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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Monday, December 27, 2021

How can we get rid of from our biggest challenge - 'Financial Struggle' in life

“Money will not make your marriage any better, nor will it make you any happier. Instead, money would expand your available options in life. More money = more options.”
― Anas Hamshari


    • Financial Struggle.
    • Money concept.
    • What causes financial struggle?
    • Why financial struggle is more important and complex than all other struggles in life?
    • What are the reasons to face financial struggles in life?
    • How to get rid of this financial struggle?
    • Financial problems and solutions.

As I promised in the last article '4 Outstanding ways to come out of the Struggle in Life ', I will write in this article about the financial struggle. It is hard, I think, to find even one percent of the world's population who has never faced financial struggles in their lives. Only this one struggle makes people realize many real bits of knowledge of life together. 

Monday, December 20, 2021

4 Outstanding ways to come out of the Struggle in Life


      • What is the meaning of 'Struggle'?
      • What causes struggle in life?
      • What are some struggles in life?
      • How do you overcome struggles in your life?

Another meaning of struggle is to be engaged in fight

The word 'struggle' can be interpreted in two ways. One is, "an energetic attempt to achieve something" which means to experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something or achieve something. Another meaning of struggle is to be engaged in a fight which is  "to use a lot of effort to defeat someone or prevent something". What do you mean by the word 'struggle'! If you take the second explanation then you are really fighting with life, and you have been conditioned to believe that "life is a struggle". That means you programmed your mind with some negative thoughts and beliefs. 

When your thoughts and beliefs hold on to negativity, winning the battle of life is a long way off, you will never have the courage to fight. The ghosts of fear will dance in your head. You will live the life of this nature "I am alive without dying". If you perceive the second interpretation of the struggle of life and apply it in life, then the meaning of life will change. Happiness will come back to life, and you will be able to live life successfully by raising your head. 

In fact, there is a struggle in every human life, of course, it is better not to confuse struggle and war. If you look closely at the biography of every successful person, you will understand that everyone has struggled at some point in their lives. People who have faced challenges in life, who have been able to be optimistic and resilient in the face of life's trials and adversities, are sure to have success in life. 
In which areas of life do we have to struggle most and why:-
  • Financial challenge:- More than 90 percent of people struggle almost all their lives financially, trapped by the economic fences. There are several important reasons for this. Firstly, is a lack of financial education in our traditional education system. Secondly, the misconception that "money is the root of all evil." The lessons we learn about finance from our society, our environment, and our families, extend far into our lives, and it frightens us about finance and financial infrastructure.
The financial struggle is much bigger challenge than the other challenges in life. Falling into this problem, many people end their lives. We need to know a lot about financial struggles because this challenge influences the rest and also helps to overcome again. I will discuss this in details in my next article. 
  • Health challenge:- Sometimes this happens when the body no longer wants to accompany. Especially when traumatized, and emotionally broken, the body begins to deteriorate immediately. Besides, in the busiest life, how many persons take care of the body! There are irregularities in eating and drinking. 
  • Love issues:- This is one of the most important issues. I will place it after the financial challenge. Love can change a person's life completely, it plays a vital role in making a successful person to an unsuccessful and unsuccessful person to successful. Love is a wonderful stimulant for our minds. When a person experiences this crisis, slowly his body, his mind starts to break down, his willing power starts to wane, disgust grows towards everything, and anger increases immensely. Many times people lose complete control over themselves by focusing on this issue, making people mentally crippled. 
  • Relationship challenges:- Although it has a lot in common with love issues, it is not so effective. Many people struggle year after year with relationships. When a relationship breaks down, it directly affects our minds, sometimes it can cause anger, and sometimes it can cause sadness. 
  • Career development challenge:- Most young people, even middle-aged, are constantly engaged in this struggle of life, not getting a suitable job, not having the necessary funds for business or not having a suitable environment, not getting a proper salary in a job or not getting a promotion, etc., etc. In particular, the COVID-19 situation has pointed out to us how this problem can wreak havoc on the lives of millions of people. 
There are also many small challenges in life, some of which we keep in the stage of struggle, but if we can overcome those five challenges, the rest are not very important. Let's find way out of this struggle of life. 

