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Monday, August 29, 2022

"Love is Blind" is it true!

love is a strong and positive emotional and mental State. Love is just not only an attraction but the intensity of the feeling of hollowness. Love is a great resourceful state like our other states of mind, but it is the thing that can generate intense pleasure and as well as intense pain in our lives. 

Love is Blind


  • Love is blind.
  • Is love really blind?
  • How long does the blindness of love last?
  • Love that never ends.

Is love really blind?

Is love really blind? No, not at all, love is not blind, lovers are blind, especially when they first fall in love. Generally, love starts from the emptiness of the mind, the attraction of this hollowness is so intensive that at that moment human rationality or logical mind does not work. To fill this void in the mind, there is a possibility of falling in love with anyone. In that case, people are so blinded by the intensity of hollowness that they can fall in love with anyone. It is not that the person you like has to be a beautiful, likable, equal category, or of good character. 

In the initial stage, love is blind because at that time the drawback of the lover is not seen at all. Gradually as the lovers come closer and sink deeper into love, the blindness of love increases. At this time, both have no expectations from each other but they take care of each other and give importance and respect to each other. In the beginning, every lover loves from the heart, no logic works there, so it seems that love is blind. 

At the beginning or middle stage of love, the intensity of attraction towards each is so high that the characteristics and behavioral defects of each other are not noticed at all, even the defects of physical/biological beauty are overlooked. 

The tendency to fulfill the hollowness of the mind is one type of hypnosis trance, it is an altered state of mind. That's why people say that in the blindness of love, people's conscience and intelligence is abandoned. The joy of being closer to each other at that moment, and the satisfaction of being able to do something for each other bring fulfillment to the mind. Lovers then focus on how to make their romantic partner happy, and how to care for them more, and this leads to love blindness. 

How long does the blindness of love last?

Actually, there is no fixed time but gradually when the mind tries to understand different things with logic, the blind support of everything with each other starts to disappear, and various doubts arise in the mind. Our true attitudes or beliefs, which we have developed over time and which we have consciously tried to hide or ignore from each other, gradually come out, come to forth. It is then that the blind love gradually becomes bitter, the emotional distance between the two gradually increases, and the conflict between them starts and later becomes toxic. 

Everyone is curious about anything that is unknown, much more so in the case of a romantic partner, but once the lovers get to know each other a little bit, the curiosity about each other gradually decreases, i.e. the attraction decreases. 

Whenever we become 'rational' instead of loving from the heart, bitterness in any relationship comes. Our rational mind always tries to understand how much we got, what we got, and how much we had to give in return. When the logical mind is alert, we start thinking about how flawed the last birthday party arrangements were compared to previous parties, what did my romantic partner forget to do for me, why didn't he/she consider my preferences, etc. The more these immaterial thoughts persist in the mind, the more rules are enforced, the emphasis on wants and needs increases, and the ego grows. Blind love will lose its sweetness in the midst of all this. 

When love is blind, positive emotions fade away and flaws take on an annoying form. Our partner is no longer romantic or exciting to us but becomes a burden. There is a tendency to punish each other for small mistakes or to withdraw slowly from it and get involved in something else. All these reasons lead to extreme consequences like divorce or break-up. 

Unconditional love is the best bondage
Image by Alejandro Tuzzi from Pixabay

Love that never ends:

Blind love is really good, there is no confusion, no discrimination, there is no calculation of demand, no expectations, no breakup, there is only romance. Unconditional love is the best bondage in the world. rest is business.

It is true that the ability to understand with reason has made man the best creature in the universe, but this ability is taking away the love of the human heart. Whenever love enters the brain instead of the heart, it becomes a selfish love, a selfish relationship. As long as you can maintain your partner's independence, as long as you can take selfless care, as long as you care about his happiness and peace, love will be blind and it will be happy and sweet. Logic doesn't work in love, it can cause a lot of confusion. 

Love is a very precious resource in every human life, it is better to be blind in love to keep it alive. Otherwise, when you feel empty, and anxious to find someone, try to occupy yourself with other thoughts or relevant activities, and at the same time try to find someone with whom your thoughts, your behavior, and your environment are very similar to. If there is a match, the chances of a breakup will be reduced. 

Responsibility plays an important role in any relationship, especially in love, so, it is important to take responsibility to understand what your romantic partner is really obsessed with. In fact, a feeling that everyone is chasing all his life, if the elusive combination of passion and biological drive can complete love, and satisfy that obsession, then love will not only be blind, but the deep down interest in the partner will increase. Only then your romantic partner will make it his life-long mission to cherish and please you, and he will follow your love till the end. 



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