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Mental Wellness

Maintain Your Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Friday, July 30, 2021

What we talk to ourselves (affirmation) is very powerful to programme our Subconscious Mind



      • The power of self-talk or affirmation.
      • What are the examples of self-talk or affirmation?
      • Why is self-talk important?
      • What are the most useful kinds of self-talk?
      • How self-talk may programme our Subconscious Mind.

There is a strange power in words that can build a person's life as well as ruin. We can't change the words spoken by others, but today I will talk about such words that you keep saying to yourself that is self affirmation. We usually talk to ourselves almost all the time while awaken. And I am sure that you are talking a lot in your mind while reading my article.
Affirmation is firmly establish oneself or one's statement. Self affirmation is positive phrases or Statesman used to challenge any obstacle created by our own negative thoughts. Confidence is grown up in our minds when this method is repeated. I don't know of any other tools better than self-Affirmation to motivate yourself, enhance your self-image and increase your values. 

We all want a great success and extraordinary performances in each and every area of our life. The efforts of our conscious mind are not enough to achieve the top-level performance or to achieve the ultimate success. This requires influencing our subconscious mind. Again without the help of the Conscious Mind we cannot influence the Subconscious Mind.

The power of a horse is many times greater than that of a horse rider. However, the horse behave in such ways as the rider trains and instruct.  Similarly we can compare our subconscious mind with the horse and the conscious mind with the rider. That is, even though the subconscious mind is very powerful, how it will behave depends on the training given by the conscious mind. Just as a horse understands the gesture of a bridle, so too the bridle of our subconscious mind is affirmation. You can consciously put this bridle in your mind.

If you notice, you can see for yourself that most of the conversations that take place in your own minds are very negative. Very naturally our subconscious mind is programmed in a negative way.
When we get any obstacles or face any challenge , this type of self-talk are running in or mind. 'I can't do it. It's impossible for me. I am not able to do so. I have no capacity. I have no more money. My circumstances are not supporting. Always I am unlucky' and more and more. By constantly doing all these negative self-talk, we lose belief and values in ourselves. Our confidence level drops to dust. We become mentally weak. And, the ominous impression of it effect in our daily lives, happiness disappears, the complexity of the relationship is started, career loses it's momentum.

Most of the people expect some miracle in life and hope to get everything magically. I will tell you it never happens. Those who are truly successful and those who have been successful for many years have improved themselves in every moment, change their own thought processes, programmed their minds.

You need to be careful about your self-talking. It will make such a big difference in your life. Here are some examples of positive affirmations. 'I can do it. I have more than enough. I am very confident. I love myself. I am doing my best. I am worthy. I believe in myself'.
Positive affirmations not only helps to succeed in life but helps to concentrate on work, maintain good health, strengthens the nervous system, increases self-esteem. If we can combine visualization with positive affirmation, it will work like a charm in our lives.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Why self- love is very important to human beings


      • Self-love phycology.
      • Why self-love is very important?
      • The power of self-love.
      • What is the feeling of self-love?
      • How do you develop self-love?
we always hope that someone like us will love us💘💘

Not only human beings, all living beings are crazy about love. All of us expect someone to love us. Of course, the definition of love is different to everyone. And that is why we always hope that someone like us will love us. Whenever we don't get love like the picture painted in our minds, just a little sideways, we start blaming.
Now tell me how many of you love yourself? I'm sure this question is bound to stir your mind! If we loved ourselves, we wouldn't have to put up warning signs in places or on the side of the road. There are many resources of love in this universe but to get that soft touch of love you have to love yourself first. Many may say that self-love means selfishness. In this society, loving oneself is a guilt. Okay , assume that's right!  So tell me now, if you love yourself, you must take steps to keep your body healthy.  You do exercise and diet control, are you harming anyone? If you drink as much water as your body needs, will it harm anyone? 

In our school, at home, we are taught to love others, to help others, to do good deeds but never tell or teach yourself to love. Self love is to build a good relationship with one's inner soul not to be selfish. Just like an automobile needs maintenance, it needs to be filled with fuel, otherwise it can't run. In the same way we need fuel to maintain the speed of life, its name is self love. From the moment we love ourselves, we will begin to enjoy some of the most positive changes in our lives. Strangely enough you will notice that things that seemed complicated are becoming much easier, relationships are improving, health is getting better.

