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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Self-actualization process


  • Self-actualization definition.
  • What does self actualization mean.
  • Self-actualization needs.
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs self-actualization
  • How to achieve self-actualization.

Self-actualization definition:

Self-actualization is a psychological process in which a person can make himself creative, constructive through personal evolution by using the most of his own abilities, resources and mental energy. Self-actualization is the process of becoming 'self' by developing one's full potential. 

What does self actualization mean:

A primary component of this process is the full realization of personal potential. The more a man is aware of his potential, the more he can be prosperous in his life. Most people can't reach this concept which is at the top of the "Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs". 

Self-actualization needs & Maslow's hierarchy of needs self-actualization:

The basic human needs mentioned at the lowest level of Maslow's hierarchy of need are physiological needs, that is, we need food, shelter, air, water, clothing, sleep, etc., without which we cannot imagine living or even to survive in a very short time. Keeping them at the lowest level of the hierarchy of needs means that they are our cornerstones, without them our life is non-existent and we cannot even think of reaching the next level of the hierarchy i.e. safety needs. But thanks to the Universe, all these most important resources for survival are abundant in the universe. 
After these basic needs are met, what we need are safety needs. It is absolutely our personal needs like personal security, employment, good health, property etc. As soon as our physiological needs are met, we seek safety and security, so we focus on employment, savings, nutritious food, wealth growth. 

The third step in the hierarchy of needs is love and belonging. It can be called 'love and connection' in another language. Whenever we feel safe and secure in our lives, our third need comes to the fore, we go out in search of love, looking for a like-minded person. The first two stages are the most challenging for us, every time we come out of this adversity, the needs gradually increase, the need to get a soulmate, the need for mental and physical happiness, the need to satisfy the need for sex. We become attached to others in emotional bonding to fulfill these needs. 

As soon as the third need is fulfilled, the fourth need is born in our mind and that is esteem. Gradually, our self-esteem increases, we give importance to the achievement of name and fame. 

Surprisingly, most of the people in the world get stuck at this stage, no longer have the mindset and desire to reach the final stage, because the steps up to this point have much more significance and much more enjoyment.

At the highest level of the hierarchy is our self-actualization. According to Maslow this is the "desire to become the most that one can be". This is the actual purpose of life. If advanced to this stage, freedom can be enjoyed in all aspects of life. This stage is not only independent living but also a collection of extreme experiences. Generally, self-actualized people are very responsible, humane, warm-hearted and accepting. These individuals are self-motivated and focus mostly on growth and contribution. 

Only the most financialy successful people in society are self-actualized, don't entertain such false beliefs. I have already said that the number of people who belong to this stage is very small, so even after meeting all the needs of life, many people cannot be happy and so suffer from depression. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

How to achieve self-actualization:

Self-actualization is a specific process by which self-realization can be achieved. The following steps are very important for self-actualization. 

1) Find your purpose:

I have asked many people in my training and coaching sessions what their purpose in life is and as far as I can remember no one has been able to give a correct answer. To achieve self-actualization, knowing what your purpose is in life is crucial, actually what you want to serve. Go beyond the traditional way of life and ask yourself for which great purpose have you come to this world to achieve and to serve? This realization will help you achieve self-actualization. 

2) Make yourself acceptable:

Even if you get everything you want in life, you can't be happy if you don't accept yourself and people don't accept you. Don't be arrogant, be down-to-earth, be hearty, kind hearted person. 

3) Be thankful: 

For success or to reach the stage you are at, you personally had to face many challenges, many storms, but somewhere someone was with you, or at least the Universe was or is with you. Be thankful for everything you have received, learned, experienced. Be thankful to everything that has contributed to smooth your path in life. The day you can do this, you will become self-actualized.

There is no greater satisfaction, no joy, no greater duty than to rise above personal interests and reach out to people and contribute to this society, this world. So elevate yourself to this level, the meaning of life will change. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Personal Evolution Process

People want evolution, evolution is happening, but most of the people focus only for social evolution. But do you know that evolution starts from the human mind, that is social evolution takes place through personal evolution. Do think of any evolution in the past, it all started from the human brain and then spreads within societies, within countries, and even in the global. 

Image by Sergei Tokmakov, Esq. Terms.Law from Pixabay

Constantly we are evolving, our behavior, way of thinking, lifestyle is changing. Now the question is, is that personal evolution actually leading our lives in a positive direction or is it degrading us? Let us know in detail in this article what is actual personal evolution and what is the process of this evolution. 


  • What does mean by personal evolution.
  • The importance of personal evolution.
  • Process of personal evolution.

What does mean by personal evolution:

Personal evolution is the process through which our internal transformation takes place, and we become a different person who can adapt ownself to any situation. Personal evolution is the transformation in perspective, in character and habitual traits, and through this process of personal development changes the perspective of one's role towards self, family, society, and  in the world. 

Personal evolution is about learning how to overcome life's obstacles by uplifting oneself and finding ways to adapt to situations to improve quality of life and build a meaningful life. One of the ways to develop oneself is through personal evolution.  Evolving means increasing one's skills, building self-confidence, emphasizing growth and contribution, and increasing self-awareness. 

The importance of personal evolution:

We can appreciate the importance of personal evolution more when we learn to live life centered.  If our personal evolution does not keep pace with the rate of social and environmental evolution, our lives will become depressed, we will lose the joys in life, we will become psychologically devastated, and we will slowly move towards extinction. 
Personal evolution is the process by which we evolve, and as we evolve, all aspects of our lives become more beautiful and happier. Personal evolution is the process of engaging in personal development by controlling our emotions. After all, through personal evolution we can make ourselves fit to face any situation. The environment is changing every moment and sometimes suddenly the environment changes radically, if we fail to adapt to any such situation then our only outcome is destruction. 

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Process of personal evolution:

Whether we like it or not, whether we care for or not, personal evolution is happening to us every moment. Sometimes we are forced to be evoluted by circumstances, and sometimes we consciously choose to be evolute. If you consciously give importance to personal evolution, then according to your goals you will give more importance to personal development, give importance to how to make rapid changes in yourself and achieve success. Just as potters do when making clay objects, by pressing the clay, kneading it, placing it on a disk, drying it in the sun, burning it, they become strong beautiful.

Again, in the natural environment, the pebbles, stones, soil take different forms by bearing the shock of water, storm, rain, etc., that is also an evolution.  But they are developed by nature in its own way, which may or may not be suitable for our use. Personal evolution is not just a temporary change in our behavior or habits, it is a process that transforms us into a timely, self-efficacy one, and our resilience increases.
We must continue to work on important things for personal evolution.
1) There should be specific goals
2) In order to achieve success, one must have an insatiable hunger.  
3) Must have own mission & vision.  
4) Be passionate about goals.  
5) Must have decision-making skills.  
6) Mental preparation should be done. 
7) Mental strength should be developed.

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