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Monday, March 28, 2022

Which is more important to stand in the marriage life

  • What is the real meaning of marriage?
  • Why marriage is important?
  • Reasons that lead for broken marriage.
  • The negative impacts of marriage discord.
  • Which is more important to stand in the marriage life.

A-successful-marriage-requires-falling-in-love-many-times, always-with-the-same-person

Marriage is defined as the legal or social union of two persons, especially a man and a woman, as partners in a personal relationship. 'Marriage' is the other name for a relationship, where two persons acknowledge each other in mutual consent. This bond is a relationship of legal and social responsibility towards each other. It is usually an interpersonal relationship where primarily sexually recognized or approved, but marriage is more than a physical bond, forms of spiritual and emotional bonding

Why marriage is important: 
The relationship in the name of marriage is the beginning of the family and grows together in selflessness. A good marriage relationship gives you a good friend, a life partner who will be with you forever. Through this bond one gets close to someone who loves unselfishly, trusts completely, accepts co-operations, and sincerely and supports everything. 
Everyone in human life should have a person who will be by their side in happiness and sorrow, who will be the companion of success and failure. In the progress of one's life, for happiness, peace, mental strength, such a life partner is desperately needed. An all-time partner in life makes a person a lot more energetic, guides anyone in the right direction, gives him/her the mental strength to correct mistakes and move forward. There are companions in married life who promise to be by each other's side.

Reasons that lead to broken marriages:
Not every marriage becomes eternal, heavenly and beautiful. Sometimes this relationship becomes just formal and remains the relationship by the name it remains. Many couples in this modern age are struggling to save their marriages as well as the divorce rate is quite significant. Many couples have a tendency to struggle but to retain the relationship; many are directly separated again. If you look a little further back, that is, in the early 1900's, you can see that the chances of getting to know each other before getting married were scarce. After looking at it for a moment or two, they had to decide and choose their life partner. Even if a completely new person had to be accepted as a life partner, then divorce would not happen so much. Obligation as well as domination was a thing of the past, but human beings had a lot of flexibility, the ability to adapt to each other, and tolerance. 

In this modern age, with the pressures of work, people are losing patience in financial struggles. There is also the pursuit of endless entertainment and the greed to rise up quickly by cheating each other. Many options are available even to satisfy physical hunger. For all these reasons, people are reluctant to be flexible. Basically, all of these things create more common causes that lead to marital discord and break up the marriage, e.g.

  1.  Lack of trust.
  2.  Not taking proper responsibility.
  3.  Not taking genuine interest to each other.
  4.  Lack of honesty.
  5.  Criticizing and blaming each other.
  6.  Marital crisis, physiological factors.
  7.  Neglecting and disrespecting each other.

The negative impacts of marriage discord: 
Let's take a look at the effects of marital strife in life

  1.  Mental turmoil.
  2.  Insomnia.
  3.  Social stigma and even discrimination.
  4.  Physical illness.
  5.  Reluctance to eat.
  6.  Increasing stress.
  7.  Increasing anxiety and depression.
  8.  The financial crisis.
  9.  Trauma to children in the family and to others.
  10. Increasing Anger, sadness and suffering from emotional distress.

These are probably all familiar to couples who decide to split up. Married life becomes a scar for them that they carry throughout their lives. The traumatic events of married life consume them from the inside. Sometimes the bitterness in a marriage life grows to such a point that it is necessary to get out of it, or else one may have to give up one's life. I personally believe it is better to get out of a bond that doesn't have sweetness; a bond that isn't emotional; a bond that doesn't have real love. 
Remember that the end of a married life does not mean the end of life. There are many more opportunities in life; there are many ways to go; there are many milestones to be achieved. There are so many men and women in the world who have achieved great things in life despite breaking up their married life.
But if you take certain steps and responsibilities from the beginning of your married life and follow them properly, your married life will be much happier.

Marriage-is-defined -as-the-legal-or-social-reunion-of-two-persons

Which is more important to stand in the marriage life:
The following steps must be taken to build a wonderful happy marriage.

The first is 'Trust': The most important thing in married life is trust, not breaking each other's trust or hurting trust. In order to have faith, you need to talk openly with each other; you need to share everything with each other. Minor lies or avoiding events hurt faith. 

The second is 'honesty': We must have honesty with each other. Everyone tries to prove themselves consciously honest but do you know that even if you artificially try to prove yourself honest in front of your partner, your partner will automatically understand if you are not really honest. So if something unwanted happens, share it. You can be very honest about it and your marital life will become beautiful. 