Looking at the COVID situation throughout the world, you will understand why we are repeatedly asked to wear Musk. If you don't love yourself and don't use a mask, it will increase the danger of your loved ones and will harm the society. The beginning of love starts from one's heart. And if you don't learn to love yourself, how can you love others with your empty treasure? If you don't love yourself, you will feel frustrated, and this society abandons frustrated people.

Loving yourself means taking care of yourself and giving importance to your own needs. The vehicles we use to transport goods or passengers will break down in the middle of the road if you don't take care of it. Similarly, if you don't love yourself and don't take care of yourself, the pace of your life will dimmed. 
If you don't have peace of mind, the happiness of the outside world becomes annoying to you. Music for a birthday party or wedding ceremony will make you feel painful when you have a headache. The more you love yourself, the happier you will be,  feel goodness about yourself. If you are a believer in God, then I must say that you should take care of the God that is within you, the 'MIND', then idolatry will be not needed to please the outside God. If you love yourself, you will not become selfish, you will not become guilty, but you will feel much more grateful, you will become much more helpful. Fill yourself with the bright light of love that light will spread automatically in this society.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Why and How Visualization may become one of the most powerful tools to achieve our goals


        • What is the exact meaning of visualization?
        • What is an example of visualizing?
        • Power of visualization.
        • Is visualization a thinking?
        • How do you practice visualization?

Visualization will cleam the way for you to achieve your goals

Visualization is one of our fictional films created in our mind about future plans or goals that we seem to be enjoying it right now. It is a highly effective technique that consciously conveys our goals and ideas to our most powerful subconscious mind. If we can convey our pure thoughts with feelings and emotions to our subconscious mind the subconscious mind becomes active to give its real form. But it is not so that you did visualization and got everything. Visualization will cleam the way for you to achieve your goals and then you need to take appropriate action. I will not go through the explanation of how to do visualization. This is a very simple method of course if you have no doubts in your mind. In many cases we do unconscious visualization which we do not understand consciously.
I will discuss more in this context which makes our minds conflict. That is why we do visualization, or its relevance. What's the science behind that to make it so powerful tools. Before going into this context, I will mention a few facts in front of you. 

Henry Ford,  a historically popular figure

Henry Ford,  a historically popular figure who was an American industrialist and formulated the assembly line method for automobile manufacturing. Who revolutionized industry in the world. He was educated at the local one-room school for eight years. It was there that he first showed interest in mechanical instruments. So he revolutionized the automobile industry, or the Ford motors he made, on his mental screen through visualization long ago. Another example......

she visualise to climb up on Mount Everest

Arunima Sinha, Indian Mountain Climber and Sports Woman, is the world's first female amputee to scale Mount Everest, Mount Elbrus, Mount Aconcagua, Mount Kosciusko, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Vinson and Carstensz Pyramid. She was pushed from a running train by miscreants. As a result, her left leg was amputated below the knee, and a rod was inserted into her right leg, even the spine had multiple fractures. During the treatment, lying in a hospital bed, she visualise to climb up on Mount Everest.

Also think of any discovery, everything but visualised in the human brain then manifested in this world. This is the power of visualization, this is one of the unseen wonders of the world.
Information goes to our minds in the forms of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (touch, smell, test) and all information are filtered by our logical mind that is conscious mind. After filtering the conscious mind, whatever information is sent to the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind accepts it as a true and is busy on implementing it. Our subconscious mind does not know what is right and what is wrong. 

