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Mental Wellness

Maintain Your Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Saturday, June 26, 2021

How can mental anxiety turn a person's beautiful life into hell?

I am mentioning once again the famous quote of John Milton, the Western philosopher
"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven"..

Howard Hughes in full Howard Robart Hughes, Jr. ( Born December 24,1905, Houston Texas. Died - April 5,1976 in an Airplane over Southern Texas), was an American manufacturer, aviator, producer and director of Hollywood film. He was one of the wealthiest person. He gained so much fame as a playboy that many famous heroines fell in love and went out with him. Yet when he was 45 years old the fear of germs overwhelmed his life. Whenever he thought he was disinfected, he would be terrified of being attacked by germs from outside. Specific rules were laid down for all of his servants. They should wash their hands repeatedly with soap and wipe their hands with tissues before supplying food. He himself used to wash his hands with soap in such a way that blood would come out from his own hands. He used to cover his feet with tissue bags. When he noticed that a servant was sick, he would ordered to burn his wardrobe so that it would be completely sterile.

            He became a reduse and practically met nobody apart from his closest aides. He spent most of his last life in various confidential luxury hotels in the Bahamas, Nicaragha, Mexico, Canada, England, Vegas, etc., with utmost secrecy. At the age of 70, he found himself in complete captivity in his own dengeon, both mentally and physically, before he died. Such a man who, in spite of having so much fame, money, power, was miserable because not of the lack of anything external, but only because of his lack of willpower, lack of mind set. Unnecessary fear made his last life hell. He got everything he wanted in the world but was forced to distant himself from everything because he did not make his mind beautiful and did not program the mind. Everything was ready for him in the outside world to enjoy the ultimate joy of life and almost everything was under his control.  The only thing he didn't control was his own thoughts, own mind. He was a man who looked at the world with an external cripple of control. The focous of such people are of what other people are doing, what their behavior is, how external events affect their lives, what control they have, and so on. As a result, they feel helpless, upset, bitter and frustrated. Those who can control their minds know that they have only control over themselves. They are very confident in their own abilities. They know that many things may be happened in the outside world but they have complete control over what their reaction will be.

        You will have to open the window of your mind to see the beauty of outside world. The door of the mind must be opened so that the excellent beauty of the Universe can be entered. Our closed mind is simply nestle panic whether it is terrified of a virus attack or of death.

        So if you don't have control over your mind, if you don't program your mind, your name and fame, wealth, power in the outside world, everything will be worthless.

        I explained in a previous post how a life can go from hell to heaven with a beautiful life story and in this post I showed how a life  turns from heaven to hell. There are two ways open to each of us. If we use our minds consciously, we will be able to walk in the right way.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

The real way to 'how the MIND itself can turn someone's life from hell to heaven'.

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven"..
               John Milton, Author ( Paradise Lost),             

Today I will tell you a short story of Sindhutai Sapkal, the lady called "Mother of Orphans", whose nickname is Chindhi, which means a torn piece of cloth,  was born on 14 November 1948 (age 72 years), Wardha, who was forced to drop out of fourth grade due to her family's commitment and early marriage. At the age of 10, she was married to a 30-year's-old man. When she was twenty, her husband beat her and threw her away and she was then nine months pregnant. Later, on the same day, she gave birth to a baby girl in a barn and walked a few kilometers to her mother's house. Her mother drove her away without giving her shelter. In such a helpless state, finding nothing, she finally cut off her umbilical cord with a sharp stone. This incident left such a deep scar on her mind that she wanted to commit suicide. Later she got rid of that thought and started begging at the railway station to bring after her daughter. While begging, she saw that there were many helpless children who are abandoned by their parents, and were begging with a lot of pain in their lives. She felt their pain and decided to adopt them. Her new war started, and she began begging loudly to put a handful of food in the mouths of the helpless children. Gradually she decided she would adopt all the Orphan kids there and she did so.

