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Mental Wellness

Awaken the infinite power of your mind and start the journey of your life towards the Success you want.

Mental Wellness

Maintain Your Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

Create A Great Success In All Areas of Your Lfe, Health, Wealth, Relationship, Happiness, Love.

Mental Wellness


Monday, June 27, 2022

Decision Making skills Can Make You Successful

" Think 100 times before you take a decision, But once that decision is taken, stand by it as one man."

Muhammad Ali Jinnah


The importance of taking the right decision in life is immense, sometimes just one right decision can bring a radical change in a person's life. Just as a right decision can turn one's life from hell to heaven, so a wrong decision can turn one's life from heaven to hell

Monday, June 20, 2022

What is motivation & Why is it important


  1. “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” —Pablo Picasso


Motivation is very important to fulfill our goals and to complete all the tasks properly of daily life and we all want to be motivated. Sometimes we get so motivated to do certain things, but after a while that motivation disappears automatically.
We all consciously know what to do or on which way to do. A student knows why and how to read well, family members know what to do for the family and how to do it, such, a business person or an employee knows how to speed up the business or work. Yet in real life we ​​lose our mental strength. In most cases this is happens due to lack of motivation. 


Monday, June 13, 2022

How to be Happy and Prosperous

Are you depressed about wondering how to deal with the frustration?  Do you miss the happiness and joys of life?  Do you feel like you are going through a difficult situation?  Are you looking for a way to overcome the current challenges and want to become happy and prosperous in your life?


There may have many happy events in your life, you have had happy moments, but you have lost them.  Maybe you have become restless thinking about how to be happy and prosperous in life. 
Here we will not only talk about bringing happiness back into our lives, but we will also learn how to be attentive, feel encouraged, and feel energetic from within. 

Yes, you can make yourself one of the happiest person in this world again. I know you must be thinking "How can I be one of the happiest people in the world again! I don't have enough wealth, I don't have enough money, my love has left me, my business is not making a good profit, I am too much busy to cope pressure of family and work, my child is not concentrating on studies, etc., etc. Different kinds of thoughts may run through your head. 

Now tell me, if the cause of your unhappiness is one or more of the above-mentioned incidents, is there no way to come out of them?  Or is there nothing in your life that can make you happy?

When I use the word 'happy', your mind starts to search for the reasons why you are not happy, but there are many things in your life that can make you happy. If I come to explain it according to psychology,  I will first mention that happiness is one of the greatest resourceful states of our mind. It is true that with this state of our mind, we combine the various objects of the external world, but in fact, happiness is our inner wealth. That is why external objects are not so important when it comes to being happy. You can leave the key to this invaluable resource box, which is inherent in you, to something or someone else in the external world, or you can keep it in your own hands, whatever you choose. If it is controlled by an external object or person, the lack of them will make you unhappy. An external object or person can never be permanent for life, ups and downs or adequacy-inadequacy will remain there, and accordingly, the graph of your happiness will also be controlled.

Let us now take a closer look at this important topic of how to feel happy from the inside.

Re-program your mind

Your mind is the treasure of your happiness, so first of all you need to re-program it. If you feed good thoughts to your mind, it will give you back good feelings. What kind of thoughts do you have most of the time that affects your happiness most and at the same time how you are perceiving any event, what meaning you are giving in this regard, and the feelings that are generating in your mind are constantly affecting your mental state. In other words, you are actually becoming what you are feeding to your mind, your behavior is becoming like that. 
If you want to fill your mind with beautiful creative thinking, then you need to develop some new living habits like reading books every day, rising early in the morning, doing yoga, meditation, etc.. These are very powerful tools to bring back peace and happiness. If you do these things regularly, you can feel quite energetic. 

Take care of your health: 

The body and the mind combine to form a system by which we are governed. If one part of this system is not supporting it will influence the other.  If your body is not fit, no matter how much you feed good food to your mind, it will not accept them, just like when you have a headache, you feel uncomfortable at your dear friend's marriage party. 

So in order to keep yourself healthy, you must make small changes in your daily routine and keep the exercises there. Add yoga, exercises, running, or sports to your daily routine.  Wake up early in the morning and get a little out of the house.  The calm breeze, the open air, the open sky, and the open environment will make your mind much more fresh and captivating. Along with this, follow a healthy diet. 

If you feel upset or demotivated at any time, immediately change your physiology and bring it in a positive body language, i.e. shake the body, widen the chest, straighten the neck and head, and you will see your mind shift to a resourceful state. 

Strengthen these two pillars to bring happiness back to life and pay close attention to a few small but very important things.

  • 1) Increase contact with inspiring people and completely abandon those who humble themselves or tell stories of sadness.
  • 2) Listen to music to keep your mind fresh. Listening to music is a very powerful way to keep yourself happy. Music activates the stimulation system in the brain very quickly.  By listening to music, and avoiding unnecessarily wasting time on social media, your happiness will wake up from within. 
  • 3) Isolate yourself from any negative news or criticism.  These create thunderstorms in the mind and commotion in the mind. Negative news and negative events program your mind so negatively that your mind becomes busy searching for the same things in your real-life situation. Whatever you are looking for it will come in front of you. 
  • 4) Most of the time keep yourself busy in any activity. There is a lot of productive work throughout the day, there are many things to be done on your personal development, keep yourself engaged on those things, and you will see that negative thoughts will not come to mind.
  • 5) Re-live your past happy moments, recall them again and again. Another way to enliven your happiness is to reminisce about your beautiful memories.  Whenever you have time, sitting alone, on a journey, or taking a rest, think of an event in your life that made you happy, and you will see the joy has come back to you automatically. 
  • 6) Watch cartoons, comedy serials, or videos whenever you have free time. Laughter/ comedy TV serials, movies, or cartoons are very effective for the instant awakening of happiness, there is no substitute for it. Whenever there is a lot of negativity in the mind and feel restless, just watch a comedy or a cartoon movie, and your mood will be changed very quickly. 

