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Monday, December 27, 2021

How can we get rid of from our biggest challenge - 'Financial Struggle' in life

“Money will not make your marriage any better, nor will it make you any happier. Instead, money would expand your available options in life. More money = more options.”
― Anas Hamshari


    • Financial Struggle.
    • Money concept.
    • What causes financial struggle?
    • Why financial struggle is more important and complex than all other struggles in life?
    • What are the reasons to face financial struggles in life?
    • How to get rid of this financial struggle?
    • Financial problems and solutions.

As I promised in the last article '4 Outstanding ways to come out of the Struggle in Life ', I will write in this article about the financial struggle. It is hard, I think, to find even one percent of the world's population who has never faced financial struggles in their lives. Only this one struggle makes people realize many real bits of knowledge of life together. 

Sources of Irresistible Stress 'Financial problems' affect a person's mental, and physical, health, relationships, love, and overall quality of life. Financial anxiety adversely affects on a person's sleep, self-esteem, concentration, and mental energy levels. From the financial struggle begins to spread anger, shame, hatred, fear, etc. From which the relationship breaks down, the social distance increases. All in all, the risk of depression and anxiety increases. Many people resort to unhealthy methods such as alcohol, drug abuse, and gambling to relieve this depression and anxiety. Even without finding an alternative way out of the financial struggle, many choose to commit suicide. 

Why financial struggle is more important and complex than all other struggles in life:- 

Money plays a vital role here in this world. In fact, money is the only medium to exchange with any other things in the modern age. The exchange system is no longer the same as it was in the past, that one thing or service could be exchanged for another,  for example, exchange of food grains for animals, exchange of any service for food, or exchange of jewelry for land. At present money is the only way of exchange to save time and labor like a donkey. This is the only means of normal exchange, the pursuit of 'money' has led the lives of people on struggling. Money is now the standard of the strong-weak, educated-uneducated, rich-poor, honorable-dishonorable and even love. 

Literally, we can't do anything without money. There is not a moment or a day when we can live without the use of money. Money is needed to get out on the streets, to sleep, to eat, to study, to maintain sociality, and everything, that is, a person needs money at every moment from birth to death. Just as money is needed to fulfill your dreams, money is needed to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of your dependents, your family, and your children. In lack of money makes our lives miserable, destroys relationships, and damages social dignity and values. Lack of money is a challenge in all areas, naturally, the biggest struggle in life is our financial struggle, this struggle has to be fought with our internal world and external world.

What are the reasons to face financial struggles in life:- 

  • Lack of financial education:- Our conventional education system has almost no provision of financial education for every student, although it does exist as a specialized subject. Some of the knowledge about money that we gain on the way from stumble and falls. Even the elders of the family try their best to keep us away from money from childhood. Again, those elders continue to force for financial independence as soon as our conventional education is over. To become proficient in a subject you have no knowledge of, you have to struggle, you have to stumble a lot.

  • Considering cars, houses, and furniture as our property:- If you ask a hundred people in a middle-class family what your property is, 98 people will name at least one of these three things. Tell me, will the value of the house you built today increase or decrease after five years?  If the car is old, its price does decrease or increase! How can it be our property whose value is declining day by day? But the middle class, considering these as property, went to buy them and became afflicted with loans. 

  • Investing in a business, share market, or any other without real knowledge:- Hearing from others that investing in stocks is very profitable, investing in business will make millions of rupees profit, we jumped in immediately. We do not think that it is necessary to acquire at least some knowledge before investing.  Maybe this way we can make some progress, we get lost in the middle, the financial infrastructure collapses, and we face financial struggle.

There could also be many more reasons like:- 
  1. Getting involved in cheat funds or scams with the desire to become a millionaire fast.
  2. Decreased source of income.  
  3. Not being able to bear the price increase and tax burden.
  4. Excessive drug addiction or alcoholism.
  5. Gambling.  
  6. Physical illness.
  7. Family conflict.
  8. The recession in the world economy.  
  9. The advent of epidemics like COVID-19.

How to get rid of this financial struggle:- 

I am not an economist but I am sharing with you the real experience I have gained through going through financial struggles in my life. Maybe these can be very useful in your life.
Change your perception of money:- Well, if you always have doubts about who you love the most, then can you love him/her or he/she can! The distance between the two will not increase! We do the same thing with money. Every moment we have doubt about it. Take away this doubt. Money is a kind of energy, if you have a negative attitude about it, it will work for you in a negative way. If your intention is right, if you have constructive thinking, then money will come. Don't work for money, don't rush for it, follow the path so that money works for you. 
Focus on Growth and contribution:- Everyone wants to be rich but we are not ready to grow and don't contribute to what we need to do. If we need to do something to improve ourselves, it seems to be an unnecessary investment. Before we think about what we will contribute to any work, we sit down to calculate what profit we will get from it. 
If you don't grow yourself, if you don't increase your efficiency, if you don't contribute properly, financial growth can never happen. If you work in the traditional way, you will get the same return, and same result and you will have to go through financial struggles for the rest of your life.

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Move forward with what you are skilled at, otherwise move forward by acquiring skills:- There are so many opportunities in this universe, there are so many options. The one you are skilled at has a bright future, don't be discouraged, make it your property, and move on, you will succeed. And if you can't do that, then at least gather some knowledge about the path you want to move. Learn as much as you can without being influenced by advertising or the words of others. Though it is difficult at first, you will never have to face financial struggles in your life. 

Survival mood is the most complex, get yourself out of here first. Once you get out of this situation, your self-confidence will increase a lot and you will be able to focus on your goal and move forward steadily.  

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