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Mental Wellness

Maintain Your Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing.

Mental Wellness


Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Monday, April 25, 2022

How can you accelerate your personal development efficiently


  • What is Personal Development?
  • What is the importance of personal development?
  • The main way of personal development.
  • Accelerate your personal development efficiently. 


Personal development is the process through which someone can grow and improves himself or herself and becomes a better person than the day he was before. It is a process that lasts for a lifetime. Every human being has unlimited space for personal development such as health, wealth, finances, love, relationships, spirituality, happiness, etc. 

In all these areas of life, the real success of a man is how much he has developed comparatively to the days he left behind. The joy of life will be lost on the day when people will give up trying to develop or grow themselves. Each and every one of us has enormous potential. Personal development turned this enormous potential into a life-transforming revolution. 

Every day we are moving forward a little bit, but we have to judge very seriously which way we are moving. The greedy person who is taking junk, spicy food every day without thinking about his health is also growing, but it is deteriorating his health, which is very harmful to his future life. In all aspects of life, we need to see if we are on the right track. Personal development is that which will improve our quality of life every day.

What is the importance of personal development?
Though everyone knows that personal development is very important for raising the standard of living, no one consciously tries to develop himself. People who have no goals in life think that there is no need to focus on personal development; separately, they do not want to take this responsibility. But its importance in every aspect of life is infinite.

Without developing your own thought-process in your mind, without acquiring new skills, it is never possible to lead yourself to success. Self-satisfaction can never come without self-development. This is the only way to develop your full potential. The more you develop yourself, the more your problems will be smaller and easier and you will be able to overcome them. 
There is no substitute way for personal development to qualify yourself to make your life happier. 
Humans are social creatures, so there are always some basic necessities like food, shelter, love, relationships, etc. To meet these basic needs, people want to move on to the next level; that is, they think about physical, economic, and social security. Gradually the need increases and with it the demand and desire also. It is necessary to take action in that direction to fulfill any needs and aspirations in life. In order to take the right action, we need to change our behavior, to give up our bad habits, and to do so, the only alternative is personal development. 
The more we develop ourselves, the more self-confidence will increase. Personal development is very important for raising our level of self-esteem and self-worth. 


The main way of personal development:

Self-reflection: The most important thing for personal-development is to build own reflection. You have to judge yourself through the mirror of your mind on how much better you are today than you were yesterday. I have discussed the importance of self-reflection for personal development in writing 'Why is self-reflection crucial for personal development?'.

Find your purpose: Our subconscious mind always seeks its purpose before doing anything. To use the infinite power of the mind properly, find the purpose in the area of life where you want to develop yourself, why you want to develop yourself, and what kind of need will be fulfilled if you develop yourself. 

Develop your own vision: The third step is to plan ahead, get your vision ready, and how much you will develop yourself in the coming days, every month or year. Suppose you want to lose 10 pounds of weight in one year, and get a clear idea of ​​what you need to do. Without your own plan or vision, you will automatically become demotivated and drop everything out in the middle.

Take Action: Work every day according to your plan, and take action; the more action you take, the better results will be produced. Just lying in bed and thinking about it will neither improve your health nor will it improve your economy, for which you need to take regular action. To develop oneself in the right direction, reading books, practicing, exercising, acquiring knowledge, and applying it is very important.

Stop wasting time: The most important thing for personal development is to stop wasting time and spare that time for yourself. Anyone who spends as much time on chatting, on social media, or watching TV as they spend only 10% of it developing themselves can be much more developed physically, mentally, and financially.

Above all, for personal development, there are two things to be kept in mind. The first is the development of your health and the second is the development of your mind. To build up good health, you need to take care of yourself, pay attention to healthy food, and at the same time do regular exercise, walking or playing.

It is very important to invest in yourself for mental development, it may be money or time. Reading varieties of motivational books and the life stories of extremely successful people at regular intervals changes the thinking process of the mind which is very important for emotional development. At the same time, it is very important to keep yourself away from family and social negative Bombardment. In this context, not participating in criticism and keeping yourself away from the media can help a lot.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Why is self-reflection crucial for personal development?


  • What is self-reflection?
  • Why is self-reflection crucial for personal development?
  • How to make self-reflection a part of your practice?

