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Monday, May 9, 2022

What is meant by coordination between mind and brain

This article is very important for establishing dynamic coordination of brain and mind and neurological alignment. Only by coordinating the brain and the mind we can achieve great success and do something productive. 


“Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind.”
― Jeffrey Eugenides,


  • Mind & brain.
  • Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Mind.
  • It is the science of mind brain and behavior.
  • Difference between mind & brain.
  • Mind and brain psychology.
  • How does the brain and mind work together?
  • Are mind & brain the same thing?
  • Brain and mind relationship.


The brain is defined as a physical thing. It has a specific size and shape. It has consisted of many blood vessels and nerve cells. We can touch the brain. There are basically five different parts of the brain that work together, such as the cerebrum, the cerebellum, the brain stem, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus. 


On the other hand, the mind is defined as our mental things. It has no definite shape, we cannot touch and see it. There is no classification of mind but it works together at three different levels. 

Conscious level of mind, i.e Conscious mind: 

Where our awareness is, that is, where our focus is, there is our consciousness, that is, our mind processes them at the conscious level. As long as we are awakened, our conscious mind is also awakened. The conscious Mind always deals with current events. 

Subconscious mind: 

Where we do not have direct focus or awareness, there is little awareness, our mind processes them to its subconscious level. This level of our mind works steadily even when we fall asleep. 

Unconscious mind: 

We can interpret this as the storehouse of our mind, that is, our all memories are stored in this level of the mind. It is beyond our consciousness, we can bring the memories back into our conscious awareness if we want to consciously. 

I am no longer going into very broad explanations about the mind and brain. Now let's talk about the main content, what is meant by coordination between mind and brain, and how that coordination can be achieved. 

What is meant by coordination between mind and brain:

"In terms of the brain, you can in a crude way think of the human brain as a computer." Paul Greengar

To understand the brain in a very simple way we can accept the hardware system of our mobile or computer and compare the software which is needed to operate this hardware system with our mind. 
According to science, every human being has the same neurology but cases of abnormal births or brain injuries are exceptional. In this modern age our hardware system i.e. our brain is the most updated and extremely powerful. How well we are able to harness this potential of our updated and extremely powerful brain is depended on the software installed on it, that is, on our mind and coordination between these two. Our success is directly proportional to the coordination between mind and brain. 

Think simply, if you install old-backdated software on your modern computer, will it work? Or if you have installed the latest software but have not installed an antivirus on it, will it run properly? Exactly, no.
Computers receive information through input devices such as mouse, keyboards, drivers, etc. Similarly, the input devices of our brain are our five sensory organs, i.e eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. We can call these visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses. 

All the external events are programmed by our mind through some filtration and they get registered in the brain. Our minds filter out external events because our brains do not have the capacity to register all the huge amount of information that comes in every second. The mind also deletes, distorts, and generalizes information to make them as simple as to its understandable. 

Mind completes this filtering process basically on the basis of our beliefs, values, past experience, meta-program, and physiological state. 


Everything that is filtered and registered in our brain is our personal internal representation of a specific event. Personal internal representation varies from person to person, so everyone reacts differently to the same event. Personal internal representation and our physiology combine to create our mental state that produces our behavior and this behavior produces our results. Our emotions, feelings, love, anger, pride, confidence, ecstasy, fear, and sex are all the result of our state of mind in different situations.

The thought process of our regular and continuous basis forms our neurological pattern and is aligned with our neurology. The things we think or do over and over again turn into our habits

Our thinking processes, as well as anything we receive from the outside world through the visual, auditory and kinesthetic (combination of touch, smell, and test) sensory organs, coordinate between our mind and brain. If we can keep the focus of these three sensory organs on a specific event at a particular time, that event will play the greatest effect on our brain and we will never forget that particular event. 

Similarly, if we apply it to any task it will be very easy for us and our chances of success are almost 100% because in this case coordination between our mind and brain is formed and our creativity is greatly increased. 

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