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Mental Wellness

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Mental Wellness


Monday, August 29, 2022

"Love is Blind" is it true!

love is a strong and positive emotional and mental State. Love is just not only an attraction but the intensity of the feeling of hollowness. Love is a great resourceful state like our other states of mind, but it is the thing that can generate intense pleasure and as well as intense pain in our lives. 

Love is Blind


  • Love is blind.
  • Is love really blind?
  • How long does the blindness of love last?
  • Love that never ends.

Is love really blind?

Is love really blind? No, not at all, love is not blind, lovers are blind, especially when they first fall in love. Generally, love starts from the emptiness of the mind, the attraction of this hollowness is so intensive that at that moment human rationality or logical mind does not work. To fill this void in the mind, there is a possibility of falling in love with anyone. In that case, people are so blinded by the intensity of hollowness that they can fall in love with anyone. It is not that the person you like has to be a beautiful, likable, equal category, or of good character. 

In the initial stage, love is blind because at that time the drawback of the lover is not seen at all. Gradually as the lovers come closer and sink deeper into love, the blindness of love increases. At this time, both have no expectations from each other but they take care of each other and give importance and respect to each other. In the beginning, every lover loves from the heart, no logic works there, so it seems that love is blind. 

At the beginning or middle stage of love, the intensity of attraction towards each is so high that the characteristics and behavioral defects of each other are not noticed at all, even the defects of physical/biological beauty are overlooked. 

The tendency to fulfill the hollowness of the mind is one type of hypnosis trance, it is an altered state of mind. That's why people say that in the blindness of love, people's conscience and intelligence is abandoned. The joy of being closer to each other at that moment, and the satisfaction of being able to do something for each other bring fulfillment to the mind. Lovers then focus on how to make their romantic partner happy, and how to care for them more, and this leads to love blindness. 

How long does the blindness of love last?

Actually, there is no fixed time but gradually when the mind tries to understand different things with logic, the blind support of everything with each other starts to disappear, and various doubts arise in the mind. Our true attitudes or beliefs, which we have developed over time and which we have consciously tried to hide or ignore from each other, gradually come out, come to forth. It is then that the blind love gradually becomes bitter, the emotional distance between the two gradually increases, and the conflict between them starts and later becomes toxic. 

Everyone is curious about anything that is unknown, much more so in the case of a romantic partner, but once the lovers get to know each other a little bit, the curiosity about each other gradually decreases, i.e. the attraction decreases. 

Whenever we become 'rational' instead of loving from the heart, bitterness in any relationship comes. Our rational mind always tries to understand how much we got, what we got, and how much we had to give in return. When the logical mind is alert, we start thinking about how flawed the last birthday party arrangements were compared to previous parties, what did my romantic partner forget to do for me, why didn't he/she consider my preferences, etc. The more these immaterial thoughts persist in the mind, the more rules are enforced, the emphasis on wants and needs increases, and the ego grows. Blind love will lose its sweetness in the midst of all this. 

When love is blind, positive emotions fade away and flaws take on an annoying form. Our partner is no longer romantic or exciting to us but becomes a burden. There is a tendency to punish each other for small mistakes or to withdraw slowly from it and get involved in something else. All these reasons lead to extreme consequences like divorce or break-up. 

Unconditional love is the best bondage
Image by Alejandro Tuzzi from Pixabay

Love that never ends:

Blind love is really good, there is no confusion, no discrimination, there is no calculation of demand, no expectations, no breakup, there is only romance. Unconditional love is the best bondage in the world. rest is business.

It is true that the ability to understand with reason has made man the best creature in the universe, but this ability is taking away the love of the human heart. Whenever love enters the brain instead of the heart, it becomes a selfish love, a selfish relationship. As long as you can maintain your partner's independence, as long as you can take selfless care, as long as you care about his happiness and peace, love will be blind and it will be happy and sweet. Logic doesn't work in love, it can cause a lot of confusion. 

Love is a very precious resource in every human life, it is better to be blind in love to keep it alive. Otherwise, when you feel empty, and anxious to find someone, try to occupy yourself with other thoughts or relevant activities, and at the same time try to find someone with whom your thoughts, your behavior, and your environment are very similar to. If there is a match, the chances of a breakup will be reduced. 

Responsibility plays an important role in any relationship, especially in love, so, it is important to take responsibility to understand what your romantic partner is really obsessed with. In fact, a feeling that everyone is chasing all his life, if the elusive combination of passion and biological drive can complete love, and satisfy that obsession, then love will not only be blind, but the deep down interest in the partner will increase. Only then your romantic partner will make it his life-long mission to cherish and please you, and he will follow your love till the end. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

How to live a meaningful life

“We create a meaningful life by what we accept as true and by what we create in the pursuit of truth, love, beauty, and adoration of nature.”
― Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls


  • Meaningful life.
  • Meaningful life quotes.
  • Definition of a meaningful life.
  • Living a meaningful life.
  • How to live a meaningful life.


