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Mental Wellness

Awaken the infinite power of your mind and start the journey of your life towards the Success you want.

Mental Wellness

Maintain Your Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

Create A Great Success In All Areas of Your Lfe, Health, Wealth, Relationship, Happiness, Love.

Mental Wellness


Sunday, May 30, 2021

How can our mind become most powerful asset by the right direction of thoughts?

Our mind is the single most powerful asset we have and the director of this power of the mind is our thoughts. Their pairing can bring extraordinary success in our lives. 
Let me explain with some examples:- First:

The powerful bomb, made in the world which can destroy several countries in a glance was first created in one's mind before it became a reality. Again to destroy those powerful bombs, an instrument had been invented by another human mind

The famous animator Walt Disney, the founder of Mickey Mouse, died on December 15, 1966 but his biggest dream 'Disney World' was realised and started the manifestation in 1967 and was inaugurated on 1st October 1971. Think, if Disney World was not formed in his mind ago, we might not be able to see 'Disney World' today.
These two examples are enough to make us realise that we have the most powerful thing and the capacity to manage it. Whether we use our infinite power for good or for bad, creativity or destruction is entirely up to us. The combined power of these two can bring success or failure, happiness or sorrow, infinite opportunity or extreme obstacles in our lives. It all depends on how you are directing your mind by your own thoughts. Everything that is happening in our lives is the manifestation of the thoughts that are entering our minds. So if the outcome of our lives is to change, we need to be very careful about our thoughts, who are driving our strong minds.

Our thoughts and their Representation in Mind:
Every thought, created in our mind is in the form of film or movie which contains different videos, audios and feelings. Every moment a movie of our thoughts' plays in the theater of our minds. If we want, we can consciously play any movie of the future, present and past on our mental screen. If we can make a beautiful film with the direction of our conscious thought of a successful future life and play it in the screen of our mind again and again, then our subconscious mind will get well influenced. The more colorful  and bigger the videos, the sweeter the melody sounds and the more beautiful the feelings, the more it will be flooded our subconscious mind and the action will be taken to manifest it. The art of thinking is repeated thinking and this process has tremendously impact. It also is remarkable that thoughts with genuine emotions and burning desire are very powerful than any other thoughts. This will directly register in our Subconscious Mind. The name of the way we play and watch repeatedly the movie of future in our minds every day is called VISUALIZATION. Visualization must be done at a certain time every day. But it never means that you can reach your goal just by visualization. To reach the goal, you must need to find out the real road map and then take action accordingly. Visualization is the best tool which brings out thousands of ways by satisfying your subconscious mind.Almost all of us do the opposite most of the time.  Without making a movie of the future, we repeatedly play the movies that are left behind, dusty, sad or unsuccessful in the theater of our minds. This way of thinking makes our lives unsuccessful, messy, unbearable.
Properly balanced diet makes our body free from disease, healthy and strong, in the same way our positive thinking strengthens our mind. Just as a movie depends on a director as to how good or bad it will be or how interesting a stage program will be, in the same way our minds can be brightened or dimmed by the direction of our thoughts.

I urge my reader friends to enlighten their infinitely strong mind in the bright light of the golden dream of the future without covering it with gloomy black smoke of negative thoughts.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Do you want to get rid of the dark, terrible black cloud of negative thoughts from your life?

dark, terrible black cloud of negative thoughts

Like day and night, our minds become lighten and darken. When our minds are engulfed in the darkness of negative thoughts, we can no longer do or see anything good in our lives. Just like a beautiful rose in the dark or a delicious food does not matter. When the black cloud of negative thoughts comes to our minds, we run astray. But we can remove this deep dark black cloud and bring light back to life at any time, in any situation. The origin of negative thinking is our mind and the only thing we have control over is our mind.
          Many small events have happened or are happening in our lives and they are taking place in our minds one by one. Most of these events are happy for us and some of them are sad.
          Now, the fact is, which event do you remember the most? If you ask most people about their biography, you will hear them to explain all the tragic events they have and these things became part of their lives. Thus gradually all happiness and harmony disappears from their lives. Now you may think that everyone says' don't think negatively, but what is the way to avoid it?  Let me explain you. 

