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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Monday, January 31, 2022

The Secret of Human Behavior and Ways to Improve it Significantly


      • Behavior Definition & Meaning.
      • What effect can our behavior have on life?
      • Common childhood behavioral problem.
      • Which produces our behavior.
      • Let's take a closer look at how we can significantly improve our behavior.
      • What You Can Do to Change Your Child's Behavior.

understanding about human behavior
Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

Behavior Definition & Meaning:

The way, one acts for or conducts with oneself and others in a perticular situation is defined as his or her behaviour on that situation, that means how one expressed oneself in a perticular situation.  Each and every human being response accordingly in the same situation. Some times in the same situation a person behaves differently. In the other hand different persons behave differently in the same situation. Why this happens and what produces our behavior?
In this article I will share a deeper understanding about human behavior which will change the world of our living dramatically. Before that, we are going to learn what results are affected by our behavior. 

What effect can our behavior have on life?

As a direct answer to this, I would say that our behavior produces all the results of life. ‘Behavior’ plays a unique role in our relationships, love, success, building rapport with others, running a successful business, and even building ourselves as an ideal person. 
Just as a bad behavior can ruin your long-term relationship or love, so can your business or your social standing down too. One bad behaviour that you have done can cause extreme emotional pain to another, not only that, you may have to repent for the rest of your life for your own behavior, you may have become a disgrace for the rest of your life, you will not be able to forgive yourself then. 

Common childhood behavioral problem:

Many times we also notice inconsistent behavior in children. One of the most important responsibilities and duties of every parent is to keep a watchful eye on the behavior of his children. Many parents try to suppress their children's behavior by with a reprimand or even beating them at different times. They does not go deep into the problem of abusive behavior of their children and does not find a permanent solution, which causes the same behavior to recur and increase day by day, above all, the child's anger and stubbornness increase.

'Behavior' that plays such an important role in every step in our lives, which we can consider as a certificate of our life outcomes, we will know 'which produces behavior', before we go to a real and scientific discussion about how to take it to the right and source means. 

Which produces our behavior:

At the root of behavior is our state of mind, we are forced to behave according to our state of mind. If we are in a unresourceful state our behavior will be abnormal or unusual, for some reason anger may manifest. Again if we are in a resourceful state our behavior will be restrained and relevant. Sometimes we can consciously change our behavior by controlling this state, but most of the time our mental state deteriorates in a slightly worse situation.  Naturally we behave indecently.
The reins of our behavior, that is, our 'state of mind', depends on two things: our physiology and our Internet representation about any incidents, that is we perceive anything happens to us in the external world. Yes, of course, we can instantly change our mindset by changing physiology but sometimes everything happens so fast and our reaction comes out so fast that we can't control our behavior or get the chance to control.

If we want to control our behavior firmly, we will have to work at the root level, that is, we have to change our attitude towards any event. 

Changing our perspectives is not an easy task, because since childhood we have all developed different kinds of beliefs, values, have different kinds of past experiences and different kinds of decisions, that is how our mind is programmed. If we can re-program the mind to break down all these things and rebuild them, surely our behavior will be changed for the better.


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Sometimes some of our behavior wakes up automatically at certain times or when we see certain people. Those are the triggered behavioral patterns. For example, many people cut their nails with their teeth when they are under a little pressure.  There is a lot of people who get excited when they see a certain person. 

Let's take a closer look at how we can significantly improve our behavior:

Before reacting to an incident, think about what are the good intention in the background of the incident. For example, if someone in your family or your friend talks to you in an angry way, try to find out what the real motive is, what the feeling is that he is angry with, without showing him anger immediately. 

It is not always right to judge someone by your past experience and decide accordingly.  Maybe your old experience with someone is very bad but that is not the final experience. Everyone has  many good qualities. You may have encountered his bad mood.

Even if you break some of your old beliefs and develop new ones, your behavior will change a lot. You can incorporate a number of presuppositions into your beliefs, for example-
  • You cannot change a person unless he is changing himself.
  • Whatever happens is happening for a purpose.
  • There are many good things hidden in all events.
  • I am a sufficiently responsible person therefore I have to take responsibility.
  • Everyone is right in his own place, no one is wrong.

