4. How to develop self-esteem.

Self-esteem is a person's own value. Self-esteem is a measure of self-love, self-confidence, resilience and emotional state. 'Success depends on your self esteem, the size of your self image' many of us have heard the quote. 
Research has shown that low self-esteem causes people suffering from depression, various diseases to take root in the body, and self-confidence to plummet. 

Self-esteem has a huge impact on many important things in our lives, such as success, health, attention, social and family relationships, love, and the workplace. Many people suffer from inferiority complex due to self-esteem and lose faith in themselves.

When we come first into this world no one knows who we are! When we slowly grow up, people start telling us about us, what we hear, what we see all those makes our identity. All these information from outside enter our mind and we keep comparing ourselves with those. Our mind picks up some information from there and creates an Self image. That is how our self-esteem is built.

Symptoms of low self-esteem:- 

  • A person with low self-esteem will try to distant himself socially, reduce his interactions with people, gradually try to immerse self in himself, and stop associating with friends and avoid any party.
  • Violence will increase in their mind.  Enmity with people will increase.  Make the relationship worse by focusing on small incidents.  Get excited about little things, get into arguments, always look angry.
  • They will afraid of submitting their own opinion.  Before giving an opinion, they will think again and again whether the person will feel bad, whether someone will not accept his opinion.  They will be afraid to present themselves in front of others.
  • Become indiceceive. Family matters, business, health or love, they will be afraid to decide in any case. Even so, they are refrained from making decisions on very simple, minor matters.
  • A person with low self-esteem can not take any kind of compliment whether it is good or bad. They can abuse  anyone who compliments them.
  • They are always busy to prove themselves better to others. They do not feel any need to improve themselves.

The reason for low self esteem:- 

  1. Our company and environment:- The comparison with other begins when a child develop. Family members, even parents, often compare their child with other children, keep saying that this child is better than you. The child is much more slandered than praised. Negative incidents are highlighted more in the society.All these different types of informations take our minds and form our identity, what we are! Our self-identity, self-dignity are created which influence our self esteem.
  2. Troumatic event:- Even a major accident in a person's life, such as abuse or a major injury, can lead to low self-esteem. When all these incidents come to mind again and again, the unknown fear friezes in the mind and makes one feel insecure, panicked. 
  3. Failure again and again:- If a person repeatedly fails in certain tasks, his self-esteem will automatically go down.

How to develop self esteem:- 

  • Write down your achievements:- Write down everything you have achieved, all that has worked well  in your life so far. At first you may remember one or two, even, sometimes negative thoughts may pop-up and there is nothing to worry about. Write down one or two achievements that come to mind, when you can remember, you will see page after page filling up. This method will increase your self-confidence many times over. Usually low self esteem puts us in a negative state so it becomes almost impossible to think of something positive.  All the negative aspects of life float in front of the eyes in that time. Whenever you start writing your mind will automatically shift towards positive.
  • Change your belief:- So far, the negative statements you have received from outside or from one that have been said about you have never been a universal truth. Learn to believe in yourself, learn to love yourself.  Keep doing the things you like. Develop yourself. Emphasize your own mental development, gather knowledge. Believe that you are one of the best creations of the Creator.
  • Appreciate all the compliments:- If someone gives you a good compliment, accept it from the heart and thank him. Many will give negative compliments, accept them as learning.  Learn to think in such a way that the negative compliment highlights your specific weakness so that you have to improve in that place.

  • Learn to be grateful:- Getting free air of nature, getting light, water, getting free open sky, getting shelter to stay, getting food, getting opportunity to mix with different people, getting opportunity to talk, growing up in the lap of this universe for so long and for these all learn to express gratitude to everyone. You should be grateful for you are still alive.  Many people do not get enough food, shelter or opportunity to live.Don't regret what you didn't get, but prepare yourself to get it. Set the right goal and follow the right path to get there.

Only when self-esteem increases the outside world will respect you, appreciate you, love you.  You will be able to achieve your set goals.

Monday, September 13, 2021

5 invisible laws of mind how to focus on your goal most of the time

Focus means where your concentration is

Focus means where your concentration is. Our energy flows wherever our focus is. If your focus is on the goal then your problem will disappear, and if your focus is on the problem then the goal will disappear. 
The very importent thing we need to do to be successful is to stay focused on our goals. In today's world of electronics-gadgets, T.V, social media our minds are easily diverted from one thing to another. Our minds lose their balance in the glare of tempting advertisements.  We can't focus on a specific goal. Thus, one of the bad habits of our human race is to focus more on our environment or our own problems. This results in our goal being lost or blurred in front of us. Most of the time we spend thinking that if once this current problem in our lives is gone I will be successful and my life will change. But infact the exact opposite happens. What we focus on, our mind considers its importancy to us. And the job of the mind is to give a clarity of what we think is important to us, leaving the rest or blurring out in front of us. The narrower our focus, the better the results. 

You can do a test yourself right now. Suppose you are away from your loved one at the moment and unable to see then focus your whole attention on your loved one, think about him or her in your mind.  See, his or her, clear image will appear in front of you even though he or she is behind your eyes. There are many things in front of your eyes but the moment you focus your attention on someone, everything in front of your eyes disappears.
We all know that if we focus we can get very good results, we will succeed. But we do not know how to focus. Parents, or the teachers, said again and again to the children to concentrate or focus on their study. Now if that child asks, okay I'll focus, but how?  Tell me the method. Think, do you have the answer to this simple but very important question of the child's mind?  
Let's try to find the answer to this important question.
  • Goal setting:- Set your goal firmly, following the right procedure. If you want you can follow the 'MASTERY' rules. Or if you have already set a goal, meditate on it, make it your constant companion, always remind yourself of your goal. You can use different methods for this, such as doing visualization in the morning, doing affirmation. Make sure you have a set time for your goals in your daily routine, even in the midst of your hundreds of engagements. 