So far as she has adopted and cared for more than fifteen hundred Orphan Children. Not only that, she has taken all responsibility for their education, marriage, and establishment. Many of them are now established as doctors, engineers, or lawyers. She has won over 500 awards so far and she spent all the prize money on her children. She was conferred the Padma Shri in 2021 in the Social Work category. Many of you may know the life story of Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal. This story is probably inspiring many of you, or will, but most do not know that her mind is the mastermind of this outstanding achievement. There was no one or nothing with her. With her, there was no society, no environment, and no relatives. Except only one resource that is her mind'. It is this mind that has shown her the way out of the most complex problems and has given her the urge to live. She had many reasons to give up and commit suicide. Whenever she shifted her mind to the neglected children on the way, her mind comforted her by saying, "Look, these helpless children need you more than yours." Inspired by saying "You have to do something for them." From the core of her mind, she realized, 'What is the purpose of her life!' That's why she said, "I am there for all those who have no one". 

                            Happy to help you

Most of us (more than 95 percent) don't know what our purpose is. So we give up everything when something happens a little. We never ask ourselves, 'Did I come to this world for a purpose?' If you find your purpose in life, your life will be filled with happiness. This universe will give you a lot of logistics to survive. You can never harvest gold by scattering grass seeds in your fertile land. When you see a corpse coming out of the hospital, you start wailing, thinking, and saying all the negative things. Have you ever noticed how many new babies are being born in that hospital every day? Ever said 'wow what a wonderful!'

Our mind always wants to avoid pain and gain pleasure. The same thing happened with 'Mother of Orphans'. She was thinking about her pain all the time. She repeatedly told herself about the extreme pain of her life. In the end, she decided to commit suicide to get rid of that pain. Whenever she saw and thought about the street children, she immediately began to enjoy the pleasure of being able to do something for those children, the joy of being able to help others, and the joy of devoting herself to the welfare of others. Her mind was shifted to gain pleasure and today its real form is our 'Mother of Orphans'.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

How to get rid of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of COVID-19?

Corona Virus has claimed many lives during the last one year, even in the modern era on the medical system, although most people, however, have recovered. Excluding the number of deaths, the epidemic has caused physical and economic problems as well as devastating effects on the minds of people throughout the world. As a result on which problems are affecting people's mental health and at the same time anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder are increasing. And all these symptoms are not only present in the people who have been already attacked, but also in the health workers, doctors, police, their family members who have died, even in the ordinary people who have not been attacked. Emotional instability is usually seen in people who have recovered from the disease or who have become mentally ill due to fear of contracting the disease. Difficulties in emotional instability include palpitations, numbness, chest pain, breathing problems etc. In case of panic attack, they feel as if someone is strangling them, they will die right now etc. People who are suffering from anxiety or depression are more likely to have mood swings, not being hungry, not wanting to talk. People who are suffering from post traumatic disorder are more likely to have no food at all, no attention to anything, forgetting everything, thinking to themselves that they have no smell or taste, sleeping too much, or not sleeping at all, nightmare etc. 

My purpose is just not to let you know. My purpose is to make you aware of this and to get you out of here.
What are the causes of being emotionally disturbed?:- In this pandemic situation, none of us can go out very much, we are completely isolated from society, we can't go anywhere, we can't eat in restaurants, we don't have fun with friends and relatives. The effect of all this is already to pollute our minds. On top of that there are the extra negative thoughts, the thought of someone being attacked again, the thought of someone being attacked for the first time. Some are suffering from afraid of death, some are worried about the safety of their family members, some are worried about getting back to their normal life. Someone is worried about losing their source of income, someone is thinking after how many days this epidemic will end completely! All of these combined to make our minds extra overburdened and restless.

Let us now know how to get rid of it:- I'll tell you three basic ways to come out of here.

1) Breathing body scan techniques:-
Find a comfortable lonely place, sit straight, take some slow and deep breath. Shift your total awareness to your breathing. Scan your body  from head to toe and try to feel where the stress is located. When exhale realise all the stress from your body. You will feel much more comfortable and relax after a while if you continue to do it.

2) Talk to your family members or close friend:-
  Talk as much as you can with family or friends and have all the funs. Share your worriness or anxieties with everyone. Play cards, chess, ludo or any indoor games with someone whenever you get the chance.
3) Stay positive:- The first step to stay positive is to avoid any news channels and social media. There is no better medicine than Yoga, meditation, prayer, exercise to stay positive. You can also read various encouraging and interesting books or play puzzle games.