Whenever you repeat this kind of preposition in your mind over and over again your faith and values ​​will change a lot. These will definitely change your thought process a lot.  You will see that life has become much simpler, you will find happiness in life anew, the meaning of life will change, you will find the purpose of life

What You Can Do to Change Your Child's Behavior:

avoid conflicts of power with the child
               Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

'Rewarding' is a way to encourage children for good behavior, rather than any bad behavior.  That is, if he does something good, he will be rewarded immediately. Before that parents need to be very restrained and patience so that when they see any bad behavior they do not take it seriously or avoid it.
Children who discover that awful behavior isn't endured and acceptable behavior is rewarded are mastering abilities that will last them for lifetime. This affects best in children more established than 3 years old. It can require as long as 2 to 3 months to work. Being patient and keeping a journal of conduct can be useful to guardians.

On walking in this system you will be able to avoid conflicts of power with the child. He will only be attracted to good behavior when he realizes that he will not be punished if he does not comply with your request or does not follow your instructions but will miss out on his reward. 


All of these steps will help you, your family members and children to make significant changes in their behavior. Repay any behavior before it becomes a bad habit, try to get rid of them from life with the help of those technics. Every step, every decision in life is very important, so take care of your own behavior without being procrastinate.

Monday, January 24, 2022

'7 Things' That Extremely Successful People Don't Do


      • what not to do to be successful.
      • what to do to be successful.
      • habits of successful people.
      • daily to do list for success.
      • What don't successful people do that unsuccessful do?


An ultimate successful person always attracts the attention of ordinary people

Almost all of us want to achieve extreme success in life, to get good results. An ultimate successful person always attracts the attention of ordinary people. Ordinary people only see or try to see the house, car, living status of a successful person from outside, never trying to know the inner secret. The extremely successful person keeps maintaining his life in sufficient discipline; otherwise he will never be able to hold on to this success.

I think we, as a whole, every now and then, get ourselves associated with exercises that don't add to our most noteworthy achievement or bliss. I most certainly did at one time, but I rolled out the important improvements once I turned into the NLP and figured out how significant each second of the day is, that there truly is not any time to waste to squander on activities that will not develop me.

We as a whole are seeming to be effective and productive throughout everyday life, except at times we are burning through our time doing things that are keeping us away from arriving at our maximum capacity. Furthermore, frequently, we don't perceive those things until somebody calls attention to them.

It's essential to investigate how we spend our days, step by step, and routinely search for ways of working more intelligently, ways of disposing of time-squanderers. Along these lines, to begin, the following are seven things that extremely successful individuals never burn through their time doing:


1. Extremely successful people never procrastinate:- 

The extremely successful people know how precious every moment is; every second is to them. To procrastinate on any task means wasting that precious time. They know how to make quick decisions and take action. The faster they take action, the faster results will be produced.

2. Extremely Successful people don't get stucked into social media or news channels:-
News channels show the same news over and over again and highlight most of the negative news, which has a much more negative impact on any human mind. Our mind are negatively programed. Extremely successful person loves to impress on creating news, such as fresh good news and current achievement in his own life rather than watching one.

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Being via social media taking a look at warnings on Facebook; looking through pictures on Instagram, perusing speedy reports on Twitter, whatever it's important for regular daily existence. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don't control how long you spend on it, the hours will fly by, and you will not have achieved anything on your daily agenda.

For either, set a period limit on it. Set a caution for when you really want to limit it, close the application, accomplish something different, or just get on subsequent to finishing vital work projects. Utilize online media as an award.

Successful persons never step forward even a step without a prominant planning

3. Extremely successful people don’t go through the day without a plan:-
Every day planning is far from ordinary people; many have not done any planning for life. Successful persons never step forward even a step without prominant planning. Haphazard, if for some reason the plan doesn't work out, immediately change the strategy and get back on track. The importance of planning is to make every day more productive
Extremely successful people have a reason, a laser-centered arrangement of things they need to accomplish on a specific day.

Specific plans will speed up your work and make it easier. Record your first concerns and separate those enormous assignments into more sensible advances, and you'll see yourself needing to finish them and check off the rundown.

4.Extremely  successful people don’t worry about things they can’t control:-

Extremely successful people focus on what they can do, which they have control over. They are not worried about things that are out of their control. For example, they know that time cannot be controlled, so they try to complete everything in time, without running after time. 