The third one is 'Flexibility': Flexibility is crucial not only in marital life but also in all relationships. Each of us has different belief systems, values, and past experiences, so there can never be 100% consensus and this is where flexibility comes into play. If you blame each other for their faults, you will have a broken marriage. Instead, be flexible enough to accept him/her as he/she is, and the conflict between husband and wife will be resolved. 

The fourth one is 'Respect': Always pay respect to other they deserve. Never slander your husband or wife in front of others. Whatever happens, discuss it privately. If you want to make someone your own, you need to respect him/her as much as you love. Paying respect will give back more respect, values ​​towards each other will increase, as well as acceptance.

Fifth is 'Genuine interest':First, there is a lot of happiness and peace in almost every married life. This is because of genuine interest in each other, interest in getting to know each other; interest in talking to each other; interest in spending time together. When gradually these decrease, they move away from each other. Have a genuine interest in each other to strengthen the marital relationship, lest it happen, your life partner is talking about something, and you are busy watching mobile or TV. 

Sixth one is 'Bring innovation in life': It is the nature of every human being to look for something new, so to bring this trend seriously, bring innovation between the two, may it be food, going for a walk/tour, wearing new clothes, that can be anything. Especially when the two of you are spending time together, lonely, meeting intimately must represent each other nicely, use new fragments, use new clothes. 

I know all of you hope for a happy married life. I wish you 'all the best' through this writing. I wish you a happy married life. There are very few people in the world who, by programming their minds alone, can overcome the turmoil and bitterness of relationships and lead their lives towards success.

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Why we are cheated and how to cope

  • What does cheating someone mean?
  • Why Do People Cheat?
  • Cheating with health.
  • Being cheated on in love and relationship.
  • How to cope with cheating.
why we are cheated

What does cheating someone mean?
We usually blame someone else or something else for our cheat. Do you know that greed, lust and desire to self-gratification are at the root of most people's cheat? If you have ever been cheated somewhere in your life, you will surely be able to relate to the explanation I am giving you, and you will be convinced in how important these words of mine are. The desire of getting something easily, without effort, keeping oneself comfortable, in a short time, at low cost is present in most people. Very few people keep themselves out of this greed and they get out from cheating  but many fall into this trap. 

Why Do People Cheat?

The reason why fraudsters are rampant all over the world today and this business is booming day by day because all these fraudsters understand human psychology. They know that though people are cheated once, they will respond to greed again.  They arouse the weakness of the common man with their subtle tickling. They know very well that people are crazy about any free gifts, money or heavy returns. One of the human fillings used emotionaly by fraudsters is the feeling of greed. Whenever these fraudsters highlight that "invest money, it will return double in a few days", most people know that this kind of company will not last, within a few days all will shut down, but the feeling of greed tells people that 'if my money comes out before the company run away, my money will be doubled' and they invests despite being aware of the risk. 
Consider the various free social media platforms, all of which are exploiting people's greed and stealing millions of hours. Everybody consciously knows what is important for a person in every moment of life, yet invests hours and hours every day on these free platforms just to get instant pleasure. 

Most people don't want to do anything but want to get everything in their life. In order to do something, they have to get out of the comfortable zone and make an effort, so people are looking for something that, without effort, can easily get everything in their comfort zone. Getting real-time information on how much money people around the world invest in lottery or gambling every day will make you puzzle. All these lottery companies or gamblers have been cheating year after year using human psychology. Many people consider lottery or gambling as the wheel of fortune instead of cheating. 

Cheating with health:
Forget all these examples, think of human health, for greed people does not hesitate to compromise with their health, with their body. Everyone knows that eating spicy foods and drinking too much alcohol can harm their body. Even though they can't control themselves, falling into the clutches of greed, they survives with the partner drug-doctor. Is not the cheater here also the greed of the people? People eat more food in greed than they are hunger and most of the people in the world today are victims of taking such greedy food that is cheated ownself. In the lure of easy tasty food with little or no effort, people tend to forget about their health and resort to ready-made food.
Is not the cheater here also the greed of the people

Being cheated on in love and relationship:
If you are talking about being cheated in love or in any relationship, then there is also greed or high expectations or self-gratification desire is working. Instead of building emotional bonds with each other, instead of thinking about what can contribute to each other, they calculate what they got from each other, what they will get. The expectation of each other increases day by day. Whenever such expectation is not fulfilled one becomes a cheater and the other a cheated. When greed arises in a relationship, love will disappear from it, even a little sympathy will disappear. Greed is a vulgar feeling that blinds people, this trap make people lose their self esteem, forget their self-identity

