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Monday, January 31, 2022

The Secret of Human Behavior and Ways to Improve it Significantly


      • Behavior Definition & Meaning.
      • What effect can our behavior have on life?
      • Common childhood behavioral problem.
      • Which produces our behavior.
      • Let's take a closer look at how we can significantly improve our behavior.
      • What You Can Do to Change Your Child's Behavior.

understanding about human behavior
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Behavior Definition & Meaning:

The way, one acts for or conducts with oneself and others in a perticular situation is defined as his or her behaviour on that situation, that means how one expressed oneself in a perticular situation.  Each and every human being response accordingly in the same situation. Some times in the same situation a person behaves differently. In the other hand different persons behave differently in the same situation. Why this happens and what produces our behavior?
In this article I will share a deeper understanding about human behavior which will change the world of our living dramatically. Before that, we are going to learn what results are affected by our behavior. 

What effect can our behavior have on life?

As a direct answer to this, I would say that our behavior produces all the results of life. ‘Behavior’ plays a unique role in our relationships, love, success, building rapport with others, running a successful business, and even building ourselves as an ideal person. 
Just as a bad behavior can ruin your long-term relationship or love, so can your business or your social standing down too. One bad behaviour that you have done can cause extreme emotional pain to another, not only that, you may have to repent for the rest of your life for your own behavior, you may have become a disgrace for the rest of your life, you will not be able to forgive yourself then. 

Common childhood behavioral problem:

Many times we also notice inconsistent behavior in children. One of the most important responsibilities and duties of every parent is to keep a watchful eye on the behavior of his children. Many parents try to suppress their children's behavior by with a reprimand or even beating them at different times. They does not go deep into the problem of abusive behavior of their children and does not find a permanent solution, which causes the same behavior to recur and increase day by day, above all, the child's anger and stubbornness increase.

'Behavior' that plays such an important role in every step in our lives, which we can consider as a certificate of our life outcomes, we will know 'which produces behavior', before we go to a real and scientific discussion about how to take it to the right and source means. 

Which produces our behavior:

At the root of behavior is our state of mind, we are forced to behave according to our state of mind. If we are in a unresourceful state our behavior will be abnormal or unusual, for some reason anger may manifest. Again if we are in a resourceful state our behavior will be restrained and relevant. Sometimes we can consciously change our behavior by controlling this state, but most of the time our mental state deteriorates in a slightly worse situation.  Naturally we behave indecently.
The reins of our behavior, that is, our 'state of mind', depends on two things: our physiology and our Internet representation about any incidents, that is we perceive anything happens to us in the external world. Yes, of course, we can instantly change our mindset by changing physiology but sometimes everything happens so fast and our reaction comes out so fast that we can't control our behavior or get the chance to control.

If we want to control our behavior firmly, we will have to work at the root level, that is, we have to change our attitude towards any event. 

Changing our perspectives is not an easy task, because since childhood we have all developed different kinds of beliefs, values, have different kinds of past experiences and different kinds of decisions, that is how our mind is programmed. If we can re-program the mind to break down all these things and rebuild them, surely our behavior will be changed for the better.


More Articles About Re-Programme your mind:
Sometimes some of our behavior wakes up automatically at certain times or when we see certain people. Those are the triggered behavioral patterns. For example, many people cut their nails with their teeth when they are under a little pressure.  There is a lot of people who get excited when they see a certain person. 

Let's take a closer look at how we can significantly improve our behavior:

Before reacting to an incident, think about what are the good intention in the background of the incident. For example, if someone in your family or your friend talks to you in an angry way, try to find out what the real motive is, what the feeling is that he is angry with, without showing him anger immediately. 

It is not always right to judge someone by your past experience and decide accordingly.  Maybe your old experience with someone is very bad but that is not the final experience. Everyone has  many good qualities. You may have encountered his bad mood.

Even if you break some of your old beliefs and develop new ones, your behavior will change a lot. You can incorporate a number of presuppositions into your beliefs, for example-
  • You cannot change a person unless he is changing himself.
  • Whatever happens is happening for a purpose.
  • There are many good things hidden in all events.
  • I am a sufficiently responsible person therefore I have to take responsibility.
  • Everyone is right in his own place, no one is wrong.

Whenever you repeat this kind of preposition in your mind over and over again your faith and values ​​will change a lot. These will definitely change your thought process a lot.  You will see that life has become much simpler, you will find happiness in life anew, the meaning of life will change, you will find the purpose of life

What You Can Do to Change Your Child's Behavior:

avoid conflicts of power with the child
               Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

'Rewarding' is a way to encourage children for good behavior, rather than any bad behavior.  That is, if he does something good, he will be rewarded immediately. Before that parents need to be very restrained and patience so that when they see any bad behavior they do not take it seriously or avoid it.
Children who discover that awful behavior isn't endured and acceptable behavior is rewarded are mastering abilities that will last them for lifetime. This affects best in children more established than 3 years old. It can require as long as 2 to 3 months to work. Being patient and keeping a journal of conduct can be useful to guardians.

On walking in this system you will be able to avoid conflicts of power with the child. He will only be attracted to good behavior when he realizes that he will not be punished if he does not comply with your request or does not follow your instructions but will miss out on his reward. 


All of these steps will help you, your family members and children to make significant changes in their behavior. Repay any behavior before it becomes a bad habit, try to get rid of them from life with the help of those technics. Every step, every decision in life is very important, so take care of your own behavior without being procrastinate.

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