The path to liberation from the struggle of life:- 
Mental preparation:- Morale is far more important than our physical ability to win any struggle. The root cause of our defeat in each of the life struggles I have mentioned is mental defeat. Coal is converted to diamonds by withstanding extreme pressure and heat. The challenge in life is to build us in a new way, correct our mistakes, and move forward on the path of victory. Believe it or not, we have the solution to every problem that exists in this Universe, we need to find it and it requires a healthy mind so program your mind. 

More Articles About program your mind:

The more you awaken your inner willpower, the smaller the problems will become and the more they will disappear. Each of us needs to give importance to our own mind and development and give time so that all the conflicts of our own minds are removed. The struggle of life will end on the day you end the war with your mind. 

Face any challenge directly

Do not run away from the struggle:- Face any challenge directly, if you do not face it, the struggle of life will continue, and the 'problem' will find you out. The cowards thought the rope lying on the road was a snake and ran away in fear, don't put yourself in that category. Don't die before your death, conquer the fear. Your victory is hidden before the fear. 

Become self-reliant:- Prepare yourself to walk on the path without relying on others. You have to struggle for your life and you will not find anyone by your side. Whenever we face a challenge, we hope to get help from others. We hope to get financial support, to get love, or to get mental support. In fact, the opposite is true: when you have in struggle, everyone starts to move away from you, avoiding you because they are afraid if you ask for help. This behavior of friends, relatives, or acquaintances during your hard times will demotivate you more. Some may be reluctant to lend a helping hand but it will bring more disaster in your life that will make you more dependent. 

Plan for the future:- Make definite plans for each and every aspect of your journey in life, be it your financial infrastructure or relationship, or health. Make specific plans for everything and work yourself in that direction, put in the effort. You may not get the result immediately but if you continue to take proper action you will not have to face new struggles in the future. Get yourself out of the hard shell of the past and think far-reaching thoughts. Sometimes a plan may fail, but failure is not the end of life, it is the beginning of a new path, a new journey. Your specific planning and persistence can ensure the success of that journey.
Final thoughts:-
The struggle of life is to develop oneself in a hostile environment and to get proper training. Commitment to fulfill dreams increases our self-awareness and builds our self-confidence making us much more struggling. The struggle in our lives comes not to overwhelm us but to fly with wings, preparing us to ascend and helping us learn to fly gracefully.

Monday, December 13, 2021

How to make your day much more productive than ever|


    • What does a Productive Day mean or look like.
    • What are the things that make our days unproductive.
    • Routine of Productive day.
    • What makes your day productive.
    • How to make the day much more productive.

a productive day can change a person's life

A moment in a day can change a person's life. So, if you can make a productive day or every 365 days of the year productive, think about how much higher the success of life can be. There are 24 hours a day for each of us. To a very successful person, scientist, businessman, billionaire, or ordinary people, student, an unsuccessful one has not even more or less a minute than 24 hours.

Successful people are in control of almost every single moment of the day in their lives. Unsuccessful people are unsuccessful because they waste time or misuse it by watching movies, reading the newspaper, gossiping, spending time on social media, chatting or criticizing others, or worrying.


What does a Productive Day mean?

Productive Day means how energetic you have been throughout the day. how much you have grown, how much time you have made, how much you have contributed to yourself, your family, or your community, how much you enjoy the day. Productive Day means how well you have managed to overcome your challenges, how much effort you have put into solving the problemand how successful you have been. Above all, a productive day means that you can go to bed at night feeling comfortable.

Ofcourse, " morning says the day", but remember that the day starts at the end of the night; sleepless nights can make your start worse. 

What are the things that make our days unproductive?

    • Sleepless nights:- In order to keep yourself productive or to use the full power of the brain, you need sound sleep. According to medical science, an adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Sleepless nights or sleep deprivation causes high blood pressure; the body's living organisms cannot function properly; the body does not stay fresh and becomes naturally weak, which influenced directly to our mind. Which makes our state or mood worse. Naturally, productivity decreases.

    Some of the common causes of insomnia include anxiety, watching provocative movies; spending time on social media and going to bed late; and also drinking extra tea-coffee or nicotine. Wasting time behind social media, watching tv, cinema and waking up late from bed and going out for work is a routine of a horrible day. 