Our conscious mind does not allow every thoughs to reach our subconscious mind easily. However, by following certain paths, information can be easily conveyed to the subconscious mind.
(1) Logic:- Our Conscious Mind tries to understand everything with logic and only when it is logically satisfied does it convey information to the subconscious mind.
(2) Repetition:- Anything we see, say or hear over and over again is registered in our subconscious mind. Repetition is one of the best tool to communicate with our subconscious mind.
(3) Emotions:- When we become emotional, of that moment any event, conversation or thought is directly registered in our subconscious mind.
(4) Hypnosis:- The word 'Hypno' means 'sleep' and  the meaning of 'Hypnosis' is 'Induced sleep'. This means in that state our conscious mind falls asleep and there is no obstacle to stop any information. As a result,  any information goes straight to our subconscious mind and implanted.
Visualization is the only way to maintain all the methods described above. Visualization creates a Cristal clear emage in our subconscious mind. This tools programmed our mind to find out the ways towards our success and make us ready to take action. The Creator has given us a higher faculty by which we can imagine and create different realities. When you have a vision and consciously drawing pictures in your mind, your thoughts will settle in your subconscious mind.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

The best and effective methods on How to manage & relieve stress easily by working on your Mind

release your stress

About the Article:

    • What are signs of stress?
    • What are symptoms of stress?
    • Physical & Mental effects of stress.
    • What are the causes of stress?
    • Management & prevention of stress.


Stress is the feelings of being overwhelmed or unable to emulate with mental or emotional pressure which causes the opposite effect on our body and mind. In term of NLP Stress is one of our mental states that makes us unresourceful. In everyday life it often gets augmented when we face new challenges, feel that something is going out of our control or something unexpected happens. Stresses produce numerous physical and mental symptoms and vary according to the cause of different situations in each person. Many unpleasant things happen in our daily life and we also have to face many demands which cause stress. Stress is one of the things that can ruin our inner beauty. Various researches have shown that if this stress is not managed properly, it can lead to various human diseases, such as headache, insomnia, increased anger, feeling tense, depression, lack of concentration, reluctance to eat etc. Many researches have shown that stresses are the causes high blood pressure and even affect our immune system.
Many experts have come up with different ideas on how to reduce stress. For hundreds of years, people have been trying in different ways to reduce stress, like fasting, ritual, listening music, chanting, sex, exercise, drugs etc. All of these methods work but within a certain limit. The reason is that we do not go into the main content or deep down. Many people are not aware of that 'stress is an unresourceful state in our minds'. So if we know what our state is and how to change it, we can easily get rid of stress no matter what the situation is. 

The state is the equivalent to all our experiences at a particular moment in a particular time, in other words, the state is the sum of all neurological processes at a particular moment. In very simple language we call it the mood of a certain moment. Now think if we work properly on our brains and figure out how to move from a unresourceful state to a resourceful state easily, we would be able to overcome any stress.
Let's see how this state is created. Our physiology and personal internal representations combine to form our state, that is, what we see, what and how we think, what we listen, what and how we say to ourselves about an event or situation makes our state. For example, Suppose you went to meet a person according to a rescheduled appointment, after arriving you find that he is absent. What will be your condition at that moment, what will be your behaviour? If your brain paints a picture of him he is avoiding you or insulting you, you will get angry and annoyed. And if your brain makes a picture that he is out on an urgent need or forced out, your empathy will grow and you will have a peace of mind. That is, the most important thing is how we perceive and represent the outside world to our mind that influences our state. 

Personal internal representation is your own personal experience sent to the brain about an event, person, object, etc.. This results in different reactions from different people about the same event.  If you like comedy movies, other people like romantic. Someone is loving a job that you don't like. Personal internal representation will change if one's own point of view changes. 

With this, physiology playing a very important role, you can never go to a unresourceful state by straightening your body, bloating your chest, and raising your head. That means our mussels tension, posture, breathing pattern, what we eat, everything affects our state. Again, if you have sadness in your mind, if you are upset, if there is mental turmoil, your body posture automatically goes down. You can go into the resourceful state by changing your physiology.
In addition to all these, if you continue regular exercise, meditation, chanting or listening to music, your mind will easily become stress-free.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

The factors, responsible for our demotivation and how to get motivated


    • What is the most important thing about motivation?
    • Factors work behind our demotivation. 
    • What are your motivating factors?
    • What skills do you need for motivation?
    • What are the areas of motivation?
    • How can we always be motivated?