Successful people know very well that anxiety can make their lives miserable, especially the situations in which they have no control over. So they turn their thoughts to action-based activities, focus on things they can get done.

5. Successful people don't do emotionally draining activities:- 
Making a decision or doing something out of emotion, these are not listed in the dictionary of the extremely successful person. They are well aware of the dangers that emotion can bring to life. As long as you do not control your emotions, you will be more likely to fall than to improve. If you want to enter into a truly successful life, see which activity will positively fuel your life. Before committing to an activity or making a commitment, make sure that the activity will add something positive to your life. If you believe that it should not be done, you should say 'no' to it, reject it outright. 

Successful individuals don't squander their energy on things that sincerely channel them.


6. Extremely successful people don’t entertain any negative people:-
All successful people neither like negative thoughts, nor do they like negative people at all. They do not try to take sympathy with tears or excuses, just like if someone wants to do it, keep themselves away from those.

It is said that you are the normal of the five individuals you invest the most energy with. So to be your best, you need to surround yourself with the best individuals.

All these extremely successful people know that if they do not free themselves from the entanglement of repentant, harmful, negative energy around them, they will be hindered from climbing over them. So get rid of them as soon as possible.

7. Extremely successful people don’t dwell on past mistakes:-
Mistakes happen to each of us. Just as an ordinary person makes mistakes, so does an extremely successful person also. Ordinary people regret their mistakes over and over again and do not learn from those mistakes and make the same mistakes again. On the contrary, successful people learn from their mistakes. They discover new methods so that doesn't dwell on the mistake. All these people know that mistakes cannot be corrected by going back to the past, so they move on by finding new ways out of these mistakes.

So when you commit a mistake, get into an attitude that the mix-up is finished with and you can't return to the past. Received in on what you realised and plan a procedure to decidedly push ahead from it.

What are some of the 7 things listed that stand in the way of your success?Identify it or them immediately and Kill them so you can venture into your best self.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Transform your Adversity into your Great Success

        • What does adversity in life mean?
        • How do you respond to adversity?
        • Surviving Tough/ hard Times in life.
        • How you can overcome adversity and enter the world of success.

who can transform adversity into his success become the celebrity.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a time in every person's life when he feels very uneasy, very hard or tough to spend life. That time has come or will come in the life of each of you and me. In fact, in the course of life, we arrange the world of our imagination in a certain way.  Every time something unimaginable that does not please us but enters this arranged garden of the mind, it shake our mind hardly. This impact negatively to our emotions, cracks our self-confidence, spreads unknown fears in our minds, disrupts our concentration. But he who can transform adversity into his success become the celebrity. 

Especially in these difficult times of life the negative energy in our mind and body becomes active and as a result we continuously attract more and more negative events which turn our bad times into adversity.  You might relate to your own life, by the way of example. Suppose a person is very worried about his child, who has no interest in his/her education, goes astray. Really this is the cause for concern of any parent, and the individual is no exception. He will keep monitoring on his child to get him back on track, enforces strict rules, sometimes even loses his temper and starts abusing him/her. End up he may take his children to a psychologist or counselor, even though only one to two percent of parents do this. 
Please tell me if the steps taken by the person from the beginning are correct! As a result, the child's stubbornness will increase and he/she will start going astray more and more. Even if finally taken to the psychologist, the child will not be able to believe her/him. 

Let's see how much more negative impact this incident will have on the person's life. Firstly, anger will increase. Secondly, it will have an effect on one's work, business or job. Thirdly, it will have an effect on the relationship. Above all, it can have a devastating effect on his physical and mental health, leading to a loss of balance in life. I have given you just one example, you see, it happens in all areas of life, whether it's our financial struggle, relationship conflict, or in health issues. 

There are many easy ways to get rid of adversity, like drinking alcohol, losing your temper, gambling, entering the world of crime. You certainly don't want to enter that world because you know that though the temporary pain is relieved, these can bring a big black cloud in your life later on. You know very well that there is success just after the adversity.