What is self-reflection?
We can call 'self-reflection' the mirror of our mind, which creates our crystal-clear image and gives detailed explanations about us. Through self-reflection, we can find out our strengths - weaknesses, our skills, what our problems and solutions are, what we have achieved or what we can achieve in the future, whether we are happy or sad, our likes and dislikes, etc. Only self-reflection can guide you in the right direction of personal development. 

Why is self-reflection is crucial?
Just as we need a competent and impartial judge to run the judiciary and get justice, so we need such a judge for personal development in our lives. But the problem is that no one from outside can judge this impartially, because everyone has differences of mind, thought process, perception, beliefs, values, and physiological state, so the personal internal representation of an event at any given moment is bound to vary person to person. 
It is neither possible for an outsider to understand fully what is going on in your mind and how you are thinking, nor is it possible to judge correctly. So the only impartial judge in your life is a self-reflection that will never do any injustice. The importance of self-reflection is immense to make you aware of whether you are on the right path to fulfill your goal, what are your good qualities and what are your bad qualities. 
You can't focus on personal development until you understand where you are now, how far you have come, what skills you have, and what you have done well.

Self-reflection helps you to identify what skills you need to develop, in which areas you need to develop more in your life; you can just understand whether your focus is on the right goals, and how much confidence you have.

This will help you to understand more if you are procrastinating unnecessarily, and how much persistence you need to have. Through self-reflection, you can understand whether your behavior and your actions are centered on personal development or just the opposite. Without self-reflection one cannot organize one's thoughts, actions and self-control will never be possible.

Only self-reflection can judge perfectly - your self-identity, your current situation, whether you are doing something good, what is your rate of progress which is deeply involved in your personal development. 

We have learned the importance of self-reflection in personal development. Let us now know how to properly evaluate ourselves through self-reflection. It works best when properly structured.
1) Talk to the three personalities within you: The first thing you need to do is to make the self-reflection a part of your practice; talk to the three personalities present within you, i.e., your dreamer, realist, and critics, and listen to them clearly, then set a specific goal and formulate a strategy. Although mirrors can create the opposite image of you, these three personalities within you will never reverse your reflection. I discussed in the article 'You will surely be successful if these 3 personalities get agreed' how to bring these personalities together. 


2) Work on your self-reflection every day: You must have set goals for your life and they will be written in your diary, then set the milestone that you want to cross every day of each week or every month for your success. In that sense, judge for yourself how much you are progressing and how you are developing.

In doing so, you need to be very honest and constructive so that you never avoid any of your shortcomings or faults. See clearly in front of your mirror what you have set out to do this week or this month and how much you were able to accomplish. Why couldn't you do all the things that you wanted? What skills do you need to improve? Find them.

See also How much time have you utilized perfectly, and how the time can be used more productively? Time must be used properly, and constructively, for personal development. 

Ask yourself to judge yourself thoroughly, could you have achieved better results? If you can't get the best results, why not? Where did your challenges come from? How could you overcome those challenges?

Monday, April 11, 2022

You will surely be successful if these 3 personality get agreed

  • The secret to success
  • The importance of 3 personalities inside us to be successful in life.
  • How to strengthen the foundation of success
  • How to combine Dreamer, Realist, and critics


We all strive for success, everyone wants to achieve extreme success. We all work hard and use our intellect to succeed, but in most cases, success does not come as we expected. We repeatedly try to figure out why we are failing or why success is not coming. I would like to introduce to three people with you, if you talk to them in the right way, can make them agree you can overcome any obstacle and move on towards success.

Strengthening the foundation is crucial for any ultimate success and only these three people can build that foundation for you. Surely there is a lot of suspense about who these three people are, and where to find them! Don't worry, I will introduce you to them but you have to take the responsibility of convincing them by talking to them in the right way. It's very straightforward, but because we have no real idea about it, we get demotivated when there is a small obstacle in the way of success and we give up. 

If there is a disagreement between these three people, you will not be able to set goals properly, success is a long way off. These three are needed from the very beginning, that is, when you are going to make a decision to achieve something or to set a goal. Any one of these three personalities can play a major role whenever wants but it is very important to bring these three in balance to create success.

A significant percentage of students, business people, or government employees lose interest in their field because they do not set goals properly. To walk the path without a specific goal, their Powerful Subconscious Mind cannot act on their behalf.  The subconscious mind does not know what to do until a clear picture is created. 

We all dream big or dream of creating extraordinary success and think about how we will fulfill that dream or reach the goal in the future. Sometimes a voice comes from within us that we can't do big things or sometimes we get the feeling that 'you want to do big things but you don't have an exact action plan or strategy.' 

