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Monday, May 24, 2021

Do you want to get rid of the dark, terrible black cloud of negative thoughts from your life?

dark, terrible black cloud of negative thoughts

Like day and night, our minds become lighten and darken. When our minds are engulfed in the darkness of negative thoughts, we can no longer do or see anything good in our lives. Just like a beautiful rose in the dark or a delicious food does not matter. When the black cloud of negative thoughts comes to our minds, we run astray. But we can remove this deep dark black cloud and bring light back to life at any time, in any situation. The origin of negative thinking is our mind and the only thing we have control over is our mind.
          Many small events have happened or are happening in our lives and they are taking place in our minds one by one. Most of these events are happy for us and some of them are sad.
          Now, the fact is, which event do you remember the most? If you ask most people about their biography, you will hear them to explain all the tragic events they have and these things became part of their lives. Thus gradually all happiness and harmony disappears from their lives. Now you may think that everyone says' don't think negatively, but what is the way to avoid it?  Let me explain you. 

Don't share negative events with anyone

          1)Don't share negative events with anyone: Usually people don't like to hear someone's grief, so to say these things in front of someone means to lose your importance which will make you suffer more. 
          If you keep saying negative things over and over again, it will go to your subconscious mind and register and gradually it will become your habit. Instead, keep saying  all about the positive events what was happened to you. Even if no one listens, keep saying in your mind. Enjoy any pleasant moment of life in your mind while sleeping every day. If you do these things every day, it will become your habit and you will be able to gradually come over of your dark life.

         2)Laugh out loud: However, if you are in a negative state, the laugh is very difficult because laughter will not come from inside. The first thing you have to do is force yourself to Lough consciously, gradually it will become a pattern in your unconscious mind. If necessary, read comedy books or watch comedy movies. We do a lot of work against our minds, this time go against your mind and Lough. If necessary, accompany those who can laugh.

No one can hurt you if you don't want to

        3) Don't be a victim of guilt: Most of us has a habit of being a victim, instead, learn to take responsibility. No one can hurt you if you don't want to. Remember the mistake is that one of our great teacher, learn from those without being a victim for, and forget the rest. We worry too much about being a victim and wondering what people will say or think. Our lives are not about what people say or do.  If we do something good in our life, it will have a good effect on many people but no one wants to be a partaker of bad.
         Negetive thoughts are very powerful. They lead us to the failureness, make us unhappy and unhealthy. Can even summon up to death. We all have the right and the power to be happy. Choice is yours. Think about it, if you are not in this world, what is the value of what you are thinking about?

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