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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Monday, July 25, 2022

Be the game changer in your life

“In a world full of game players, the only way to set yourself apart is to be a game changer.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo


  • 'Be the game changer' meaning.
  • The game changers fact check.
  • The game changers' power.
  • Why and When do you need the game changer?
  • Who will be the game changer in your life?
  • Be the game changer in your life 

Doing different things but nothing works! Life has been stuck in one place? From there, trying to reach the next level but not succeeding in any way? Living a monotonous life in the traditional way, no change after tireless work?

In such a situation only a game changer can turn the situation in favor of you.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Doing the same thing in the same way over and over again and expecting different results is a futile effort.  Doing the same thing means repeating the same mistakes over and over again. This certainly does not mean that you have to change your mission and vision, have to change your goals, or change your destination.  It simply means that you need to change your plan and strategy. 

A game changer may be a person, a thing, or a big decision, or a thought that significantly affects the outcome of your life. The game changer has a big and vital impact on your life usually creating a big difference in results between the present and future. 

Suppose an important football match is going on, two strong teams are continuously attacking each other, 90 minutes have passed without yielding any result, at that time the coach of one team decides and substitutes a player who will play the remaining extra time. As soon as the extra player entered into the field and scored a goal, the result of the game was decided. Here, no doubt the player is the game changer but behind this game-changing decision of the coach is vital. 22 players were already on the field but a player on the reserve bench who played only for a few minutes in extra time changed the context of the match dramatically as a game changer.

Monday, July 18, 2022

How do Mission and Vision Change Your Level of Success

Our lives are full of possibilities but full of uncertainty, even though we don't know what is going to happen in the next moment. Despite various uncertainties, we constantly try to move forward to ensure our future life. Mission and vision play a very important role in our forward-looking approach.

Image by PIRO4D from Pixabay


  • Mission and vision.
  • What is the mission?
  • What is the vision?
  • Difference between mission and vision.
  • Mission and vision creation.
  • Mission and vision statements.
  • How to write a mission statement
  • How to write a vision statement.
  • How do Mission and Vision Change Your Level of Success?

Strategic planning is one of the keys to success because it aligns you with the resources you need, and ensures that you are moving towards your dreams, towards your outcome. However, to make strategic planning effective you need two powerful tools, these are Mission and Vision. These two powerful tools guide you right from the start on how to set your goals and achieve them. 

What is the mission:

The mission is the core and definite purpose of an individual or of any organization or company. This is the ultimate summary of the outcome and core values. Mission clearly clarify about what individuals or organisations have some speciality over others. 

This is one of the greatest tools for personal development as well as the development of an organisation. On the other hand, we can say the mission is the real identity of any individual or any company. 

What is the vision:

Monday, July 11, 2022

How to discover your passion

"Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." -Oprah Winfrey

Image by Ellen26 from Pixabay

How many of you are living your dream life? How many of you are in your favorite profession? Have you ever asked yourself, 'Is it that what I wanted to do in my life?' Very few will answer 'yes I am,' but why? Because most people are not moving forward with their passion! They even don't discover what their passion is!

  • Passion Meaning.
  • Passion and Emotion.
  • Example of passion.
  • What is your passion?
  • How to discover your passion?

Passion meaning: 

Passion is your strong desire for or devotion to some activities, profession, or conception. This is the deep-down interest within you. When your burning desire becomes attached to what you love to do, it becomes your passion. There is nothing that human beings can not do with passion, that is, passion itself has an extraordinary ability, and if we can use it in the right direction, it is not a difficult thing to achieve great success in our life. But we have to understand which is our passion and which is our emotion. 

Passion and Emotion:

Usually, most people use the words passion and emotion interchangeably but both have different meanings in our lives. Passion defines intense emotion, intense arousal, or burning desire for something. 
When our mind engages with something in a unitary way, which makes us happy all the time, what we enjoy on doing and what inspires us automatically to do it, is our passion. Passion is a force that can keep us refreshed even after working for hours without feeling tired. Passion is the exaggeration that makes focus on work and speed up things.

Emotion, on the other hand, is just a feeling that is controlled by an external event or the result of an action. Emotion may not always motivate us to do good deeds, because there are a number of negative emotions which are quite harmful in our lives, such as fear, sadness, anger, resentment, loneliness, anxiety, and so on. Again there are a number of positive emotions that help us to become functional and efficient such as joy, love, faith, anticipation, etc. Most of the emotions depend on our subjective experience, i.e subjective experience manages our emotion most of the time.

Example of Passion: 

The legend cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has had a passion for cricket since he was a child, so he went ahead without bowing to a thousand obstacles and adversities and became extremely Successful.

Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballer went against the crowd, even though his family was struggling from poverty, in addition, at the age of 11, he was diagnosed with growth hormone gland disease. Nevertheless, he did not give up because his passion and dreams were intertwined with football. Although his chances of success were slim, he never tried to curb his ambitions. 

These all are excellent examples of Passion. Look at any freedom fighter, they give up all their happiness and comfort and dedicated themselves to make the country independent only out of Passion. 

All those who pay value to their passions like this have achieved great success. Thousands of examples are circulating in front of each of us who are moving forward with such passion. 

How many of you have ever asked yourself "what am I passionate about?" How many times have you tried to find out your passion? 

I can say for sure, that once you can take the storm in your brain to discover what is your real motivation and if you are ready to devote yourself in that way, your success is inevitable.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." -Benjamin Franklin

Let's talk about how we can discover what this indomitable stimulus really is. 