However, all are anxious to get to know these three people, let's find out who they are. In fact, they are none other than the three persons present in me and you. Yes, I will describe them as three persons, you can call them the three forms of our minds

The first of these three is 'Dreamer': This dreamer is present in every human being. He dreams about what kind of life we ​​will have in the future life, what we will achieve in life, our level of happiness, what kind of person we will love, what kind of car we will have, and how much wealth we will create, what will be our name & fame, respect. That is, what level of success we will create, what kind of life we will live in the future, the dreamer among us dreams of. This dream makes us feel great and we also try to chase after those dreams at the beginning but after a while, we give up all hope of fulfilling our dream and try to settle down somewhere. Our self-confidence is shattered, and self-doubts arise about our own merits and abilities. 

Now I come to the second person, 'the realist': This majesty person is physically present in us and is constantly working to guide us on the right path. He is engaged in trying to keep us steadfast in fulfilling the dream of the dreamer. This realist keeps on trying to make all the dreams we see come true. He connects our emotions with our dreams. Realist always wants all our dreams to come true, helping us to create specific action plans and strategies so that we do not run towards goals based on conjecture. He wants us to have a concrete process so that our dreams come true. 


Coming to the third person i.e. 'critics': This critic is present in us who does a critical analysis of our dreams and he does it for our good. He tries to show us before our eyes what obstacles will come in the way of fulfilling our dreams, and what complications may arise. We usually try to suppress this third-person by listening to different motivational speakers or watching motivational videos, not trying to hear or understand him. But if we listen to it carefully, we will always be ready for the obstacles in our path, and we will be able to find the right resources that are needed to create our success. 

How to combine these three:
Each of these three individuals, located within each of us, plays a very important role in achieving any of our successes. If you don't have a dreamer, you can't dream big and if you don't have a big dream, you can't achieve something extraordinary. We must not just have big dreams, we must have strategies and need to take the right action to accomplish them. It is not possible to have the right method without a realist, it is not even possible to find the right path that can lead us to the pinnacle of success. Critics help us to understand what is lacking in us and where we need to develop so that we can remain steadfast in our goals despite facing any obstacles in the future.

These three personalities are very good friends of ours, if we can make them work properly for us, any of our dreams can come true. To use these three persons properly, draw three different circles on the floor, mark the first one as your dreamer zone, the second as a realist, and the third circle as your critics' position. Enter the dreamer zone and see your big dreams very well then go to the realist position and see what action plan can be to fulfill your dream, and what to do to reach your goal. Then go to Circle number 3, the Critics position, to see what is wrong with your plans, or what may be the obstacles. Enter the realist zone with the obstacles you may find while standing in the Critics position and ask your realist personality what is the way out of all these obstacles. You see, your partner realist will give you the right solution. 

That way if you can get all three to agree, come to a conclusion with three suggestions and set a specific goal then any of your dreams can come true.

Monday, April 4, 2022

Life changing '7 fundamental truths' you must believe



The lives of countless people flow in a normal way without even realizing that time has passed. To do something extraordinary in life, to achieve ultimate success, it is very important to be a good observer. And the main focus of that observation should be on oneself. Most of the time people are in autopilot mode, so even if they consciously know the most important things in life, they can't focus on it or they are unable to work on it. Most of the time what you want to do is not exactly what you want it to be because you have lost focus on the important and basic truths. The moment, you make a mistake, you reveal the truth for a while to get yourself back on track but very often you forget about it again. 'Accepting a few basic truths' can change a person's life. If you go through the history of successful people, you will see that the following seven basic truths are their main incantation. 

1. Failure brings forth success:

To put it bluntly, most people in the world find it hard to believe that 'failure is the key to success', and that is why only about 5 percent of people succeed in the ultimate. Most people equate failure with disappearance. These people look at their own lives in such a way, and even when the lives of others are slightly challenged, they become so frustrated that every hope is lost. 

Failure is not only the best and selfless teacher of life, but it gives birth to success and nurture. Suppose you are given a car that has no brakes and you can only accelerate, how far can you go with that car? Will it be possible to drive a long way without brakes? No Never, there must be obstacles on the way, speed breakers, turning everything; you need brakes to cross them, in the same way you need experience to overcome obstacles on the way to success. That experience can only be gained from failure. No matter how much a child is taught to walk by his parents, when he walks down the street he stumbles and gets up again. Failure can lead to a new direction, help to find a new path, and make you more determined. So if you accept the fact that failure gives birth to success, you will surely be able to create much better results in your life.