Don't share negative events with anyone

          1)Don't share negative events with anyone: Usually people don't like to hear someone's grief, so to say these things in front of someone means to lose your importance which will make you suffer more. 
          If you keep saying negative things over and over again, it will go to your subconscious mind and register and gradually it will become your habit. Instead, keep saying  all about the positive events what was happened to you. Even if no one listens, keep saying in your mind. Enjoy any pleasant moment of life in your mind while sleeping every day. If you do these things every day, it will become your habit and you will be able to gradually come over of your dark life.

         2)Laugh out loud: However, if you are in a negative state, the laugh is very difficult because laughter will not come from inside. The first thing you have to do is force yourself to Lough consciously, gradually it will become a pattern in your unconscious mind. If necessary, read comedy books or watch comedy movies. We do a lot of work against our minds, this time go against your mind and Lough. If necessary, accompany those who can laugh.

No one can hurt you if you don't want to

        3) Don't be a victim of guilt: Most of us has a habit of being a victim, instead, learn to take responsibility. No one can hurt you if you don't want to. Remember the mistake is that one of our great teacher, learn from those without being a victim for, and forget the rest. We worry too much about being a victim and wondering what people will say or think. Our lives are not about what people say or do.  If we do something good in our life, it will have a good effect on many people but no one wants to be a partaker of bad.
         Negetive thoughts are very powerful. They lead us to the failureness, make us unhappy and unhealthy. Can even summon up to death. We all have the right and the power to be happy. Choice is yours. Think about it, if you are not in this world, what is the value of what you are thinking about?

Monday, May 17, 2021

Some tremendous Experiences and learnings from the attitude of Covid patients and their relatives from the ground zero of a Hospital.

I have come before you today with the experience of some real events of the past few days. Not only events but also a number of lessons and real experiences which I have found to be very appropriate in the life of each of us in this pandemic situation. Over the past few days, I have spent several times on the premises of our nearby Covid Hospital, extending a helping hand to one of my acquaintances (about my sister) and a few other strangers. And in this regard, I gained various experiences by talking with doctors, nurses, staffs, relatives of patients. I want to share with you about such experiences.

First case: An elderly lady, effected by corona, had been hospitalized for the past 14 days. In spite of staying close to the hospital the relatives of her did not even inquire of the patient even over phone, let her alone stay in the hospital. At last, when her second test report came to negative, the hospital authorities repeatedly called her family, but no one came to receive her. After staying that way for two days, she fell ill again.  Although not Covid this time, the name of the disease is trauma. and this disease is so severe that the gentlewoman who had recovered after beating Covid, urinated in fear and soaked her dress.
Learning and Experiences 1: Covid does not mean to death. At any age , any one can recover from this. Much bigger disease than this is the inhumanity, contaminated mentality. Our society needs to cure this disease first. Trauma takes away the desire to survive.

Second case: An unmarried lady about thirties was sitting  just infront of the hospital's second gate (Two gates, the first to enter the patients and the other for the doctors, nurses and enquiry office). Seeing very worried, I approached her and asked her if anyone was admitted.  Why she was so worried? In reply she said "I have a close relative admitted, oxygen is running, shortness of breath, I do not know what will happen"!  Etc. etc.. From then on, whenever I met her, I would look for all the good and bad, advantages and disadvantages. As a result, my acquaintance with her increased, and she began to trust me, and share the whole thing and I became amazed. The lady is the lover of the sick gentleman. There are parents, wife, son and brother in the gentleman's house, no one came here in fear. The lady reached here as soon as she got the news and is lying here day and night. Despite her hundreds of worries, she is equally courageous when talking to the patient. You may not believe that within eight days the gentleman recover unexpectedly and without a cylinder, oxygen level is 96. The joy of victory is now in the lady's eyes.