How you can overcome adversity and enter the world of success:- 

Shift your mind from negative to positive state:- "What you think, you attract"- Yes, what you think, the way you think will be reflected in your real life. If you tell 100 people to think good in adversity, they will drive you crazy, many may even swear. The way on which our mind is programmed must say that positive thinking is not possible in adversity. Many highly educated people do not even believe that they can have control over their thoughts or minds. To keep yourself positive in difficult times of life, keep the mind busy with good deeds, constructive work, in creativity.
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The saying goes, "The lazy brain is the devil's abode." If you don't keep your brain busy with relevant work, it will think weird, because its job is to be always thinking, to be busy. Set your goals, plan your next steps, keep your mind busy so she doesn't have time to worry about.   

Always try to keep your brain cool:- In adversity our brains are very agog with anxiety, our minds are in turmoil, for which it becomes almost impossible to make the right decision. But every step you take in difficult times is very important and it requires to move forward with the right decision. If you don't have a cool head, you will continue to make wrong decisions one after another and you will be overwhelmed by it more and more. Remember that your mind is the only partner in your hard times, the only one who can guide you in adversity towards your success in the right path. You have to overcome the conflict of your mind.  At this time a storm of discussion and criticism will come to you from outside, many kinds of pinch advice will come, which will make your mind more capricious. Avoid them altogether, say goodbye in a gentle tone. Stop thinking about the things that are out of your control, these will make your brain more agog, better than that think about the things that you can do well.

There are many techniques you can use to keep your mind cool, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, reciting poems or drawing pictures. Practise any one of them and you will get good results. 
Find out your strengths:- Yes, you have many qualities, you are skillful in many ways, you also have a lot of talent. It could be that,they were overwhelmed under the pressure of work, family, the situation and the lack of time, get them out of your treasure house. Hard times are the time to awaken your talents, the time to find your purpose in life, the time to grow yourself. 
You have all the resources, such as love, confidence, courage, ecstasy, happiness, you can't access them in adversity. If you want you can re-ignite all those resources in any time. Think of any event in your life when you were happy, you felt courage, you were in love, or your confidence level was very high, your mind will shift into a positive state. Get the most out of your resources and use them wisely, you will find a lot of peace of mind and you will find new ways. 

Make patience and persistence to your motto:- In words, "God accepts the rate of patience and perseverance". Indeed, hard times come to life to test a person's patience and persistence. In adversity many deadly arrow will come towards you from different directions, like the arrow of pinching words,  insult, hate etc.. Being able to endure everything with deaf and dumb is the sign of your patience, it will act as your shield. And perseverance will be used as a weapon, a weapon to give a suitable silent answer to all this in the near future.

Extend your vission

Extend your vission:- In difficult times of life, our vision becomes narrow. Things abroad or the road in front are not visible. The road to the future looks bleak. Look more at the open sky at this time, look at the moon-stars in the night sky. Come out of the four walls and go to the places from where you can see a great distance and try to see as far as you can. It will take away the tension of your mind and you will realize that there is a lot of things to unfold in life, there are many things before you to achieve. This is an incomparable way to program your subconscious mind deeply from inside.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Find Out the Answer to 'What Should You Do in Your Life?'

      • 'What should you do in your life?'
      • The relevancy of this question.
      • Find out the answer of 'what do you want to do in your life'?
      • Discover the purpose of life.
      • Passionate about your goal.
'What do you want to do in your life?

'What should you do in your life?' a very simple question and I think almost everyone asks this question to himself or herself. But if you ask this question to 100 people, it is doubtful whether one of them will be able to give a straightforward answer in simple language. While some may try to answer in affirmative, many will think for a moment and say, "Exactly, I don't know what should I do in my life." If you ask the question to People from different walks of life, students, unemployed youth, ordinary people in the society,  you will be disappointed to hear answer and you will be even more disappointed if you ask yourself. 

Almost all of us think a lot, I want to do it in life, I want to be such and such.  At the conscious level of our mind the desire to do many things are created, we wish to do many things.  'What to do with your life?'  When the answer to this question is sought from within, our condition is like a broken drum, no sound wants to come out because we haven't made any specific pictures or pattern at the subconscious and unconscious level of mind. The answer that one or two persons will give if you insist on too much, you will see that they are not leading their lives by the way they are looking for. There is no difference between setting your goals and daydreaming if there is no balance between what you want to be in life and what you are doing. 