How to cope with cheating:
As human beings, all of us have desires for good food, good sex, high quality property, less work, more comfort and so on. In order to fulfill those aspirations, people resort to simple and shortcuts without patience, without persistence, without improving themselves, without working hard, the result is being cheated. Once a person is cheated, he suffers from inferiority complex for sometimes, gets angry and hates himself, but after a while he forgets everything and steps back into the same trap. Fraudsters through out the the world have spread their net to take advantage of this weak human feeling. 
The weak feelings of greed and the desire for complacency are programmed into the unconscious mind in such a way that self-control becomes very hard even with a thousand conscious efforts. It is good to have aspirations because without aspirations you will be stuck in one place. You will not be able to make progress. Aspirations motivate people, Helps us to set our goals and get there, helps us to grow with the passage of time. Don't go for the tempting, easy-going, be confident, rely on your own abilities and prepare yourself mentally in that way, never be cheated in life.

There is nothing free in this world and the hope of fulfilling a dream by falling from the sky is in vain. Those who dream or believe in such dreams must be cheated in life. The wheel of fortune of the extreemly successful people did not turn and take them to that height, for which they had to work hard and spend a lot of time and sacrifice a lot. There is a lot of pursuit behind their success. Nothing happened suddenly or in a day. If lottery or gambling could make people successful or millionaires, then many people in the world today  would belong into the category of millionaires. 

Until people have learned to understand themselves, to be able to control their greed, they have to be cheated. Those who understand this weakness of human beings and understand this psychology will cheat people in this way. Sometimes people are cheated by the cheater to get out of adversity to get out of life's challenges. People have the power to get out of any difficult situation if they can keep away themselves from greed. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

How do you get rid of self-doubt and inferiority complex

  • Self-doubt psychology
  • What is self-doubt & inferiority complex?
  • Reasons for suffering from inferiority complex and self-doubt.
  • How we can overcome self-doubt?
  • How do get rid of the inferiority complex?
If you doubt yourself no one in the world will believe you

Self-doubt means the person is not confident about his/ her abilities, and actions. If you doubt yourself no one in the world will believe you. The toxic effects of self-doubt will gradually shatter anyone's self-confidence, lowering self-esteem. Such intense feelings, inadequacies, weaknesses, and insecurities can lead to an inferiority complex. Both inferiority complex and self-doubt are unresourceful states of mind, If you can't get out of here and reach the resourceful state, success will not come. Self-doubt is a heavy burden on us, and it is really difficult to move forward on the path of success without getting rid of this burden. 
Everybody doubts himself at some points or another. The question 'can I do it?' or 'am I on the right track?' etc arises at that moment. Extremely successful people also suffer from such self-doubt, but at this point, they say such things in such a way to themselves that take them to the next level. 

Usually, in most cases, we neglect our abilities, our qualifications, our special qualities, and our passion. Most people like to lean towards the stream. Ignoring own identity, without trying to find oneself, one wants to go the traditional way in the hope of getting security and sure results. As a result, they may not be able to perceive when they are lost in the current. When they open their eyes, they can no longer believe in themselves. Suffering from an inferiority complex begins with self-doubt. 
Many times self-doubt arises from following up and imitation and from there inferiority begins. Following up or imitating the right person can give very good results but if our method i.e. the way we imitate or follow someone is not right then our result will not be suitable. Without proper results our self-doubt will be born and we will suffer from inferiority complex. Negative thoughts, nagetive questions will arises to your mind when you are working hard, giving efforts in a certain direction but you are not getting results and naturally those thoughts are very relevant. If you do not patiently try to find the answers correctly, you will doubt yourself and suffer from an inferiority complex. 