What is your passion: 

To discover your passion, firstly, ask yourself the following questions and write the answers clearly. The questions are very simple and you have to find the answer from your subconscious mind by brainstorming. 
  1. What do you love to do? 
  2. What are your personal interests? 
  3. What brings you the most Joy? 
  4. What is the purpose of your life? 
  5. What are some of your God-gifted natural talents? 
  6. What is your uniqueness? 
  7. What excites you more?
  8. What is the task you never feel bored to do?  
  9. What kind of education are you interested in? 
  10. What kind of people attracts you the most? Which ones get you the most recognition?

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


How to discover your passion:

After getting the specific answers to the above questions, most of the conflicts of mind about passion will be eliminated and you will be able to move forward towards the end of the task of finding your passion. In order to overcome the conflict that will arise in some cases and to discover your own passion, you must get rid of the fear of pressure from family, elders, teachers, and society. I mean, different people will give different advice, criticize, try to insult, and intimidating that you may fail, you have to protect yourself mentally from this kind of negative bombardment.

Out of all the options, find the one that you like to do the most right now, the one that excites you today, the one that interests you the most today, and you will get the same feeling after five or twenty years from now. Think about the work, to do that you will never feel demotivated, even if you don't get any external rewards (money, things, praise from others, etc.)

If you really want to discover your passion, somewhere you must stay in yourself at least for two or three days without the influence of your parents, friends, teachers or any kind of influence and look 'what is it' that is worthwhile today for you and for your entire life. Invest your life into that, whatever it is, that is the real passion to you.

You have to find that place of love, that passion, that feeling. It does not require the cooperation of anyone or any object, the answer lies in your powerful subconscious mind. You never found the answer because you never asked him that. Your passion is hidden in you. Going to run towards temporary love, affection, and instant gift, that passion has turned into a gray manuscript today. After removing the dust and dirt, if you wipe it a little, it will become shiny again. 

Most people are doing maximum work because they 'have to' do so. They forgot to do their favorite things. They have lost their love, their dream life somewhere in the crowd. Since today start doing what you ' love to' do instead of 'have to do'.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Self-efficacy| Nourish your Self-efficacy

In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life.
    Albert Bandura

Image by Jim Cooper from Pixabay 

When faced with various problems in life, do you feel that you can no longer raise up and all your dreams will be lost? Do obstacles seem too big for you?
Self-efficacy is the key to success in life. In particular, we can say that it is an important pillar for the success of teenagers' life.  


  1. Self-efficacy
  2. Self-efficacy meaning
  3. Bandura self-efficacy
  4. Self-efficacy definition
  5. Low self-efficacy
  6. High self-efficacy
  7. Self-efficacy example
  8. Self-efficacy beliefs
  9. Self-efficacy development in adolescence.
  10. Nourish your Self-efficacy

What is self-efficacy: 

This is a concept proposed by the great psychologist Albert Bandura. It is the individual's belief system in their capacity to execute necessary behavior to produce specific results. The effects of self-efficacy are in each and every area of human beings. Self-efficacy usually develops based on past experience, beliefs, values, and meta-programs. 

The importance of self-efficacy in our life:

High self-efficacy gives mental strength to get out of many big challenges as well as common problems of human life, Some of the notable are:
  • Self-efficacy helps us to develop our belief system. 
  • It helps us to develop our self-confidence.
  • It helps teenagers to Academic achievement.
  • It helps any person to overcome phobias, anxiety, stress, etc.
  • It also helps to achieve success in any area of life. 
  • It helps to improve the amount of effort towards any task.
  • Self-efficacy helps to become more focused on goals.
  • Self-efficacy determinants of anticipated fears and calamities.
  • Self-efficacy strongly influences the power of a person to face any challenges in life.
  • Self-efficacy affects human endeavor in every case.
  • Self-efficacy gives us the ability to handle adversities and hard situations efficiently.

Examples of self-efficacy:

A person with high self-efficacy takes life problems as a challenge and moves forward with his steadfastness toward his goal without fear of failure. People with high self-efficacy blame their lack of effort without blaming others for their own failures and look for ways to get out of failure quickly. The moral of all these people is extremely strong. Extrinsic motivation is not much needed for high self-efficacy individuals, all of these people are inspired by themselves. 

On the other hand, people with low self-efficacy see little problems in life as a personal threat to themselves and find ways to hide from there. People with low self-efficacy have very little faith in their own abilities so their minds are controlled by their scarcity and weaknesses. 


How to nourish your self-efficacy: 

Although the pattern of self-efficacy is formed in the subconscious mind from the early age under the influence of various experiences, activities, and situations, a person can increase his self-efficacy and develop himself as a person with high self-efficacy. Even this personal development procedure continues throughout life. 
Here are some specific processes through which you can develop your self-efficacy. 

Set specific goals: 

Self-efficacy can be enhanced if there is a definite goal in life and if that goal is realistic and not fictionalized. But not only goal setting is sufficient, you need to connect emotionally with them, you need to bring feeling, and you need to visualize again and again so that you can feel like everything is happening.

Enjoy your every success: 

Enjoy honestly every success even though it is smaller in life, give a reward to yourself for every success, it can be a lunch in a restaurant or a small gift. The more you enjoy the successes, the more confidence you will have. Success helps to break down barriers of self-doubt and build a high level of self-efficacy. The more you succeed, the more you will get rid of unnecessary fears from your mind and self-efficacy will be developed.

Observe others: 

There is a wonderful presupposition in NLP that is "if anyone can do something, you can learn to do so", make these words your guiding belief which will help you to develop your self-efficacy. Everyone has the ability to learn anything. Try to model an extremely successful person or your ideal person in the field you want to achieve success, follow their attitude, behavior, and thinking process, this will help to increase your self-efficacy. 

Take control over your thoughts:

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