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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Monday, May 30, 2022

What are the reasons of not being successful in your life

Feeling down? Can't be successful the way you want?  Need some motivation to help you reinvigorate your success rate?  Well, here you go – the reasons for your not  being a great success :


Everyone dreams for success in her/his personal life, and everyone wants to be successful, but for some reason, this success is not achieved. Many people try to find out why success is not coming, many people put all the blame on fate and sit back.  

Personally, though the definition and interpretation of the word ‘successful’ are different for everyone, everyone gives the meaning as it is to them. In general, success is the name of fulfilling the goals of life. Success is found in the full development of your happiness, health, security, love, wealth, relationships, etc. 

Sometimes it feels like nothing is going on right in life. Sometimes there arises some situations when you feel helpless and feel like all the control is out of reach. All of these factors can, of course, slow down your success, but in addition to these, there is a serious possibility that you are holding yourself back. 

No one can help you if you try to hold yourself back. The way to success is a long journey and it is the process of reaching a particular destination. If you ever get stuck in this journey, it is your responsibility to get out from it and start again. 

I'm sure that there are one or more of the following reasons why you may not be successful in one area of ​​your life. If you try to find that reason or the reasons with utmost importance, you will see that you have found the solution to your real problem

1) Excusitis: 

The first and foremost reason for not being successful in your life is to resort to excuses. The disease of Excusitis is affecting almost the whole World today. The disorder of excusitis makes a huge difference between ordinary people and the ultimate successful people.  

Some excuses are very common to almost everyone, such as the excuses of health, environment, age, money, family problems, etc. If you suffer from any of these ailments of excusitis, it is normal for you to be unsuccessful. 

People who have no plans for life and no purpose in life are always busy making excuses as to why they didn't do it. All of these individuals are reluctant to use the word "excuse" as their weapon. 
If you study the biography of any successful person, you will understand that they had a lot of excuses, but they have succeeded today because they did not do it. If the ailments of excusitis cannot be cured then thinking of success means you are having unrealistic fantasies. 

2) Blaming others: 

Another ailment for not being successful is blaming others. This attitude of blaming something else or someone else for your own failure is another major obstacle to your success. You have to take responsibility for your own life. Blaming others for something means demotivating yourself and you will not get anything positive in your life from here. 

If you can take responsibility you will become an administratrix. Great success can never come in that way in which everyone is moving. So take responsibility to think of new ways to do something new. Blaming others will make you feel lighter and less stressed, but it will motivate you more to not succeed. 


'I will not do today but tomorrow', this attitude delays your success and even does not allow you to succeed. If you procrastinate on any task, that task will gradually become complicated for you. Your mind will have the opportunity to think a lot of negative and complex thoughts about the work, which is enough not to get the job done. 

Procrastination occurs when you do not have a complete idea about the task, do not have a specific plan to do the task, and do not know what you will achieve after the task is completed. Before doing any work, make specific plans and make a clear picture in mind, you will see that someone is inspiring you from within to do the work. If you have a tendency to procrastinate, it may be too late for you to take the first step, and many good opportunities may be missed out. 


4)The definition of success is not being clear to yourself: 

The meaning of success is not clear to most people, that is, they do not have a specific goal in life, also It is not clear what they want to get in life. Today you think you will do a government job, then tomorrow you will think about business, this hesitant attitude is enough not to succeed. The subconscious mind will only be able to lead you in the right direction when it has a definite goal. 

The most common reason for failure to achieve success is not defining what success is for you. In these cases, whenever you see a successful person in one field, after a little bit of progress in that field when you see a new person succeeding in another field, you step on that path. Instead of chasing after other people's success, make it clear to yourself how to see success in your eyes, what is successful in your terms, and what is your own passion, it is very important for success. 

5)Not taking the right action: 

You're working hard, you're not procrastinating, you're not making any excuses, yet success isn't coming, it means you can't take action properly. There is no such shortcut way to achieve success, it can be achieved only by taking consistent action in the right way. If you are not prepared yourself and even if a miracle happens in life the success will not last for you and you will have to go back to the old place. 

Your thoughts and plans will be realized only when you take massive action in the right direction. Your relentless efforts can lead you to success. There is no substitute for taking action. You can not travel far and wide in bed, you have to make arrangements, get out of the house, buy the necessary vehicle or flight tickets and you have to travel. Only by taking the right action, a good result can be produced, and the goal can be achieved. 

6)Thinking mostly about the problems: 

There are two types of people, one type of people who think about problems and another type of people who always think about the outcome. People with the 'problem thinking', always think and discuss the problem more, naturally, this type of person has a negative mindset. The more you think negatively, the more you think about the problem, and the more problems will appear in front of your eyes. The tendency to move away from the problem is present in each of us. And by running away from this problem, we get lost somewhere far away from our goal. 