Experiences and Learning 2: What society calls an illegitimate relationship, today the legitimacy of that relationship seems to be accepted by God. I do not know what's the matter!  The householder may have good intentions but fear of death is forcing them to behave like this. But the only question in my mind is 'will the love that saved the man be ever recognised'? Love teaches to take care, Care teaches people to live and focus on to survive from difficult situations.

Third Case: About My Sister, Oxygen was provided at home but was immediately admitted to hospital as her condition was deteriorated. Relatives are all worried.  Everyone's mind is burdened with sorrow and panic. I realise that if this situation continued the patient could no longer be saved because this negativity would enter her and make her weaker. I started telling my relatives, I have been talked to with the doctors, nurses and staffs, they have all said that the patient is fine now and is improving rapidly. They will detach the oxygen mask in a day or two. At the same time, the anxiety subsided and the whole family returned to the positive state and not only that, the whole effect began to fall on the patient. Within two days the oxygen level increased a lot. She is much better now and reading books, making up her, even was helping the patient in the next bed.
Learning and Experiences 3: Hopeless ness creates a very complex situation. At critical times we need to think about what we can do or whether we are doing the right thing, not thinking about the thing which are beyond our control. The positive vibration of relatives and the universe always works well on everyone, a patient is not exceptional. We never know what will happen to us in the next moment, but in this moment, when alive, are we doing something good with our beloved ones? Do we caring about him or her? are we  giving real value to him or her?There is no benefit in regretting later.
Sometimes we may fall while running but immediately we must try to get up.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Do you know the way how to protect yourself and society in this terrible, pandemic Covid 19 situation? Here it is..

My dear friends, judging by this time, my incompetent pen could not stay but writing about Covid -19. Although I have almost a mere idea about this disease. Not only this disease, but also about any other diseases. But I am very aware of one thing that is 'every animal has its own healing power and it is an extraordinary ability. We, mankind are not exceptional. And this power is developed inside from our mind'. Hopefully the doctors and you will agree with me on one thing that if the mind becomes weak then any disease can easily take up residence in the body.
'Fear' is our greatest enemy which is originated in our own minds. Its monster eyes are coming up every moment in the news , social media or in our own discussions, which is instilling fear in our minds. Naturally our minds are getting weak and is effecting on the body. We are constantly thinking about what will be happen if something happens to me or my family and this thought is destroying the balance between our body and mind which is fatal. Most people are emotionally devastated at the moment so here are some ways to get rid of it and keep yourself healthy and safe. 

Keep yourself apart from media: Try to stay apart from the news or social media, rather listen to music at that time, read motivational books or do whatever you like best. Stop sharing any kind of negative news. The media often creates an detrimental impression of global panic. 
A research by UC Irvine's Roxy Silver, PhD, and others says that "An excess news and visual images about a traumatic event can create symptoms of post- traumatic stress disorder and poor health years later".
Please think about the purpose of the news that you are watching or discussing all the time!  If they can't solve any purpose then why you are keeping yourself busy in this work unnecessarily? 

Hold your own reins: Make a list of what you can and can't control right now. Then focus  only on what you can do. I have explained it in the chart below.

Bring innovation into your daily routine: Be sure to include exercise in your new routine. Go to bed as early as possible at night and get up very early. Take minimum Exercise  after getting out of bed. Remember our mood is closely related to our activities and thoughts. So to keep your mood in positive state, you must do new physical activities. At the same time, meditate to keep your thoughts positive at all times. Both of these will greatly stimulate your breathing and blood circulation. Spare some good moments with friends, family or acquaintances over the phone or video chat.

So at the request of all friends, forget the conflict, come and stand by each other.  At this moment, human religion is the most important thing.  Listen to your conscience without listening to anyone.  Always remember one thing that you cannot change anyone, except yourself.  So listen to your conscience and guide yourself properly.  Remember, your single step at this moment will change all mankind. If all the creatures of the world can stand by each other in times of danger, then can't we stand by ourselves as the best creatures in the world in times of danger? It must be possible to build a perfect healthy society where we can take breathe comfortably.

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