2. Responsibility for everything in the past, present and future of your life is yours:

You yourself have to take responsibility for your life, no one is responsible for it. Peace of mind can be found by pointing fingers at others, but this will only increase your reluctance and lead to failure. Rather than believing that all the good and bad things that have happened in your life or where you are now are all your responsibility. And if you take full responsibility for where you will be in the future, then nothing can demotivate you from outside. You have never had control over anything in this world, not yet, and will not in the future. The only thing you can control is your mind and this mind can control everything in your life. There are a lot of things happening in the outer world all the time and they will affect you; they will make you anxious when you open the door of your mind. So take responsibility for bringing this beautiful and very strong mind under your control. Blaming others and putting responsibility on the shoulders of others can never change your life in any way. Whoever did or said, who took responsibility or not, without thinking about them take your own responsibility. 


3. Victory is beyond fear:

Fear is the biggest enemy and obstacle in your life; the day you can overcome fear will be the biggest victory in your life. The human race is basically afraid of losing something, being humiliated, criticized and dying; besides, these common people are also very afraid of the financial struggle. Just think of the extent to which such fears can compress the lives of ordinary people. Most of these fears are based on fiction. The day you can get yourself out of these, you will see victory is waiting for you. Of course, I'm not saying that even if you don't know how to swim but jump into the water, your fear of death will go away. 
Getting rid of any of these imaginary fears can be a daunting task in life, if you do not succeed, you will be criticized, humiliated, or lost in life. We also know that when we are born we will have to die and that it can happen at any moment, so why are we so afraid of accepting this eternal truth? Rather than plant the truth in your subconscious mind that victory before fear is guaranteed, it will help you move forward in the right direction in life.

4. Your self-worth is your true identity:  

Hopefully you will get a lot of respect, love, you can create a lot of success. but you will never get more than your self-worth, or even if you do, it will be lost again. After wearing new expensive clothes, you can make yourself look glamorous for a few moments, but your true identity can never be hidden. Even if you consciously represent yourself outside of your values, there will be no change in your own life, until one's self-identity, that is, one's self-worth, is changed. If you are going to buy something, will you agree to pay the price if demanded too much? Don't you think again and again whether you are not going to be cheated! Employees to employers, businessmen to the unemployed, relatives to children will value you as much as your self-worth. So increase your values, your self-worth to make your life worthful.

5. Your thoughts with genuine feelings make your destiny: 

If you think positively your life will move towards positive and if you think negative again and again you will move towards negative. The only way to re-program your mind is through your thought process. Once you think that certain tasks are not possible for you, you will not be able to do it despite having all the resources. If your own thoughts are always positive and your feelings are attached to it, then you will automatically walk in the right direction.  

What is Visualization or Law of Attraction? These are the processes of associating your thoughts with your feelings so that an accurate and clear picture of the kind of life you want to lead is developed in your subconscious mind. If you go through all these processes again and again, your desire will turn into a burning desire and you have to get up and go out of your comfort zone and take the right action to fulfill your dream. 

6. Actions produce results: 

No matter how much talent or knowledge you have, they are useless unless you are taking action. Think a thousand thoughts, make thousands of plans, take action if you want to implement them, to manage your life in the right way. Remember that every minute, every hour, the result of your life is being produced, how much that result will be for or against you depends entirely on the action you take in the right direction. Do you know what is the difference between those who manage the lottery game and those who play it! The person who runs the lottery game can create huge amounts of wealth by spending billions of rupees every day. Lottery players are day dreamers, dreaming of getting rich without taking any action. The person who is managing the lottery game is taking appropriate action to achieve his goal. He makes plans to engage millions of people or take money from them and take action accordingly. Plant this universal fundamental truth that no extraordinary results will be created without any proper action.

7. You have all the resources you need or you can create them:   

In order to reach your destination, in order to achieve your outcome, all the resources you need are present in you; otherwise you can create them; you have to believe in yourself. Happinessconfidence, courage, health, love, ecstasy, you already have all those main resources. The rest is money and manpower, you will be able to arrange these if you want. If you are in good health, if you are motivated and feel confident, then getting these is not a complicated task for you. The existing resources within you can mobilize many more resources. So without neglecting all these resources, nurturise them carefully and make them better, you can get a lot in life.

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