    • Messy Routine:- A messy routine is a sign of random living. Most people are accustomed to carrying themselves back to their usual routine. In that routine there is no constructive thought and no plan to develop oneself. Life goes on as usual. There is no time to develop mind or to take care of body. I believe that everything can not go well with following a specific routine throughout the day but some of the time can be spent on improving yourself, keeping your body healthy, and developing your mind.
    • Irrelevant thoughts:- Most people are more worried about others, and with their own past and future. Changing your past and someone else's is beyond your control. The rest is the future, and today is the suitable day for you to make it beautiful and prosperous. Each productive day will make sure that your future will be beautiful, so why not be constructive today! 

    Ordinary people have a strange kind of thinking about how to increase savings from their own earnings. There is no thought of how to increase earning and what they can do new for it. Irrelevant thoughts,  negative thoughts,  Increase in the Brain through Media and irrelevant discussion. Our minds are filled with negativity when we watch negative news and discuss negative events. A virus of negative thinking makes our minds conservative, just as a virus paralyzes software and hangs over a computer.


How to make the day much more productive:-

Focus on yourself, get off to a great start:- Set a specific time to wake up as early as possible every day. After waking up, freshen up and change your physiology with at least some light exercise or walking. Positive psychology will shift your mind into a positive state; your mood will be freshed. Our state produces results. The quiet environment of the morning is the most suitable for developing one's mind and body. If the body and mind are not healthy, even the friend's birthday party also becomes unhappy; it feels poisonous. Set aside time at the beginning of the day to program your mind and develop yourself physically. Behind every productivity or discovery in the world lies the infinite power of our minds.

During morning, arrange your tasks according to their importance. Try to complete the most important tasks early in the day. This will make your day and work more productive.

More Articles About Self development & program your mind:

Enjoy your work:- Enjoy your work without fighting with them. Bathing is also a very complicated task if you do not enjoy it. When we find complexity in work, we call it hard work. All work is not for everyone, do what is relevant to you and say directly 'no' to the rest. If a mechanical engineer goes to do software maintenance work, it will get messy; the work will be complicated.

Take a break from work

Take a break from work:- Constant work and usage of brain drains energy and quickly makes the productive day unproductive. Take some time to change the physiology, to change the mental state. Sometimes small breaks can increase the efficiency of work a few times. If you don't take a break and don't change the state of mind, things will go wrong, 30 minutes of work can take an hour or more. 

Leave work at your work place:- Do not carry all work buggage in your head or in your suitcase after leaving work place. Evaluate what you have done all day and what is left over. Don't think about them once you get out of there. Otherwise those will embarrass you if you think about it and may even take away your night's sleep. Along with the job evaluation, complete-the day evaluation as well, how much did you grow, what were you able to contribute, what challenges did you face, and how did you solve them! These will increase your self-confidence

Enjoy at the end of the day:- Don't look back; make your mood flutter. Enjoy some time with family, friends or alone, which is your favorite. Enjoy your life openly; don't think about what happened, what you didn't get, or what someone said throughout the day. It is also a step towards making your next day more productive.                                                                              

Go to bed with wonderful feelings:- This step is most important to make the next day more productive. A good sleep is the first indicator of your work ethic throughout the day. Take your dinner at the right time, take a short walk without going to bed, wash your face with water and then go to bed. Before that, of course, keep mobile or other electronics gadgets as far away as you can.

Lay down on your back for two to five minutes to calm your mind and visualize the main goals of your life, what you want to be as a person and what you want to get. Imagine all the things you want, to belong with you, enjoy them and fall asleep. The extremely powerful subconscious mind is always alert; he deceives us when we fall asleep.  Visualization of the outcome at bed time leads directly to the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind starts to work on how to make the dream successful. 

Monday, December 6, 2021

How to take the first step towards dreams of your successful world


What you will learn from this article:-

    • What is the first step towards success?
    • What is taking the first step?
    • How does taking the first step help one succeed?
    • Why taking the first step is very important?
    • Relevancy of 'First Step' towards success.
    • How taking the 'first step' makes a difference.
    • Why taking the first step becomes the hardest task.
    • How to take the first step easily.

