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Mental Wellness

Awaken the infinite power of your mind and start the journey of your life towards the Success you want.

Mental Wellness

Maintain Your Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

Create A Great Success In All Areas of Your Lfe, Health, Wealth, Relationship, Happiness, Love.

Mental Wellness


Saturday, January 28, 2023

7 Surefire Steps to Achieve Goals



7 Surefire Steps to Achieve Goals-min
by santanu


Enormous potential exists in every human being but most of this enormous potential is not utilized by us. There are two main reasons why we can't use this potential, firstly, most people don't believe that they have enormous potential. Many people do not have the idea that their real wealth is this huge store of potential within them.
Secondly, people don't know how to utilize this huge potential i.e. what is their goal and how to use it i.e. how to achieve it. Most of the people in this world do not have any specific goals in life or even if they have goals, they do not know how to achieve them or find a path that will lead to success

In my article 'MASTERY, The Golden Way to Set Goal', I have explained the goal setting method in detail. Setting goals in this specific manner will leave you no room for self-doubt, and it will connect with your emotions. If doubts are removed towards any goal and passion is added then success is inevitable, no obstacles can hold you back.

In this article I will discuss 7 surefire steps that will help you to reach your goals. The 7 steps are not enough for just reading or knowing, to ensure your success, to achieve your goals you need to take regular action on them. Let's see what the 7 Surefire steps are.

Chunking Down:

Breaking goals down into smaller, more manageable chunks, also known as "chunking down," helps the goal feel more attainable and less overwhelming. By breaking down a large goal into smaller steps, it becomes easier to focus on one task at a time and make progress toward the overall goal. Additionally, narrowing down goals can help identify any potential obstacles or challenges that may need to be addressed along the way. Overall, reducing goals can help increase motivation, focus, and the likelihood of success.

Setting Time:

Setting a specific time frame for achieving a goal is important because it creates a sense of urgency and motivation to take action. It also helps to establish a clear deadline for achieving the goal, which can help to focus efforts and prioritize tasks. Additionally, setting a time frame for a goal can help to measure progress and make adjustments as needed. Without a specific time frame, it can be easy to procrastinate or lose sight of the goal altogether.

Moreover, setting a deadline for achieving a goal can also help to create a sense of accountability. If you share your goal and deadline with others, you are more likely to be held accountable for achieving it. This can help to increase motivation and drive to achieve the goal.

In summary, setting a specific time frame for achieving a goal is important because it helps to create a sense of urgency and motivation, establish a clear deadline, measure progress, make adjustments, and create accountability.

Making Strategies:

Strategies are important for achieving goals because they provide a plan of action for reaching the desired outcome. A strategy helps to define the steps required to achieve the goal and prioritize which tasks to focus on. A well-defined strategy can help to increase the chances of success by providing a clear roadmap for how to achieve the goal.

Having a strategy allows you to anticipate potential obstacles and develop solutions in advance. It also allows you to identify the resources you will need to achieve the goal, such as time, money, or personnel. Furthermore, it helps to track progress and make adjustments as needed, to ensure that the goal is being achieved in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Strategies also help to align team members and stakeholders in a common direction, making it possible to delegate, collaborate and hold people accountable for their roles in the goal achievement.

In summary, strategies are important for achieving goals because they provide a plan of action, increase the chances of success, anticipate obstacles, identify resources, track progress, make adjustments, align team members and stakeholders, and hold people accountable.


Feedback is important for achieving goals because it helps to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and make adjustments as needed. Feedback can come in the form of self-reflection, input from others, or data and metrics.

Regularly receiving feedback can help to ensure that you are on track to achieving your goal and to make adjustments as needed. It allows you to evaluate your progress, identify successes, and address any shortcomings or challenges. Feedback can also help to identify blind spots, areas where an individual or a team may not be aware of their own weaknesses or mistakes.

Receiving feedback from others can also provide a valuable perspective and help to identify new opportunities for improvement. This can be especially important in a team setting, where different perspectives can lead to new ideas and approaches.

Moreover, when giving and receiving feedback it's important to create a culture of openness, honesty and respect, this will foster a sense of trust and collaboration among team members.

In summary, feedback is important for achieving goals because it helps to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, make adjustments, evaluate progress, identify successes, address shortcomings, identify blind spots, and gain valuable perspectives. Additionally, it helps to foster a culture of openness, honesty, respect and trust among team members.

Find the resources you need:

Finding resources is important for achieving goals because they provide the means necessary to accomplish a task or reach a desired outcome. Resources can include materials, equipment, funding, and personnel, among other things. Without access to the appropriate resources, it can be difficult or impossible to achieve a goal. Additionally, having the right resources can make achieving a goal more efficient and effective.