There are many more important reasons for suffering from inferiority complex and self-doubt, such as past experience, being afraid of failure or loss, giving more importance to other people's words, seeking advice from the wrong person, and comparing oneself with others. 
  • Past experience: Anytime, for any reason, once someone has failed, he/she keeps recalling it in his mind. As a result, whenever they want to move forward, they have doubts in their mind, 'So I will not fail again?' This kind of experience is not only a personal experience but also a sight to behold. Later these become their drawback. Without taking the real lessons from the past experience they make their weakness by repeatedly thinking those negatively. Which raises questions about their qualifications, qualities and abilities, builds self-doubt and suffers from deep inferiority complex.
  • Fear of failing or losing: This is a serious disorder, the onset of which may be a past experience. Also, before we do anything, we seriously focus on what will happen if we fail or lose. We rarely focus on what we will achieve if I succeed or win. This is bound to flow our energy where the focus is. The more you think about failing or losing, the more you suffer from an inferiority complex and the more you doubt yourself. Continuously thinking that you are not good enough or you are not capable of doing something that can harm your mental and social life. 
  • Giving importance to the words of others: Everyone, relatives, friends, well-wishers, and society want to see the results, that is you produce in the external world. But this is not always happening, in all cases, external results are not immediately produced at the end of the work. Naturally, there is no doubt that others will raise a storm of critical discussion in front or back of you, and some may also ridicule you. If you give importance to all those things, you will have doubts about yourself and you will suffer from an inferiority complex. 
  • Taking advice from the wrong person: Everyone is not proficient in all subjects or possesses proper knowledge. Moreover, most people are more accustomed to giving negative advice. If you take advice from all these persons, you will lose confidence in your own ability and you will become discouraged. Lose confidence in yourself, weaken you mentally, and make you more uninspired instead of motivation
  • Comparing yourself with others: Whenever you compare yourself to others you will suffer from either an inferiority complex or the superiority complex, there is complexity in both of them. Whenever you compare yourself to someone who is more successful than you, you will feel inferior, and when you compare yourself to someone who is less successful, you will feel superior. A line is to whether it is small or large can be compared only when another line is drawn beside it. Especially when personal understanding is not developed then our mind starts to form our self-image based on what others think and what others are looking at. Then our self-doubt develops and we feel inferior. 
A line is to whether it is small or large can be compared only when another line is drawn beside it
Photo by George Milton from Pexels

Let's discuss how we can overcome this self-doubt and get out of the inferiority complex.

Make yourself your own standard: Become your own judge, standard, and mirror. Never try to judge yourself in the eyes of others because the more pairs of eyes look at you, the more you will find your appearance, your strengths, and your weaknesses. You will be caught with so many faults. Different people will give different opinions. All these opinions will raise questions about your qualifications, your abilities and your self-doubt will start, and you will start suffering from an inferiority complex. 
Better yet, observe for yourself how much you have grown each day, each month, in a year, how far you have moved towards your goal, and how much success you have achieved. You will surely find out the direction you need to improve, and what knowledge you need to acquire and keep moving forward accordingly. You will see that you will regain a lot of confidence, your doubts will disappear and at the same time you will be able to come out of inferiority. 

Conquer fear: Suppose you are planning to move to a new place, if you are thinking if the car breaks down on the road or you are thinking of any kind of danger, your strong mind will automatically avoid these pains, but there will be fear in your mind. The ghost of fear will be your main obstacle to go there, whether you go or not, you will fall into this dilemma. This fear is very much but only your imagination, to overcome this fear you need mind set, mental strength, strong decision making, and talking to yourself in a positive way. If you think of something good instead of a bad thought, think constructively, then you will regain your mental strength and the ghost of fear will disappear from your head. In the place of self-doubt, faith will grow and you will be able to come out of inferiority. 

Only seek advice from the right person: In order to reach your goal, choose the person who is skilled in the subject to take all the knowledges and advices you need. Connect with people who will inspire you, encourage you, and rarely say negative things. Contacting all these people will change the programming of your mind. All of these people can help you to overcome your self-doubt and overcome your inferiority complex. The wrong person will demotivate you more, and will make you mentally weaker.

Stop comparing yourself to others: One thing is to remember that every human being in this world is born with his or her own characteristics. No one is comparable to anyone and you are not an exception. Maybe more than one person's path is one, and the goal is the same, so not all of them will be able to reach the same place, at the same time, in the same way, some will reach first and some will reach behind. 
A lot of good batsmen have come into the world of cricket, and bowlers have come, have you found any exact matching between one and the other? There may be some similarities, but they are the best in their place with their unique qualities. You have also the same type of uniqueness. Take care of that uniqueness, find those qualities, and make it sharper. You will see that strength of mind will come and at the same time you will be able to come out of the unresourceful state like inferiority complex and self-doubt.   

Monday, March 7, 2022

What is actually needed for emotional bonding


        • Meaning of emotional bonding
        • What is a lack of emotional bonding?
        • What is the importance of an emotional bond?
        • What is actually needed for emotional bonding?