People who are 'Outcome Thinking', in of hundreds of difficulties, try not to deviate from their goal, they always try to find the opportunity. Outcome Thinking People have a lot of self-confidence and they have enough self-control and they never get emotional. They always think about the outcome until they get the end result even whatever happens to them. Since these individuals are focused on a specific goal, they remain steadfast in the face of any challenge and are able to overcome it using their presence of mind.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Build up the Bridge that can lead you to Success

Are you anxious to succeed in life? Looking for a way to reach the right goal in life? Repeatedly facing obstacles, and wondering if you can ever reach the dream life? Sometimes you doubt yourself with the strategy? Or do you think that even after continuing hard work, you cannot succeed in that way? Why do all your efforts fail again and again? 


This article will help you to find a bridge through which you can easily succeed. Not only this, with the help of this article you will find everything you need to know to build this bridge and also guide on how to build it. If you can build this bridge once in the right way then your success is inevitable. 

As we know that a bridge is a structure built to span a road for avoiding any physical obstacles without blocking the way or flow underneath. You will have to face many obstacles, many challenges as you move towards your destination to be successful. After a while, you will see that you may not find the way. People usually lose focus and self-confidence in such situations. In the end, the person generally gives up hope and chose the path of a very simple life. 

Just as a bridge connects a road to avoid any physical obstacle, so you need a bridge between where you are now in life and where you want to reach, so that you can easily reach the goal without having to bow down.
There are two important things you need to know to build this bridge. The first is to know exactly where you are now, that is, your present state. And the second is to have a clear idea of ​​where you want to be, that is, what your desired state is. The bridge I am talking about, which will successfully enreach you to your goal, requires crystal-clear clarity in the above two aspects to build it. Otherwise, you will lose mental strength, do not feel inspired. In that case, even if a bridge exists, it will not be of any use. 

Once your present state and desired state are clear to you, you need to build the bridge, ie the strategy, to fill the gap in the middle. The right strategy is the bridge that will take you from your current position to your goal. Many people know their current position and where to go, but they do not brainstorm to build a strategy. So after going a certain distance they see everything dark and lost their way. 

Let us now seriously try to understand what are the pillars required for the construction of this bridge and how it can be constructed. 

Responsibility: The first and foremost important pillar to build this bridge is 'responsibility'. But the question is who will take this responsibility? You will have to take this responsibility and no one else. Only if you can take responsibility then your bridge will be strong. Take responsibility for yourself without blaming anyone for anything, not even on fate, no one in this world knows you better than you. Your environment, situation, mentality, and dreams can never be as clear to others as you are to yourself. So give up hope that someone will help you, that someone else will take the responsibility for something. 
Beliefs: Check yourself over and over again to see how confident you are in reaching your goals. Introspect if there are any obstacles hidden in your mind and if any, remove them immediately, otherwise, you will make a mistake in the first step. If there seems to be a real reason behind this obstacle and they are in no way solvable for you, then I would say you have set the wrong goal, you have not followed the "MASTERY" Rules for goal setting.

If you have doubts in your mind, if you get into emotional turmoil then you will never be successful even if you have everything available. 

Think of success without indulging in failure to strengthen the pillar of belief. Plant this ingrained idea in your brain that you will succeed. 

Remind yourself again and again that you have a lot of good qualities, a lot of abilities, and a lot of intelligence hidden in you. It is enough to awaken these resources to increase self-confidence

Feedback: It is very important to take feedback for building strategies. If you do not take feedback on how you have reached where you are now and what were not the right decisions in life, the same mistake can be repeated, and in that case, the bridge will be shaky. Take feedback from yourself and do it more regularly, then you will know if you are moving in the right direction and how far you have moved forward.

Observation: Very good observers tend to be much more creative. If you are not a good observer you will not give proper feedback to you, because unless you keep an eye on the situation you will not understand what is going on. Actual feedback and observation influence each other, depending on each other. Observation skills help you to determine right and wrong and provide a powerful way to understand and navigate daily. Observation skills will help you to understand your world and to act accordingly, to work, behave and bring balance to work. 

Persistence: This is the 5th pillar I have repeatedly focused on building the bridge to success, the only reason is that there is no other alternative. Persistence is the outstanding quality of perseverance in spite of all obstacles, hindrances, and discouragement. The bridge is built to overcome obstacles and hazards, but the pillars are responsible for carrying the load of that bridge. This pillar ensures the bond of the bridge by withstanding the storm, do not allow the bridge to be lowered in any way. Persistence also plays the same role, it can keep you steady in the midst of thousands of storms if you have this one quality in you.