Image by Наталья Данильченко from Pixabay

Meaningful life & Definition of a meaningful life:

Living life with greater purpose, significance, fulfillment, and satisfaction are called a meaningful life. 
Many people are disappointed with their lives and at some point, they wonder whether life is really meaningful! To make life meaningful and more significant it should be the main purpose of our life. Not only you, but so many people around the world are finding ways to live meaningful lives. A loaf of bread and a little daal becomes more significant in times of extreme hunger, otherwise, expensive food on a golden plate becomes meaningless when the stomach remains full. Similarly, if we don't have any new goals in our lives, if we don't want to get something new, if we don't feel hungry to do something new our life will become meaningless. 

Living a meaningful life:

Life can never be meaningful if you walk aimlessly, no matter how much money you have, build wealth or achieve success. After a while, the question will arise in your mind: Who am I?  What do I want to do with my life?  What is the real meaning of my life? 

Facing all these questions, you will feel helpless, suffer from an inferiority complex, your anger will gradually increase, your health will deteriorate, and you will become anxious. 

Ego is very important in someone's life, money is very important in someone's life, and love is important in someone's life or something else. But to enjoy life, to make life meaningful, one has to give up the attraction of them, give up the illusion. There are many people who can't sleep well even on a golden couch, there are many people who can't live life to the fullest despite having a lot in life. 

Everything is needed for completeness in our life, to make life meaningful.  As there is a need for love, so for money, wealth, and good relations.  But when egoism and sentimentality get involved with these, life becomes meaningless. 

How to live a meaningful life:

Some simple things we must take care of to make life meaningful.

“Parents give you life. Only you can give it meaning.”
― Frank Sonnenberg, The Path to a Meaningful Life

Understand which is most important to your life:

The most important thing in life is life itself. Life must become meaningful when life becomes life-centered. May our decisions, our actions, and our mission be life-centered.  We have to think like this, 'As I am in this world for a few days I will live in such a way that it has a good impact on this society, family, and this world'. Even if we leave this world so that the good effects of our deeds fall on this world.  We should try to contribute to the environment, biosphere, and society. Happiness & Prosperity does not increase by mere receiving, it requires generosity, giving, and harmony with people. 

We are social beings, so we should have a responsibility towards this society, and we should also remember that if the society is not healthy, if there is no happy environment in the society, then our life will become meaningless.
Whatever we can do good and contribute to this world and society, we can get back many times, and that can play an incomparable role in making our lives full and meaningful.

Image by Rondell Melling from Pixabay

Reduce your ego, and increase acceptance:

People generally accept those who they feel that they are similar to them and cannot accept those who are slightly different. There are different types of people in this world, there are people with different mindsets, if you develop the ability to get along with everyone, and adapt to them, life will become meaningful. Human behavior and human reactions are not always equal. We accept the reactions or behaviors that we like, and we get into a conflict when someone does not behave or react in the way we like or love. On the contrary, if we can accept people as they are, we too will be able to live a life of meaning and fulfillment. And this requires increasing our acceptance to such an extent that all frictions are reduced, all mental conflicts are removed and life becomes ideal. 

There are many people who don't want to be socialized except with their peers or superiors for their ego.  They do not even want to speak properly to others, and even sometimes misbehave because only of their ego. All these people's lives become more meaningless. 

If acceptance develops within us, the feeling of accepting everyone, and getting along with everyone, then life will be much more satisfying and it will become easy and meaningful. Both good qualities and bad qualities are present in each of you and me.  Leaving your ego, if you see the good qualities of others without always seeing the bad sides, then your vision will be much wider, and your mind will become much more fresh and productive. When the mind is good, everything is good and life is meaningful.

Focus on your Personal development:

Fulfillment will come in life only if tomorrow will be better than today. Nothing beats the self-satisfaction that comes from being better today or tomorrow than in the past and striving to keep others better. A night out, a nice night party or a date with a girlfriend are the little pleasures in life that will come and go.

Life becomes meaningful only when others learn from you, follow you, and try to imitate you. Personal development is the only path that can make you a role model in the future. A meaningful life is a life that leaves an impression on people's minds, and on the hurt of this society. 
To make life meaningful, instead of being an incompetent optimist, become a worthy person, moving forward in life with a greater purpose. It will make your daily waking up full of excitement. 