How-to-achieve-your-goals-by-santanughosh -min
mental wellness

Give rewards to you:

Giving yourself a reward for achieving a goal can be important for a few reasons:

  • Motivation: Rewards can provide a sense of accomplishment and help to maintain motivation to continue working towards goals.

  • Positive reinforcement: By rewarding yourself for achieving a goal, you are creating a positive association with the task or behavior you want to continue.

  • Encouragement: Rewards can serve as a way to acknowledge and celebrate your progress, which can help to keep you motivated and engaged in the process.

Stay optimistic:

Staying optimistic can help to achieve goals in a number of ways.

  • First, an optimistic mindset allows an individual to approach their goals with a positive attitude and belief in their own abilities. This can increase motivation and effort towards achieving the goal, as well as reducing feelings of discouragement or self-doubt.

  • Second, staying optimistic can help to increase resilience in the face of setbacks or obstacles. When faced with a difficult challenge, an optimistic person is more likely to view it as a temporary setback, rather than a permanent failure. This mindset allows them to persevere and continue working towards their goal, rather than giving up.

  • Third, having an optimistic outlook can help to improve problem-solving and decision-making skills. Optimism allows an individual to see possibilities and opportunities, rather than limitations and obstacles. This mindset allows them to identify and explore different strategies and solutions, leading to a better chance of success.

Finally, having an optimistic perspective can also positively impact mental and physical health, which is important to maintain energy and focus in order to achieve goals.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Mental Wellbeing and it's 4 Components

mental wellbeing

Introduction Of  Mental Wellbeing: 

We all come to know the world through our mind, we acquainted with everything in this world through our mind, however we never try to understand how actually our mind works and how we perceive all things from world. 

Mental Wellbeing TOC

The world is not like exactly the same what you perceived but it is the reality in your internal world, which you have created in your mind. Either you perceive the world as so beautiful, so worthy of living, or you perceive it as not worthy enough, as if it were hell. It is upto you, your mind, your belief, your experiences and as well as your perception, but you may find the heaven within the hell if you are mentally well, maintain mental wellbeing, Mental Wellness.

What is Meant By Mental Wellbeing:

The process that can change your perception, your point of view, your state of mind is Mental Wellness. Through mental wellbeing you may find the way to live a meaningful life, you can understand better how every thought may effective in your life. 
If you have fear, a Cockroach will scare you away, if you have low self-confidence, then you will be afraid to talk to people, if you are in unresourceful state then your relationship may break-up. All these are just a few example of effect of not being mentally well. Similarly we have to face thousands of such problems in our daily life and we are not ready to deal directly with those problems. As a result, whenever there comes some big obstacle, we bow down before it. Mental wellbeing makes you resilient so that you can overcome obstacles head-on rather than bow down.

4 Components of Mental Wellbeing:

Mental well-being works in four main dimensions in our life, these can be called as 4 components of Mental Wellness.

1) Mental: 

It affects on how a person think and process, how any external event get register in our mind and we react, why do we behave on the way we do! 
This dimension of mental well being helps to develop a resilient so that we can withstand and demolish our mental challenges like anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, etc. The only process to maintain our good mental health is the process of being mental well.

santanu ghosh

2) Emotional:

It makes to understand about our emotions and feelings, how they affect in our life, why do we get emotional, why do we get obsessed, how to control our emotion!
This second dimension of mental wellbeing help us to build a strong emotion. We come to know how to use our emotions and feelings to the highest level in the best possible ways. 
This dimension of mental Wellness process dictates how  people can brilliantly bounce back from the wrong way they are led by obsession and emotions.

3) Social:

Humans are social beings, it is natural for people to have different bonds with each other. People are bound with various relationship like love, marriage, friendship. The third dimension of Mental Wellness refers to how people are attracted to each other, develop relationship with one another.
Mental Wellness process guide us how to strengthen our social relationships, family relationships and love relationships, and teaches to balance this relationship with life in a precious way.

4) Psychological:

It refers the mind and body connection, how people put together the small pieces of their thoughts and respond. This fourth dimension of mental wellbeing approach teaches how our thought processes effect on our physiological and psychological process.
It indicates how psychological reaction (anger, fear, tension) bring under control. This dimension also indicates how we can get rid of sadness easily!

Psychological well being is an important feature of Mental Health. It emphasizes hedonic (joy, pleasure) and eudaimonic (meaning, fulfillment) happiness, as well as resilience (coping with obstacles, emotion regulation, healthy problem-solving).


If you make yourself a better person, a deserving person, if you think good, if you make good decisions for your life, then automatically your perception will be changed, you will be able to find more opportunities to make yourself more happy and prosperous.

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