What is the hardest thing to do in one's life personally? It is natural for everyone's answer to be different from different perspectives. Think very calmly that the most complex task for each of us is to take the 'first step'. Every circumstance in life, from learning to ride a bicycle for the first time, to entering the world of earning, even to the events of the first love affair, if you ask the question, you will see how reasonable the answer is. Taking the first step in each case is a big challenge and success followed it whenever you take it. Our lives are made up of many small successes like this and the most important role for each success is the decision of taking the first step. 
The 'first step' can create a huge difference between ordinary people and ultimate success. A great start can bring a gold medal, fill with honor, and the mistake of the first step can fill with despair. Every Olympic swimmer, runner, or other competitor knows its immense importance. Defeat is certain if there is no precise balance of goals and actions. It is impossible to reach the top of the Himalayas lying in bed, for which it is necessary to take certain steps and proper actions.

Why taking the first step becomes the hardest task:-
Just as we can't get out of the house through a closed door, keeping the door of the mind closed and thinking about fulfilling the dream of success is like building a castle in the air. To take the first step by opening the door of the mind, you don't need anything huge, you need a mindset. But the fear of everything else we can not open the door of the mind. Why is that?
  • Firstly, we do not set a specific goal, and even if we do set a goal, at the beginning of the journey we constantly think about the obstacles along the way, that is, the negative aspects. As a result, unknown fears are transmitted to our brain, and the black cloud of negative thoughts continues to consume dreams. Our legs tremble to take the first step. The logicians will say that it is foolish to go without thinking.  I will ask them, after thinking about everything, how much success they have had and how successful they have been without any obstacles. 
  • Secondly, Alibis:- Whenever our minds are filled with bad thoughts, we are always looking for excuses to procrastinate. Once you start making excuses, thousands of excuses come out, today is not a good day, there is no suitable environment, lack of enough money, today the weather is not good etcetera. Most common and big excuses are 'situation is not perfect, other people are not supporting or agree with me and my skills are not enough.' I would like to know if the situation is right if the parents, family, and acquaintances support, and if have the right skills then success is achieved!  Or if successful, everything will change, and skills will be developed in the journey of success!
  • Thirdly, Trying to find options:- Almost all of us are very comfortable, we become lazy when we want to do something new. The image of the Comfort Zone in our subconscious mind floats before our eyes. We've already put terrible consequences of moving forward on the mental screen with the negative thought, the image pops up in front of us every time we take a step and signals us not to move from our comfort zone. That's when we start looking for options, easy options, easy ways, it may not be the direction to meet our goals. Getting a job in a primary school after studying engineering is not a success, it is just like an airplane flying to Singapore but reaching Honolulu, though you will get water, soil, air, and food in both the places.

How to take the first step easily:- In the previous discussion it must have been understood that most of the distractions are created by anxiety on our mental screen, so if you can overcome that obstacle then you can easily take the first step. If you have set specific goals then following the steps will help you a lot to take the first step.

  • Think what you are going to achieve:- Imagine that you have reached your goal, try to feel that joy, that happiness, visualize how your environment is changing, how your behavior, your values, and your identity have changed. What compliments people are giving, what great purposes you are serving, how much your respect has increased, and how many people love you. This method will build your neurological alignment which will not only eliminate your negative internal representation but also will increase your focus, will be inspired from within, will increase your persistence, will eliminate inner conflict, and increase self-confidence
  • Do not wait for the environmental conditions to be favorable:- Environmental conditions are not conducive and are to be taken.  Obstacles or failures are not a problem, they help you to become best-self, to grow up if you evaluate them properly. Talk to yourself, love yourself, and you will see the light of your heart shine, this light will illuminate the environment. 
  • Don't expect support from others:- Get yourself out of the idea that someone will support you then you will take the first step. Start the journey, if you keep going a little bit, if you get success, you will see that many people have become your supporters. No one supports the unsuccessful person from the heart. The 'extended hand' is an excuse for those who do not have a definite plan to move forward in life. Lazy, low-spirited people explain to others what is the reason for not doing and seek support. 
Have enough confidence in yourself, and rely on your knowledge and skills. How you can use your intellect and knowledge is important, not how much you have. Find your strengths and use them properly then success will come. Develop your attitude. Relying on others will increase your setbacks, if you want to move forward, you should not hold back. No one will let you win, you have to develop the habit of winning. 

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