We have come near to the end of our success bridge building, once the last pillar is built, the work of our bridge will be completed. The last pillar is flexibility.
Flexibility: This is the ability to be easily modified to respond to alter circumstances. You know that steel has more flexibility than rubber because steel has more ability to bend easily without breaking. 

You also have to have flexibility like steel, so that your thoughts-process is very strong but you can adjust yourself in all kinds of situations. The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to respond in time to potential internal and external changes will a cost-effective manner. 

Monday, May 16, 2022

How to understand people better

This wonderful article will help you to recognize and understand any person. Even this article will help you to understand fully what is going on in the mind of the person you are talking to. 

from pixabay

One of the big successes is acquiring the ability to understand the person you are talking to or spending time with, the person you are going to do business with, the person you are going to fall in love with, or the person you are going to marry. The way to success is to deal with different types of people and build relationships with them. If you understand a person in the right way, the path of your life will become much easier. 

In most cases, there is a lot of cheating for a small reason and that can lead to a lot of big adversities in our lives. Sometimes it is not possible to understand a person properly even after spending hours or years with him/her. 

Usually, when a person first meets with another person on either side, he/ she tries to highlight all the good aspects of himself/herself, trying to prove himself/herself as an honest and a good person. Very consciously the person avoids all his/her faults, not to mention his/her own bad habits. In that case, it is often impossible to understand the real nature of a person even after the first sighting or meeting several times. In particular, the wicked always make a conscious effort to hide until their true purpose is fulfilled. When the purpose is fulfilled or when he sees that his purpose is not to be fulfilled in any way he assumes his original form, and the behavior changes completely. And as a result, you may face a lot of losses. 
In most cases, one person decides on another depending on the language (verbal and body) of his or her level of surface structure. But never try to find out the deep structure or the underlying mystery. 

Like a watermelon on the inside and another on the outside, I am sharing with you some great ways to make understand easily all these people like watermelon, one on the inside and another on the outside. 

How to understand people easily? 

  • Be a good listener:  You will have to be a good listener to understand others.  You have to listen very carefully to the person in front of you. Observe very well what he is emphasizing, and what he is discussing more. Keep the whole focus on as long as the person is talking. If you listen to someone with the genuine interest you will understand him/her a lot. 
To make yourself conspicuous by talking too much, never put your weaknesses in the hands of the person in front of you. If the person has bad intentions he/she can use your weakness as a weapon, and can also blackmail you emotionally

  • Be a good observer: As well as being a good listener, you need to be a good observer. if you observe these very carefully the eye movement, body language, gestures, and posture of the person who is talking to you, you will understand a lot, what exactly the person really wants. Remember that a person uses almost 56% of physiology to communicate with another person, so if you can read physiology well, it will not be a difficult task to understand a person. 

  • Don't assume in advance: Never assume anything about someone before meeting. Because whenever you guess your subconscious mind will create an image of the person and your mind will continue to divert you in that direction while talking to the person. Looking at clothes, watching some attitudes, or talking a little bit, we preconceive many notions about any person, which makes it difficult for us to understand a person correctly. 


  • Not accepting empathy and not being sympathetic: Being empathetic is one of the assets of human life but this empathy can be dangerous at times. At the same time, expecting and accepting the sympathy of others can thresh you to a disadvantage. 

Many people resort to various forms of acting to gain sympathy. If you become sympathetic to someone in the first place, they may take advantage of your weakness before you really understand the person, so be very careful in this matter. 

We also need to get rid of the tendency to get sympathy from others. If you don't, you'll lose a lot in life. You never know when a sympathetic person will kick your ass and out. You will find a lot of time to be sympathetic or empathetic, first get along well with the person, and try to understand his mentality. If you observe a person carefully and listen to his words attentively, you will know whether the person is in danger at all and you will be able to take a decision accordingly.

  • Use the "Meta-Model" when discussing: Meta model is a very powerful model of Neuro Linguistics Programming.  It is a set of heuristic questions, designed to define, challenge, and expand the boundaries of a person's underlying world. 

People are disconnected from the deep meaning of any information as a result of distortion, generalization, and deletion. In fact, the mystery of what is hidden deep inside the human mind can be easily solved by the proper use of the Meta model and help to understand people. 

Without bothering the person in front of you, you can easily find out the inner secret of the human mind through some very simple and intelligent questions. Suppose someone tells you in a discussion that no one loves him/her. If you immediately ask him, Really?  no one?  Immediately its structure will change a bit, and in answer to this question, he can say that most of the nearest do not love. Again ask him, who doesn't love him?  Then maybe he will talk about some relatives or others. From where the person first said no one loves him, only the names of a few particular person will come up. 

