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Monday, January 17, 2022

Transform your Adversity into your Great Success

        • What does adversity in life mean?
        • How do you respond to adversity?
        • Surviving Tough/ hard Times in life.
        • How you can overcome adversity and enter the world of success.

who can transform adversity into his success become the celebrity.

One thing to keep in mind is that there is a time in every person's life when he feels very uneasy, very hard or tough to spend life. That time has come or will come in the life of each of you and me. In fact, in the course of life, we arrange the world of our imagination in a certain way.  Every time something unimaginable that does not please us but enters this arranged garden of the mind, it shake our mind hardly. This impact negatively to our emotions, cracks our self-confidence, spreads unknown fears in our minds, disrupts our concentration. But he who can transform adversity into his success become the celebrity. 

Especially in these difficult times of life the negative energy in our mind and body becomes active and as a result we continuously attract more and more negative events which turn our bad times into adversity.  You might relate to your own life, by the way of example. Suppose a person is very worried about his child, who has no interest in his/her education, goes astray. Really this is the cause for concern of any parent, and the individual is no exception. He will keep monitoring on his child to get him back on track, enforces strict rules, sometimes even loses his temper and starts abusing him/her. End up he may take his children to a psychologist or counselor, even though only one to two percent of parents do this. 
Please tell me if the steps taken by the person from the beginning are correct! As a result, the child's stubbornness will increase and he/she will start going astray more and more. Even if finally taken to the psychologist, the child will not be able to believe her/him. 

Let's see how much more negative impact this incident will have on the person's life. Firstly, anger will increase. Secondly, it will have an effect on one's work, business or job. Thirdly, it will have an effect on the relationship. Above all, it can have a devastating effect on his physical and mental health, leading to a loss of balance in life. I have given you just one example, you see, it happens in all areas of life, whether it's our financial struggle, relationship conflict, or in health issues. 

There are many easy ways to get rid of adversity, like drinking alcohol, losing your temper, gambling, entering the world of crime. You certainly don't want to enter that world because you know that though the temporary pain is relieved, these can bring a big black cloud in your life later on. You know very well that there is success just after the adversity.

How you can overcome adversity and enter the world of success:- 

Shift your mind from negative to positive state:- "What you think, you attract"- Yes, what you think, the way you think will be reflected in your real life. If you tell 100 people to think good in adversity, they will drive you crazy, many may even swear. The way on which our mind is programmed must say that positive thinking is not possible in adversity. Many highly educated people do not even believe that they can have control over their thoughts or minds. To keep yourself positive in difficult times of life, keep the mind busy with good deeds, constructive work, in creativity.
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The saying goes, "The lazy brain is the devil's abode." If you don't keep your brain busy with relevant work, it will think weird, because its job is to be always thinking, to be busy. Set your goals, plan your next steps, keep your mind busy so she doesn't have time to worry about.   

Always try to keep your brain cool:- In adversity our brains are very agog with anxiety, our minds are in turmoil, for which it becomes almost impossible to make the right decision. But every step you take in difficult times is very important and it requires to move forward with the right decision. If you don't have a cool head, you will continue to make wrong decisions one after another and you will be overwhelmed by it more and more. Remember that your mind is the only partner in your hard times, the only one who can guide you in adversity towards your success in the right path. You have to overcome the conflict of your mind.  At this time a storm of discussion and criticism will come to you from outside, many kinds of pinch advice will come, which will make your mind more capricious. Avoid them altogether, say goodbye in a gentle tone. Stop thinking about the things that are out of your control, these will make your brain more agog, better than that think about the things that you can do well.

There are many techniques you can use to keep your mind cool, such as meditation, yoga, chanting, reciting poems or drawing pictures. Practise any one of them and you will get good results. 
Find out your strengths:- Yes, you have many qualities, you are skillful in many ways, you also have a lot of talent. It could be that,they were overwhelmed under the pressure of work, family, the situation and the lack of time, get them out of your treasure house. Hard times are the time to awaken your talents, the time to find your purpose in life, the time to grow yourself. 
You have all the resources, such as love, confidence, courage, ecstasy, happiness, you can't access them in adversity. If you want you can re-ignite all those resources in any time. Think of any event in your life when you were happy, you felt courage, you were in love, or your confidence level was very high, your mind will shift into a positive state. Get the most out of your resources and use them wisely, you will find a lot of peace of mind and you will find new ways. 

Make patience and persistence to your motto:- In words, "God accepts the rate of patience and perseverance". Indeed, hard times come to life to test a person's patience and persistence. In adversity many deadly arrow will come towards you from different directions, like the arrow of pinching words,  insult, hate etc.. Being able to endure everything with deaf and dumb is the sign of your patience, it will act as your shield. And perseverance will be used as a weapon, a weapon to give a suitable silent answer to all this in the near future.

Extend your vission

Extend your vission:- In difficult times of life, our vision becomes narrow. Things abroad or the road in front are not visible. The road to the future looks bleak. Look more at the open sky at this time, look at the moon-stars in the night sky. Come out of the four walls and go to the places from where you can see a great distance and try to see as far as you can. It will take away the tension of your mind and you will realize that there is a lot of things to unfold in life, there are many things before you to achieve. This is an incomparable way to program your subconscious mind deeply from inside.

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