“With nothing meaningful in life, nothing is interesting. Enter boredom. A bored man even longs for longing. He has time to fill, but there is nothing compelling to do.”
― Daniel Klein

Share your happiness with others: 

I will give a very simple example for your better understanding. You will find that there are many children who get a lot of satisfaction and enjoy by sharing their favorite chocolate, or any favorite food with others.
We can learn a lot in life from these little children, we can share our happiness and beautiful thoughts with others like these children. In that, not only our happiness will increase, we will become more prosperous, and life will become meaningful. 

Why most people today do not find meaning in life? Because they spend their whole lives saying everything is mine. This conservative-minded person spends their whole life saying 'nothing, nothing I have'. They cannot trust anyone, not even their own wife, children, or family. Then tell me how their lives will become meaningful! 

No matter what you have or not, but you have a good mind, you have a lot of love, share it with your family, relatives, and friends, you will be very well and life will become very meaningful.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Resilience: build Skills to overcome hardship

Can you do anything constructive if there always arises conflict in your mind? What is the value of your success if you don't have enthusiasm? That success will never make you happy. You have to face ups and downs at different times in your life circle. If you can't save yourself from the heavy fall, can you ever hope to rise? Only Resilience can make you fit to face all the storms of life and conquer them.

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from Pixabay


  • Resilience definition
  • Resilience quotes
  • Emotional resilience
  • Resilience and mental health
  • Resilience building
  • How to build resilience 

“When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.”
― Jaeda Dewalt

What is Resilience: 

Resilience is a method that enables you to adapt to the most difficult situations in your life and make the best decisions. Resilience is being emotionally and behaviorally flexible enough to adapt to external and internal demands. It is the ability to withstand any challenging situation or adversity in life. Not only that but also the capacity to recover quickly from any worst situation in life. 

Every one of us faces various big challenges in our life, very important among them are the loss of a loved one, premature death of relatives, financial hardship, divorce, unemployment, accidental dismemberment, global pandemic, etc. Some events like that shake us deeply and only a few people have the mental strength to overcome them. Almost all of us have to face one or more of these unexpected events. 

On closer inspection, we will realize that almost every aspect of these events is beyond our control. All, we can do the control how we react to such an event or any other challenge we face. Resilience is our quality by virtue of which we can take the best decisions in such complex situations and without breaking down mentally, and sometimes this decision can be the game changer in our life, and become the key to success in life. 

Here I am going to say a few pinching words, you may feel uneasy but I am sure you will try to understand its importance. First, we do not self-evaluation, our self-esteem is shaky, our Self-identity is constructed by others and we carry that identity throughout our lives. Even most of our behavior is controlled in terms of external events or by the behavior of others with us and that is why our resilience gradually decreases. Of course, this may not apply to everyone, but it is true for most people. But according to psychology, the higher the resilience, the higher the success. All kinds of unresourceful states are nested in impatient people, such as anger, resentment, stubbornness, and anxiety. Even those who are not resilient are more likely to commit suicide. 

Example of the power of Resilience:

We have some great examples of the power of resilience. You know rubber is a material that has an extremely high modulus of resilience, and that's why the rubber is used as a shock absorber, even in most heavy machineries! Due to the rubber's good resilience, you can't break it with a hammer, but if you hit it too hard, the hammer will come back and hurt you.

To give another example, it will be convenient to understand better. It will be useful to give another example to understand better. During the heavy storm, many big trees fall down to the ground or break. But you will see that the plants that have more flexibility/ resilience can withstand even after heavy storms. Likewise, the more resilient we are, the better able we are to weather the storms in our lives and get back on track. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

How to build resilience: 

You must be thinking to yourself that I understand that resilience is very important, it is an absolute quality, but how can I possess this absolute quality? Keeping yourself resilient in times of danger or in the most difficult situations of life is a word of mouth! No, not at all, you can never build your house earthquake is going on. You have to either build it before or after the earthquake and build it in such a way that it can not be easily damaged by the earthquake. Resilience is our inner strength. We can build It or grow it Up within us by practicing again and again by maintaining the following process.

Monday, August 1, 2022

How to Set and Achieve Your Financial Goal

 “More important than the how we achieve financial freedom, is the why. Find your reasons why you want to be free and wealthy.” –Robert Kiyosaki


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from Pixabey

Do you feel that despite working tirelessly, your financial development is not up to par? Are you not able to get close to the financial success you've been thinking about? Even if the source of income or the amount of income does not increase but the expenses are increasing and you are unable to handle the burden.