We all want to be motivated to reach  goals and also in all the activities of our daily lives. Sometimes we temporarily become very motivated about certain things. After a few hours or a few days, that motivation disappears automatically. We all know what to do in our own field or which way to go. For example, a student knows how to read well, a family member knows what to do for the family and how. A businessman or an employee knows how to speed things up, even though they have lost their mental strength to do so. Everything becomes irrational and meaningless without motivation. The power of motivation makes everything from waking up to studying, working, and even eating and drinking enjoyable, pleasant, and easy. Without motivation, it is almost impossible to achieve any of your big goals.


Let me give you a few examples with which you can relate real life events. Suppose you go for a tour or excursion somewhere and you will have to go out at five in the morning, you get excited and get up at four if you aren't an Early Riser. But you find it difficult to wake up at five in the morning to go for a walk or exercise. Or if one day you have to go out for office work at 5 in the morning, you will see that your energy has gone down a lot; you don't want to get up, even if the clock rings repeatedly. In all cases, the only challenge you have is to get up at five in the morning. Though in each case your attitude is different, this is because of motivation and demotivation.

If you look at simply waking up, you will understand how energetic you are at the time of going out for an outing. It is because of our excitement! If our logical mind is completely satisfied with the ongoing questions about a task, we never lose interest or get demotivated to the task. Getting up in the morning is a similar challenge for you but your logical mind is satisfied because the mind is the solicitor to see or enjoy the beauty; that is, the mind will be filled with joy when you go out. The questions running through your mind, what will you see, what will you eat, how much will you enjoy, how much will you enjoy the beauty of the place, etc. So the logical mind is logically satisfied with the whole process of what we're going to get and how, that is our outcome. 

On the contrary, if you have to wake up at the same time for some office work, the logical mind has not been satisfied with the information that we give it, and we become demotivated. You will also check that this information usually goes, I do not enjoy the work, it is very difficult to get up in the morning, how to get to work, when the work will be finished, how to return home, if the work is not completed, what is my benefit in this work? etc. That is, our mind suffers from uncertainty and feels insecure. Ultimately it is not clear to our minds what we will achieve by doing the work so our minds lose motivation and suffer from infighting. Several factors work behind our demotivation. 

(1) FEAR:- Excessive thinking and complicated thinking about something creates fear in our minds. This fear disturbs our minds, makes our minds hesitant. Fear is not always our obstacle; but sometimes it becomes very useful to us and careful for us.

(2) LACK OF CLARITY:- What you are going to do, why you are going to do it; how to do it, what is the real result! If we do not have a clear picture in our minds about these, we automatically become demotivated.

3) CONFLICT OF BELIEFS AND VALUES:- Values are our own personal and unique belief in what is most important to us; belief in what is right and wrong. If we don't have belief in the values of a task in our mind, conflict starts in our mind and we also become de-motivated.

(4) PHYSICAL ILLNESS:- We often lose motivation due to our physical illness. Our minds become very weak when we are physically ill. Our physiology and personal internal representation influence each other, so our mind goes down when our physiology is in an unresourceful state.
We are usually motivated in two ways. (1) we can be motivated by external sources (2) we can be motivated by our own mind.

In this case, an outsider, be it your lover, a motivational speaker or someone else, or the attraction to money or other things may encourage you and you feel motivated. Usually this type of inspiration is not long lasting to keep your motivation up. In most cases these are temporary stimuli and within a few days the inner conflict resumes and we become demotivated. The main reason for this is that they do not work from the root. Many times financial rewards, compliments, progress, competitions are inspirational as boosters to motivate in a specific task. 

2)MOTIVATED BY OUR OWN MIND:- If we are motivated from within our minds for a task, the motivation never goes away. In order to be motivated from within, we need to get rid of unreasonable fears. If we ask ourselves, 'what is stopping me? What am I afraid of? What is the real purpose behind this fear?' our mind will give us a reality about the obstacles, then we can easily find out the way to overcome them.
Before doing any work or setting a goal, give the mind full clarity about the work, how to do it, when to do it, in how many days it will take, what will be your achievements. Ask yourself what is most important to you. As I said before, fear is sometimes helpful to us.

If you try to remember a little bit, you will find that in the past you were motivated a lot on something bigger than the present task and you have achieved success. One thing to keep in mind is that 'we already have the resources to motivate'. Just waiting to awaken those up with the right tools.

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