I have just given an example. In all cases, this way the meta-model can be used to find out what lies in the deep structure of any human being.

Monday, May 9, 2022

What is meant by coordination between mind and brain

This article is very important for establishing dynamic coordination of brain and mind and neurological alignment. Only by coordinating the brain and the mind we can achieve great success and do something productive. 


Monday, May 2, 2022

10 Things that can Make You Unstoppable


There are many people who are very skillful, and very knowledgeous; many have different kinds of qualities. There are a number of people who are unstoppable. Most people can go a little far in life and so stop. 
Those who are unstoppable have discovered and awakened the huge potential within themselves. Anyone can become unstoppable only if they can enhance the enormous potential that is hidden within. You too can find that way at the end of this article to make yourself unstoppable.

Let us know how to make yourself unstoppable. 
1) Have hard confidence in yourself: 
It is important to have confidence in your decision-making ability and your own capabilities at all times. As you know what your goals are, you know what you have to do to be successful, then who is stopping you? Your inner critical voice is your main obstacle and it draws your confidence lower. To make yourself unstoppable, you need to have a lot of high self-confidence

2) Don't think in a complicated way; act:
Excessive thinking and complicated thinking make any task very difficult for us. Use the method which seems straightforward to your mind and work for what you have decided to do. Act and go forward by following the methods you have mastered and the resources you have. Even if it is wrong, in some cases, you will learn something new and gradually you will see that you are becoming proficient and unstoppable.
3) Always be prepared: 
Always prepare yourself to become a master of the craft. Keep practicing until you are satisfied with your performance. The more you focus on personal development, the more problems will disappear. No one can give you a guarantee when opportunities and success will come, but if you don't prepare yourself, many opportunities may be missed.

When others are intoxicated in the story, or relaxing, prepare yourself mentally, and study for yourself, you will find a lot of differences. When others try to respond to a situation, you will be able to change the situation according to your choice. 

4) Don't give up: 
Never give up being hopeless under any circumstances; once you give up your self-confidence, your self-image will become very low, your self-esteem will be hurt, then you will not be able to stand up again. Always mind the two results, whether you will win or you will learn. Never give up in afraid of losing or facing problems

5) Don't be motivated by external materialistic things: 
There are many external objects that can motivate you, such as money, cars, houses, etc. Attraction to all these external objects, no doubt is very inspiring; but it can easily disappear. Whenever you lose the passion and excitement of getting these, you become demotivated by yourself automatically. To be unstoppable you need to be inspired from within.


6) Enjoy the way to success: 
Enjoy the way to success; enjoy that journey. If you enjoy the ups and downs of the way properly, your willing power will develop. When willing power develops, you too will become unstoppable. If you do not enjoy your journey, you will feel demotivation when encountering any small obstacles and give up.

7) Don't compare and compete with others: 
Comparing yourself to others and competing is a dangerous mental illness. Most people suffer from this mental illness. In this way, you will lose your identity, and by imitating others, your own qualities will disappear. 
On the contrary, if you let others compete with you, you will prosper in all aspects, and the urge to leave them behind will encourage you to move forward. 
8) Update your software: 
If your brain is considered to hardware system of a computer, then your mind is to install the software in it, improve this software every day, and install antivirus in it through the program of your mind. Awaken happiness by erasing the past painful memories that have accumulated in your mind and build a new belief system by breaking down your negative beliefs. NLP's TV technique can be very helpful for this purpose. It is very important to change your mental state and thought process to make yourself unstoppable. 

9) Must have clarity on your goal: 
Lack of clarity about the goal makes your mind hesitant, creating conflict in the mind. You must have a crystal clear picture of your goal, what you are going to do, why you should do it, how you should do it, and what the ultimate result of it is. until it is clear to your subconscious mind it can't help you to find the definite way; on the contrary, you will be exhausted. If your goals are logical and realistic, you will never have to rely on luck. Being unstoppable means that your goals challenge you to be someone more than you are right now. 
10) Self-control: 
You are the man of the modern age, so there is no shortage of tempting things for you from outside. You don't need anything special to distract you, to break your concentration, to lose your focus; the phone in your hand is enough. 
If you can't control yourself, you won't find out where your dreams will be lost in the crowd. Without self-control, you are cheating yourself. One who does not have self-control can never become irresistible. Every moment of life is very important. Whenever you learn to use those moments in constructive work, you will automatically become unstoppable. Don't waste valuable time on temporary stimulants, or temporary satisfying entertainment. 

When you become unstoppable, all your dreams will come to the true and you will qualify yourself to achieve all the success you want.

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