Emotional bonding is the strongest bonding created between two people with strong emotional feelings

Emotional bonding is the strongest bonding created between two people with strong emotional feelings. When two people have strong feelings about friendship, love, or any relationship the bonding between them makes them emotionally strong. This bonding is far beyond just physical attraction, self-interest, selfishness, and empathy. 
The emotional bond between two persons is formed when they trust each other more than themselves, trust each other with closed eyes, can share everything with each other with an open mind, and give each other equal dignity. Emotional bonding is when one's image is reflected on the other, seeing oneself in the other. 
What is your understanding of the person in front of you, it is a big factor in any relationship. Emotional bonds are formed with him/her, with whom understanding develops. Stephen Covey says that "First seek to understand, then seek to be understood"

What is the importance of emotional bond: In this busy world, relationships seem to be rolling in the dust of neglect and humiliation. Mutual bondings have become very fragile, so for some reason, it is breaking down, moving away from each other on various pretexts. The bond of love is now only to become a physical bond, so, like a bumblebee, the lover is eating the honey of this flower today then tomorrow the honey of another flower. The relationship between husband and wife, parents and children has also become a bond of interest. The number of divorces is increasing day by day because people are not able to be emotionally bound. Parents have to go to the old age home, Teenagers and young children are looking for a way out of their parents.  Relationships have become like small dramas. 
This tension will not go away until two people think or are bound to be emotionally attached. When emotionally connected to each other, if you can openly share everything, only then can any bond be formed emotionally. And without emotional attachment, emotional feelings, such as love, pride, and sadness, can never be shared. If a person cannot share his emotional feelings with anyone, his/her anger will gradually increase, he/she will feel lonely, and he/she will suffer from mental depression. In order to get out of all this, people are more inclined towards illegal, anti-social activities. Such depressed people can not only harm others but also sacrifice or end their lives whenever they want. 

The most important thing is that the mind of a person who is in an emotional bond is in a resourceful state most of the time. And if a person is in a resourceful state, his behavior is bound to be extremely positive. If the behavior is positive, taking action in a positive direction will produce great results. 

In this busy world, relationships seem to be rolling in the dust of neglect and humiliation

Now come to the point 'What is actually needed for emotional bonding':

Become a good observer before going into any bonding: The beginning of any bond is started in our conscious level of mind, it gradually deepens and takes place in our subconscious level. The hobble is that at an early stage of any bonding, that is, at the conscious level, a person becomes acquainted with a very small part of the other, which is just like the tip of the iceberg seeing that, it is almost impossible to understand the actual size of the iceberg. If a person wants to use it consciously, then he can do it, he can highlight all the good aspects of his or her, by looking at them, the true identity of his belief system, his values, his mentality can never be found. This level of relationship is limited to physical chemistry, greed, and selfishness and ends very quickly. There is a number of things that should be seriously considered before embarking on a social relationship, especially marriage, love, or friendship. For example, whether the belief system of the two is almost the same, whether there is a matching of values, what is the past experience, and whether the decision of the two is the same!  If there is matching in this regard, that bond will turn into automatic emotional bonding. 

Don't cover yourself: The clearer the mirror, the clearer our reflection will be.  In the same way, the bonds in a relationship are the reflection of one another. The clear form of this image strengthens the bond, makes it emotional bonding. And this requires honesty, the honesty to share the flaws, good-evil completely. Sometimes taking refuge in petty lies means stupidity, and insulting the relationship, these will eventually take a huge shape and cause to end of the relationship. When an unpleasant event happens or we don't share a lot of things that are often trivial, these are the things that slowly bring bitterness to a relationship. The more honest you are, the more transparency will grow between the two and the stronger the bond will be. 
To be a good listener: The first pillar of developing emotional bonding is to develop understanding. To develop a better understanding of others is to make yourself a good listener. If we don't listen to the person in front of us with concern, with genuine interest and very carefully, then we are hearing but not listening, that is, it enters into the ear but does not enter into the mind. If we listen carefully and with genuine interest to the person in front, we will understand his point of view. Emotional bonding is not possible without understanding one's point of view. 

Take Genuine interest: Never mind what self-interests you have, what you get from the person in front of you. Rather do think in such a way, how and what can you do well for the person in front of you. Most people in this world think before they mix with others, about what self-interests they have, what benefits they will get, and what they will achieve out of it. There are very few people who think about their role in the life of others, what contribution they can give, and how to make the life of the person in front better. Have a genuine interest in helping the person in front of you, doing something good for him/her. Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on the person in front of you, his/her likes and dislikes, interest, and problems.
Thus it is said, " Relationship is not a place to demand, it is the place to give".
If you love, help, give hope and surrender yourself unselfishly, then the person in front of you is automatically connected with you and the bond will be emotional bonding.

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