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'What  do you want to do in your life' the relevancey of this question:- 

This is a very important question, that is life changing but you have to find the answer from your own mind. The answer to this question will not only play a major role in setting your goals but will also help you to track each step towards your success. It will help you to measure how much you are improving each day, how relevant work you are doing, how much progress you are making. If you get a graph of each day of your life, you will be able to determine your strategy accordingly and become much more productive. ECG, USG, X-ray, blood test, etc., play a vital role in proper diagnosis and similarly the correct answer to this question will guide your life in the right direction. The chances of being derailed will be greatly reduced. However, it must be noted that the answer is at the subconscious level of the mind. If you take a vague answer, that is, if the answer is from the conscious level of your mind, it may change again in a few days. 

There are many ways to reach there if you know your destination, and if there are no roads you can build your own. If the destination is not fixed then you will run around confusion in all your life, you will never be satisfied in life.

Find out the answer of 'What should you do in your life?':

If the answer to this very important question is to get from the deep of your mind, then you must have do mental exercise, here comes the question of mind set, the question of persistence. The answer lies in your destination and the road to get there. So let's find the answer.

Discover the purpose of life:-

Purpose is somewhat beyond of you. "Sometimes the purpose of life is to give a purpose to life". Many people spend their whole lives searching for a purpose  but can not find the purpose of life. Many people visualize and emphasize the law of attraction, thinking that if you do all these things, one day the purpose will be realized from within. In most cases, this is very unlikely to happen. Don't fall into this trap, decide your own purpose and go ahead with it, you will see that you can grow a lot more.  And if you grow, you can contribute a lot more. 

Passionate about your goal:- Most people don't know what their passion is, what they are passionate about.  They are attracted to the work that has a bright future, the scope, the financial benefits, and move towards. Keep in mind that most people like you are looking for it, to get more money for any job, which has a bright future, which have a lot of scope, so competition is likely to be much higher. Instead, find out what your keen interest is and whether you can convert this deep down interest into your profession. Find out what you love to do.  You will never lose interest in the work you love to do. 

Now the question is how to find out what you love to do. Work that never makes you feel boring, never makes you feel tired, never makes you feel stressed, it will make you passionate. The work that makes you feel energetic, fun to do, loves to do is your passion. 


Passion is like fuel that ignites your mind to succeed. Passion motivates you from within to take necessary actions to achieve your goals. This will increase your confidence level several times. If you can turn your passion into a profession you will be inspired from within and there will be no one to stop you, no obstacle can stop you. 

'What should you do in your life?' One of the best ways to find the right answer to this question is to take special areas in your life such as health, Success, Relationship, Spiritual, social establishment. Take a look at your current position in each area. Then set your new target with each area and create a strategy according to where you want to take yourself in the next  few days, months, a year or more. Suppose you want to decrease 5 kg weight in the next three months, decide what to do and apply it in practice. In the same way, decide how much you want to grow in success, relationships, social establishment and spirit, build your strategy and keep moving forward. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

How do you develop self-control to be a strong personality


      • The effects of self-control on life.
      • The importance of self-control.
      • Examples of self-control.
      • Reasons behind loss of self-control
      • How do you develop self-control?

The greatest aspect of self-control is to keep  oneself away from any temptation
from pixabay

The greatest aspect of self-control is to keep  oneself away from any temptation, negative emotion, bad temper, anger, hatred - all these un-resourceful mental states. Self-control is the ability to control one's behavior and thoughts in a positive way. 

The effects of self-control on life:-  Normal people start behaving abnormally due to lack of self-control.  Research says in lack of self-control leads to murder people and breaks up relationship. Lack of self-control leads people to bad habits, that is, self-love is also coated. Lack of self-control makes people greedy, lustful which leads more to evil deeds. 

Once you look back to your life, you will find that your lack of self-control is at the root of somewhere or other of your painful memories. We almost all think we have enough self-control, but is that really true? If you have self-control then why do you get angry suddenly?  Why are you so emotionally broken?  Why don't keep yourself away from tempting spicy foods to keep the body healthy?  How do others light the lamp of your mood? 


The importance of self-control:-  Science says self-control has a significant impact on your physiological and mental state. Self-controlled persons are much healthier and happier than others. Lack of self-control can shake your steadfast attitude towards your goals and even shake the foundation of a successful life. One small mistake in life that takes a few minutes to make can leave a mark on your whole life. Self-control, self-discipline is the only medicine that can stop you from making all these mistakes. 