If you are happy in life, everything may be changed. Most of us live under the misconception that ' achieving success, finding love, earning money, having an expensive car or a good house can make life happier, and some people spend their whole life dreaming such hope. 
In fact, if you are happy then success in your life will come easily, and the person of your choice will come running to you for love. You can easily earn any materialistic thing starting from money. If you are not happy then even the people closest to you will move away from you, no matter what level of success you have, it is bound to fall down from there. 

Even if you have a lot of money, cars, and houses, you may not have the mentality to enjoy them, you will feel everything like thorns. It will yield a very bad effect on your body and mind. Your anger will grow continuously, you will suffer from depression, and anxiety, and you will become physically ill. So, from this moment on, take conscious responsibility to keep yourself happy, then you will become prosperous. 

Monday, June 6, 2022

The difference between Successful person and others | Successful vs average persons

The survey found that about 95% of people in the world are below average level or mediocre and only around 5% of people are ultimately successful. As a percentage and as a number that is insignificant.  
What is the reason for this huge difference? Why are average or very average people are unable to promote themselves to the ultimate level of success? Do these lack facilities, suitable environment, and necessary resources for all these people, or is there another reason?


The real truth is that a very successful person's body is built with a body of flesh and blood just like you. He/she was born into this world with the same neurology as you, he/she is never born miracles. However, a few very small habits, thoughts, and attitudes can help them to be very different from the average and very average crowd of people. 

Every success in life, be it small or huge, brings happiness, and each of us has the right to enjoy this joy. Successful people are always inspiring and attractive, so the topic of successful people always comes up in any hot discussion. 

Inventing new ideas:

The average person carries the ideas of others and the most successful people create new ideas. In order to do something big, successful people are attracted to the initiative to do something new, whereas the average and below-average people think in a very simple and conventional way. People who walk on the path created by others remain in the average category. Successful People make their own way, they make their own destiny through their own actions. 

New ideas may arise in the brain of very ordinary persons, but they are incapable of instilling the inner energy, the mental energy in themselves, which is needed to make those ideas a reality. On the other hand, Strong-minded people are constantly striving to implement their brain-invented new ideas, despite the many adversities in their lives, that's why they can reach the ultimate stage of success.


Goal setting and planning:

Average and mediocre people set goals, but they have no idea how specific and realistic those goals are, and they have no plans to achieve that goals. Successful people not only set specific, realistic goals, but they also make specific plans to achieve them. 

Ordinary people dream but can't plan to realize those dreams and take action. Successful people create strategies and take continuous action to make each of their dreams come true.

Dependency on others: 

The average or superficial level persons who become dependent on others remain at this level throughout their life. Low self-confidence and low self-reliance are common disorders of the average person that make them dependent on others. On the other hand, self-confidence and self-reliance instill indomitable energy in successful people. 

The average person is more confident and dependent on others than himself. The more a person becomes dependent on others, the more he will have to cheat in life and face failure. Dependence on others makes a person mentally weak and others try to suppress him by taking advantage of this weakness. 

Complaining mood:

The average persons are always in a complaining mood. Instead of taking responsibility they wallow in their sadness and blame others thus they experience more failure. These people seem to be unhappy with life, sometimes blaming their own destiny, sometimes blaming their own family or someone else. The average person spends a lot of time gossiping and slandering. Successful People do the exact opposite, they take responsibility for their own successes and failures, good and bad in their life. They invest their time to do productive work, and they review their own mistakes.

Both the average person and successful person have to face different problems in their lives, it may not always be possible to control that obstacle, but the way to react to them can be controlled. Successful Individuals take life's obstacles as challenges and look for alternative ways to overcome them.

Satisfied with small achievements:

The average person thinks to keep themselves satisfied with a little, they don't think of getting anything large. Even with the slightest instant gratification, instant pleasure brings self-satisfaction to the average person. Self-satisfaction will bring saturation in you so that your progress may come to a halt. Just like when hunger is satisfied, there is no more interest in pleasing and tempting food.

Successful People always think of long-term rewards without thinking of instant pleasure. They do not even hesitate to give up their temporary possessions and wait for the real joy of life. The more success they have achieved, the more hungry they become, and the more hungry they are to succeed in something new.


Feeling arrogant:

There is no arrogance in the minds of the ultimate successful people. In general view, it may seem to that successful people are very arrogant, in fact, if you sincerely mingle with these people, you will realize how down-towards they are, how hearty they are, and how eager they are to extend a helping hand to the people. Really successful people do not discriminate among people.

The average person, on the other hand, has a very conservative mind, and they cannot easily associate with or adapt to others. After receiving or achieving small things, they become arrogant and are always busy presenting themselves in front of others. 

Where the focus is, on weakness or strength:

The average persons are always focused on their weaknesses and are busy crying over them. Successful people, on the other hand, identify their strengths and take care of them in a way that makes them proficient and valuable. There is a very important quote given by Bruce Lee in this context.
" I fear not the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10000 times."

Everyone has a unique quality, and if you find that quality and take proper care of it, you can become an expert. Expertise in a particular subject and its proper application can bring success in any field. 

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