  • Remove any 'either or' options of your goal:- Never keep the second option of your goal in life. Suppose someone says 'I will study engineering if I don't get a chance in medical in entrance exam'. That's what we do most of the time and that's why we get distracted.  Your focus is bound to be diverted when you have the second option. 
  • Giving an example about this will help you to understand. Suppose you want go to a certain place, the way is unknown to you, you started the journey. Whenever there is a turn in the path, that is, the path splits in two or three, you may get confused, you will think of taking the easy straight path, even you may go astray. If there was only one path towards your goal, there would be no possibility of confusion or forgetting the path. No matter how inaccessible that path was, you would continue on that path. So blow up any such option like 'If it is not, I will do that'.
  • Brake your journey to small chunks:- Most people lose their focus in the hope of achieving all the success together. It feels like a burden to push huge goals together in our minds.That is when the thought comes that it's not possible to achieve. So no matter how big the goal is, divide the way to get there into smaller chunks, focus on that. Just as small successes will lead you to goals, your attention and focus will increase a lot.

  • Change submodalities of your goal:- I have said before that our minds are more focused on what it think is important. Consciously we all know what is important and what is not, but unconscious mind does not know. Our unconscious mind will feel important only when the sub-modalities of a thing will be very good. This means that the size of the picture in our mind will be bigger,  colorful, life-size, three-dimensional, closer, the sound will be better and there will be feelings.
So build submodalities of your goal in mind so that it becomes most important to your subconscious mind. This means create the image of your goal in your mind large in size, colorful, three-dimensional, add feelings, make it movie, keep it closer, add some music.
  • Make your goal interesting to yourself:- Interest in goal will only increase when you visualize the benefits that can bring happiness to your life. There are two things to look at, firstly, how much you will enjoy  in the process of achieving the goal, secondly, how much enjoy you will have in life after achieving the goal, what changes will come, how beautiful life will be. Many people lose focus because they don't make the process enjoyable and funny.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

how to build self confidence | Practical Ways to Improve Your Confidence



      • Practical Ways to Improve Your Confidence

      • How self-confident are you?
      • Impact of self-confidence in your life.
      • How to improve your self-confidence?

Self confidence is one of our greatest resourceful state of mind. It is the belief about our own abilities, strength, skills. It's the reflection of how much you love yourself, how much you respect yourself, how do you talk to yourself. It is the beliefs about an individual's capabilities to handle the future situations. It allows individuals to have positive and realistic views of themselves and their situation. Self-confidence is directly proportional to the success.

In our society we live in an environment where most of the people even the parents are not trained. As a result, they inadvertently erode our self-confidence, in some cases destroying our self-confidence. Suppose a beloved one in front of you for a while discusses what you have done wrong in life, where you have failed, how much your self-confidence will low! Small pinched comments from lover ones bring down your self-confidence.
95% of people in our society do not believe that they can make a big difference in their life or that they can create something amazing in their life. The whole world will think and act in that way you believe in yourself. Who will believe you if you do not believe in yourself? If you don't believe in yourself the potential will not develop and if the potential does not develop you will not take action. If you do not take action, success will not come. 

Now I am coming to the point how to increase self confidence.

Knowledge:- Knowledge increases your self-confidence to a great extent. It is never possible for you to have a lot of knowledge about everything. But you need to be knowledgeable enough in your relevant field. Your actual experience and knowledge is more important for building your self-confidence than biblical knowledge. Suppose you have a Master-Degree on history or geography, you have gone for a bank job test, you have mere knowledge of finance or banking. What biblical knowledge you have a Master-Degree will be of any use there! Naturally you will lose your confidence before you enter the interview board. 
Check your association:- We associate with people in society whose self-confidence is very low. Interacts with them, unconsciously we absorb their pattern. This causes us to lose our identity and our confidence to go down. If you want to increase confidence, first disassociate yourself from these associations and at the same time find  partners whose confidence level is very high. Those who always cry about their lives, those who always regret the past, those who have no goals in life, confidence is far away, on the contrary, they will pull you down.

Cut off the invisible thick rope of fear that binds you:- Most people lose sight of their self-confidence by imagining events that they think are negative. Again, some people lose their self-confidence due to imaginary fears of failure. Fear, of course, has relevance and irrelevance. Suppose you don't know how to swim but go down to the pond, the fear of drowning is relevant to you. Again you get on stage for a performance, you're afraid of what people will say, if I forget, if I can't perform properly, these all are your irrelevant fears. You already know that self-confidence is a state of our minds. And the state is created by the combination of psychology and physiology. In this kind of condition where you are having fear, you should be positive in your physiology.  That means raise your head, bring a smile on your face, make your chest wide. I claim that your confidence will be very high in a moment. 
Create self confidence through past results:- If you have ever been successful in the past, you can easily increase your self-confidence and succeed again and again. Follow The technic below.
Keep yourself in quiet, comfortable place. Go into the time when you got success, brighten the total event in your mind, feel how confident you were. Feel the fullness of your body posture, feelings, tone of voice, activity at that time. Your breathing pattern, physiology will change automatically when you feel it completely. This way, when you reach your peak state, create an anchor by pressing on any part of the body. 
Break the state and repeat the procedure again. Press in the same place every time. After repeating a few times, break the state and press on that particular place to see how much confidence you are feeling. Then whenever you feel low confidence for any future task, press your anchor and you will see that your confidence will increase a lot.

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