Though as an NLP practitioner I am writing for patients, most of the responsibilities lies with the family. In this case, the patient may not be aware of their behaviour or the Intention. Sometimes they can get very angry for very little reason. Even  they can break things but you don't have to react. I would urge family, relatives and friends to play a vital role in bringing a patient back to normal life from such situation. Otherwise, it can have a bad impact on the patient in the future. You must take care of the patient's healthy diet and if necessary, you must consult with a doctor.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

'MASTERY', the golden way to set goals and achieve them

If the goalposts are removed in the game of football, will you have any interest in playing football? In the same way our minds lose all inspiration if we have no Goal in life. Goal setting is the target to achieve something what you want within a certain period of time. That means setting a specific outline of what kind of success you want to achieve on or health, wealth, love, relationships, job or study and within how many days you want to achieve.

The problem is that, in many cases we fix our goal but we don't know how to achieve them. As a result, after setting a goal for a while, we set it again if it is not complete, then we set another, if not, then after a while, we get tired and leave everything. 
There are two states of goal setting, the first is Desire State where you want to reach and the second is Present State where you are standing right now. The way between these two is our journey or the specific strategy for the journey towards our goal.
How to set your goal or outcome:-
Specify your goal at the beginning and write it down. Define the goal, whatever it is, health, wealth, love, relationships, hapyness etc. by the formula which is called 'MASTERRY'.
'M' for Meaningful:- You need to make sure that your goal has a specific meaning and measurable. You should not write anything imaginary or unreal. For example, Suppose you set a goal on health, you will reduce your weight from 75 kg to 50 kg within one month. This is unrealistic. Because losing 25kg of weight in a month may collapse your internal systems.
'A' For Achievable:- Ask yourself if you have enough faith in the goal, you wrote, that is achievable. Examine thoroughly if your mind is interfering the goal you set or if you feel that it is impossible to reach it. Set another goal if your mind interrupts.
'S' For Specific and Simple:- Your goal should be explained in simple language, especially in a few lines. This will make easily understandable to your subconscious mind and the subconscious mind will accept it very fast.
'T' For Time bound:- Set a time for what you want to achieve and write it down. Suppose you want to buy a car, set a specific date for it and note it down.
'E' For Ecology check:- Ecology means checking your inner and outer environment. We can divide ecology into two categories, Internal Ecology and External Ecology. Internal ecology means you have to look at what are your internal obstacles in the way of reaching your goal or how happy you will be if your goal is achieved. 
External ecology means that you need to examine how the environment where you live or the family you live in is hindering your goals or supporting you.
'R' For Responsibility:- You will have to take full responsibility for the goal you are setting and not to put the responsibility on anyone else. For example, if you want to build a good relationship with someone, if you impose responsibility on him or her without taking responsibility or changing yourself, you will never success.
'Y' For Yearning:- Yearning means you will have to have strong will power to fulfill the goal. Only if you have this burning desire you will be inspired and motivated from within.

How to achieve the goal:- You know your present state, you have created your desire state through 'MASTERY'. Now come to the point.
STRATEGIES:- To create a specific strategy is the next step for your journey towards your goals from your present situation. Divide it into smaller chunks to make it easier for your brain to understand. Suppose these little chunks are your milestones . Keep collecting the logistics(money , manpower, knowledge, whatever it's) you need to cross each milestone and move forward. See how easily you have crossed each milestone and enjoy the joy of crossing each milestone (Success) and reward yourself.

Keep in mind that the most expensive weapon to achieve your goal is self-discipline. It is the conscious awareness of action and to change our habits that might be holding us back. If you are not self-disciplined you will not be able to take the right action and if you do not take action you will never reach your goal.
You must have enough clarity about your goal. When you go through the process of ' MASTERY' to set your goal, you will get the total clarity of your goal and this will help you to build the strategies to achieve them. To bring more clarity to your mind live as if you already have achieved your goal or outcome. Visualise about it.
FOCUSED:- Be focused on the efforts towards your goal. Sometimes there may be many obstacles in the way of achieving your goals but never lose focus. You may not be able to keep up with the same pace every day, but that doesn't mean you have to lose focus and give up everything.

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