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Monday, March 7, 2022

What is actually needed for emotional bonding


        • Meaning of emotional bonding
        • What is a lack of emotional bonding?
        • What is the importance of an emotional bond?
        • What is actually needed for emotional bonding?

Emotional bonding is the strongest bonding created between two people with strong emotional feelings

Emotional bonding is the strongest bonding created between two people with strong emotional feelings. When two people have strong feelings about friendship, love, or any relationship the bonding between them makes them emotionally strong. This bonding is far beyond just physical attraction, self-interest, selfishness, and empathy. 
The emotional bond between two persons is formed when they trust each other more than themselves, trust each other with closed eyes, can share everything with each other with an open mind, and give each other equal dignity. Emotional bonding is when one's image is reflected on the other, seeing oneself in the other. 
What is your understanding of the person in front of you, it is a big factor in any relationship. Emotional bonds are formed with him/her, with whom understanding develops. Stephen Covey says that "First seek to understand, then seek to be understood"

What is the importance of emotional bond: In this busy world, relationships seem to be rolling in the dust of neglect and humiliation. Mutual bondings have become very fragile, so for some reason, it is breaking down, moving away from each other on various pretexts. The bond of love is now only to become a physical bond, so, like a bumblebee, the lover is eating the honey of this flower today then tomorrow the honey of another flower. The relationship between husband and wife, parents and children has also become a bond of interest. The number of divorces is increasing day by day because people are not able to be emotionally bound. Parents have to go to the old age home, Teenagers and young children are looking for a way out of their parents.  Relationships have become like small dramas. 
This tension will not go away until two people think or are bound to be emotionally attached. When emotionally connected to each other, if you can openly share everything, only then can any bond be formed emotionally. And without emotional attachment, emotional feelings, such as love, pride, and sadness, can never be shared. If a person cannot share his emotional feelings with anyone, his/her anger will gradually increase, he/she will feel lonely, and he/she will suffer from mental depression. In order to get out of all this, people are more inclined towards illegal, anti-social activities. Such depressed people can not only harm others but also sacrifice or end their lives whenever they want. 

The most important thing is that the mind of a person who is in an emotional bond is in a resourceful state most of the time. And if a person is in a resourceful state, his behavior is bound to be extremely positive. If the behavior is positive, taking action in a positive direction will produce great results. 

In this busy world, relationships seem to be rolling in the dust of neglect and humiliation

Now come to the point 'What is actually needed for emotional bonding':

Become a good observer before going into any bonding: The beginning of any bond is started in our conscious level of mind, it gradually deepens and takes place in our subconscious level. The hobble is that at an early stage of any bonding, that is, at the conscious level, a person becomes acquainted with a very small part of the other, which is just like the tip of the iceberg seeing that, it is almost impossible to understand the actual size of the iceberg. If a person wants to use it consciously, then he can do it, he can highlight all the good aspects of his or her, by looking at them, the true identity of his belief system, his values, his mentality can never be found. This level of relationship is limited to physical chemistry, greed, and selfishness and ends very quickly. There is a number of things that should be seriously considered before embarking on a social relationship, especially marriage, love, or friendship. For example, whether the belief system of the two is almost the same, whether there is a matching of values, what is the past experience, and whether the decision of the two is the same!  If there is matching in this regard, that bond will turn into automatic emotional bonding. 

Don't cover yourself: The clearer the mirror, the clearer our reflection will be.  In the same way, the bonds in a relationship are the reflection of one another. The clear form of this image strengthens the bond, makes it emotional bonding. And this requires honesty, the honesty to share the flaws, good-evil completely. Sometimes taking refuge in petty lies means stupidity, and insulting the relationship, these will eventually take a huge shape and cause to end of the relationship. When an unpleasant event happens or we don't share a lot of things that are often trivial, these are the things that slowly bring bitterness to a relationship. The more honest you are, the more transparency will grow between the two and the stronger the bond will be. 
To be a good listener: The first pillar of developing emotional bonding is to develop understanding. To develop a better understanding of others is to make yourself a good listener. If we don't listen to the person in front of us with concern, with genuine interest and very carefully, then we are hearing but not listening, that is, it enters into the ear but does not enter into the mind. If we listen carefully and with genuine interest to the person in front, we will understand his point of view. Emotional bonding is not possible without understanding one's point of view. 

Take Genuine interest: Never mind what self-interests you have, what you get from the person in front of you. Rather do think in such a way, how and what can you do well for the person in front of you. Most people in this world think before they mix with others, about what self-interests they have, what benefits they will get, and what they will achieve out of it. There are very few people who think about their role in the life of others, what contribution they can give, and how to make the life of the person in front better. Have a genuine interest in helping the person in front of you, doing something good for him/her. Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on the person in front of you, his/her likes and dislikes, interest, and problems.
Thus it is said, " Relationship is not a place to demand, it is the place to give".
If you love, help, give hope and surrender yourself unselfishly, then the person in front of you is automatically connected with you and the bond will be emotional bonding.

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