Almost all of us are well aware of the importance of money in our lives. Especially in today's era when money is the only way of transaction, financial success is very important. Most people's thoughts are now about money, how to earn more, how to save for the future after spending all daily or monthly expenses, how to enjoy better life especially luxurious life, etc., etc. And those who are going through financial struggles are seeking for new ways of earning. So much jumping, so much running after money, yet most people do not set financial goals. Many people directly say "we will see when the money comes". Hey, understand this, if you don't find a way of earning, if you don't make the way easy, then where will the money come from? And it is necessary to set financial goals to establish the path of money. 

What are financial goals: 

Financial goals are the creation of advanced targets for earning, spending, saving, and investing. This is the goal you must set for how you earn and manage your money. Financial goals should be set in three terms, long-term, mid-term, and short-term.

Short-term financial goals:

Short-term financial goals consist of managing daily budget, reducing debt, cutting down unnecessary expenses, and starting an emergency fund. In a short-term financial goal you have to figure out a budget first, then start thinking about how you can reduce your debt. This is the first step to overcoming your survival mode/ adversity. After recovery from survival mode, you could then think about your mid-term and long-term financial goals. 

Mid-term financial goals:

This is the goal that ties your short-term and long-term financial goals together. In this financial goal, you have to create a budget for investing some money for business or other productive things which may give return to you. Some mid-term goals may be the investment for your growth like personal development, financial development, and gathering financial knowledge. 

According to many experts, mid-term goals should include wedding expenses, house building expenses, furniture expenses, and low-interest deposits like bank or post office but I would say don't do this because it is better not to think about increasing expenses again until you think of investing money for income and arranging returns. You can move towards long-term financial only if your earnings increases. 

Long-term financial goals:

Your mid-term financial goal will carry forward you towards your long-term goal. Long-term goals are the real big financial picture of your life where you need to clarify what you want to achieve financially in life.  

To get out of the middle-class life and make yourself financially strong, you need to set long-term goals. The main object of setting a long-term Financial goal is to overcome all liabilities and increase your assets. This long-term goal budget should include some liabilities such as your dream home, car, or furniture. Long-term goals will help you to achieve financial freedom. Budgeting for mid-term goals Whatever you plan to invest in personal development and financial development will help you achieve your long-term goals. 

Actually first of all you should determine your long-term financial goal and following it you have to decide your mid-term and short-term goals. The long-term goal is your actual destination. Until you know that destination, you have no idea what logistics you will need on the way, what transportation you will need, or what route you will take. 

The strategy to achieve long-term goals is your short-term and mid-term goals. Perfect strategy or good planning can only be done when you have clarity about your financial mission and vision

Why financial goal setting is very important:

We call those vagabonds who wander aimlessly, we also behave like vagabonds in all areas of our lives where we do not have a specific goal. Meaningful financial goals lead you to a debt-free life and will make you financially free. If you really want to Boost Your financial health, you must have specific financial goals, otherwise, you will have to struggle for money for your whole life. 

If you want more money to be wealthy, before doing anything first set your financial goal because you must have clarity about what you want, and how much financial success you want to achieve. 

Everyone wants more money, but they have no clarity about how much more. Suppose you had $100 and I gave you one more dollar, so you definitely have more than before, is that what you wanted? No, never! So you need to be clear about how much do you really want, and to do this you must have to set financial goals. Whenever you have clarity about how much you want you will understand how to achieve it. Otherwise, it will be like going down into the water without measuring or knowing the depth and you will keep drowning in the middle. 

Having a specific goal for anything means having a high level of motivation to do it. Having a financial goal means you can create your strategy and action plan to achieve it. You can measure your progress, and you can understand your weakness and strength. After all, having financial goals means you'll be able to stay on track by balancing your debt and credit.

from Pixabey

Must be considered:

Before setting financial goals, you need to consider a few important things, like -

1) knowing which are assets and which are liabilities: 

Things that are considered assets to the average person and middle-class families, such as houses, cars, or furniture, are not assets at all because their purchase price or manufacturing cost is always higher than their sale price. Again, if you buy land, its selling price will be higher, so land is an asset. This is why when setting financial goals, make sure that your liabilities never exceed your assets.

2) You must have financial knowledge and if not, consult an economist: 

Most people want to become financially successful but many have no knowledge of economics. Counting money, recording daily expenses in a diary, and calculating how much money is deposited at the post office, bank, or insurance company is not the part of financial knowledge. You need to know if your income is 1000 dollars today then how to double that number next year. Financial knowledge is about acquiring proper knowledge about how to increase assets by reducing liabilities and in which areas of investment will give you suitable returns and income even after retirement.

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