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Saturday, June 26, 2021

How can mental anxiety turn a person's beautiful life into hell?

I am mentioning once again the famous quote of John Milton, the Western philosopher
"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven"..

Howard Hughes in full Howard Robart Hughes, Jr. ( Born December 24,1905, Houston Texas. Died - April 5,1976 in an Airplane over Southern Texas), was an American manufacturer, aviator, producer and director of Hollywood film. He was one of the wealthiest person. He gained so much fame as a playboy that many famous heroines fell in love and went out with him. Yet when he was 45 years old the fear of germs overwhelmed his life. Whenever he thought he was disinfected, he would be terrified of being attacked by germs from outside. Specific rules were laid down for all of his servants. They should wash their hands repeatedly with soap and wipe their hands with tissues before supplying food. He himself used to wash his hands with soap in such a way that blood would come out from his own hands. He used to cover his feet with tissue bags. When he noticed that a servant was sick, he would ordered to burn his wardrobe so that it would be completely sterile.

            He became a reduse and practically met nobody apart from his closest aides. He spent most of his last life in various confidential luxury hotels in the Bahamas, Nicaragha, Mexico, Canada, England, Vegas, etc., with utmost secrecy. At the age of 70, he found himself in complete captivity in his own dengeon, both mentally and physically, before he died. Such a man who, in spite of having so much fame, money, power, was miserable because not of the lack of anything external, but only because of his lack of willpower, lack of mind set. Unnecessary fear made his last life hell. He got everything he wanted in the world but was forced to distant himself from everything because he did not make his mind beautiful and did not program the mind. Everything was ready for him in the outside world to enjoy the ultimate joy of life and almost everything was under his control.  The only thing he didn't control was his own thoughts, own mind. He was a man who looked at the world with an external cripple of control. The focous of such people are of what other people are doing, what their behavior is, how external events affect their lives, what control they have, and so on. As a result, they feel helpless, upset, bitter and frustrated. Those who can control their minds know that they have only control over themselves. They are very confident in their own abilities. They know that many things may be happened in the outside world but they have complete control over what their reaction will be.

        You will have to open the window of your mind to see the beauty of outside world. The door of the mind must be opened so that the excellent beauty of the Universe can be entered. Our closed mind is simply nestle panic whether it is terrified of a virus attack or of death.

        So if you don't have control over your mind, if you don't program your mind, your name and fame, wealth, power in the outside world, everything will be worthless.

        I explained in a previous post how a life can go from hell to heaven with a beautiful life story and in this post I showed how a life  turns from heaven to hell. There are two ways open to each of us. If we use our minds consciously, we will be able to walk in the right way.


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