Most of the time we try to control other but we don't focus on our self-control. 'How can one who has no control over oneself go to control another?'  If you ask yourself this question, you will become low in your mind, you will lose. Self-control increases our love for ourselves, increases self-confidence, self-esteem. Self-control involves examining all aspects of a situation and understanding how to choose the best one. There must be self-control to choose the best way of life. 

the strongest horse is guided by the words of a much less powerful rider
from pixabay

If you can't control yourself, you won't be able to know when your control will be transferred to someone else. Even the strongest horse is guided by the words of a much less powerful rider than by it, controlled by his tapping, his whip, his bridle. Make yourself a good rider without making yourself a strong horse, life is yours so become your own director.

Reasons behind loss of self-control:-  There are two main reasons  that we can't control ourselves. 

Firstly, Instant Gratification:- The pleasure of temporary Instant Gratification is easily absorbed in our minds because we are not clear of our future gift. We all know what the future holds for eating chocolate but instant gratification, temporary pleasure attracts us so much that we forget the pain of the future. The mind becomes so overwhelmed with instant gratification that it blurs the two images of the future pain and pleasure. As long as the long-term rewards are not clear to you, the short-term aspirations will never stop, you will be unable to control yourself. 

Secondly, Lack of self understanding, lack of knowing one's own strength:-  We do not understand our power, do not understand ourselves. We always keep questions about our own abilities, on own self, as a result, faith and love for oneself gradually decreases and trust and reliability on others increases. Gradually we become accustomed to the cooperation of others, our reliance on others grows. Our own willpower disappears, so we don't even realize that when we have lost self-control, someone else has become our controller. 


How to develop self-control:- 

Delay gratification:- Sometimes it's called deferred gratitude. It is the resistance to the temptation of an immediate pleasure. Your mind is drawn to delay gratification if you can convince your mind in the right way, what are the great rewards that  you will achieve in the process you are in, if you can move forward by giving up the instant gratification. The clearer the image of the future in our minds, the more excited we will be to find it, which will save you from being lured. This needs to be more motivated and more steadfast towards goals. Proper use of thought process in a purposeful and creative way can increase a lot of the taste of delay gratification which directly affects the self-control. 

One of the most beautiful ways to build a habit of delay gratification is to bring two images to mind. First image, What you can gain and what you are going to lose in the future if you succumb to the temptation of instant gratification, clear all the images in your mind. Then break your state and highlight the second image to your mind. Imagine how much rewards you are going to achieve, how bright the future will be if we do not succumb to lure. Visualization in this way will be programmed in your powerful subconscious mind, that will not allow you to fall into the clutches of temptation easily. 

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Improve yourself:- There are many aspects of life where we can improve ourselves. Every moment of every day we have many opportunities to improve ourselves, to be more constructive. From a student to a business person, employee, scientist, or a politician, there are many more areas to grow in life.  As you improve yourself, the small greeds will continue to merge. Then you will no longer be tempted to lower yourself in the temptation, the more you improve, the more self-control will gradually increase. 

The fundamental activities from research is that restraint is eventually restricted by our science. We can't practice effortful Self control endlessly – the mind needs to do ordinary upkeep to stay useful.

The justification for why certain individuals are great at self-control in any case isn't on the grounds that they put forth more attempt. All things considered, these individuals keep away from effortful systems like concealment and opposition and utilize simpler procedures like re-examination. Rather than effortfully restraining their programmed drives, they sidestep them. Along these lines, they don't burden their cerebrum, which then, at that point, don't need to do housekeeping so rapidly. Subsequently, they are allowed to put their work into seeking after their objectives, rather than battling with themselves.


Researchers have shown that people who have fostered a mental self image around prudent exercises are bound to recognize and resolve self-control conflicts. For these individuals, reveling causes an expense for their mental self-portrait – it goes against the convictions they have about themselves. Then again, staying away from the enticement and picking the choice with deferred rewards secures their mental self-portrait

Individuals-high on restraint-often practice self-control just to motion toward themselves that they have solid self-discipline. The more powerful the enticements, the greater the pleasure they derive from overcoming them. 

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