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Sunday, May 30, 2021

How can our mind become most powerful asset by the right direction of thoughts?

Our mind is the single most powerful asset we have and the director of this power of the mind is our thoughts. Their pairing can bring extraordinary success in our lives. 
Let me explain with some examples:- First:

The powerful bomb, made in the world which can destroy several countries in a glance was first created in one's mind before it became a reality. Again to destroy those powerful bombs, an instrument had been invented by another human mind

The famous animator Walt Disney, the founder of Mickey Mouse, died on December 15, 1966 but his biggest dream 'Disney World' was realised and started the manifestation in 1967 and was inaugurated on 1st October 1971. Think, if Disney World was not formed in his mind ago, we might not be able to see 'Disney World' today.
These two examples are enough to make us realise that we have the most powerful thing and the capacity to manage it. Whether we use our infinite power for good or for bad, creativity or destruction is entirely up to us. The combined power of these two can bring success or failure, happiness or sorrow, infinite opportunity or extreme obstacles in our lives. It all depends on how you are directing your mind by your own thoughts. Everything that is happening in our lives is the manifestation of the thoughts that are entering our minds. So if the outcome of our lives is to change, we need to be very careful about our thoughts, who are driving our strong minds.

Our thoughts and their Representation in Mind:
Every thought, created in our mind is in the form of film or movie which contains different videos, audios and feelings. Every moment a movie of our thoughts' plays in the theater of our minds. If we want, we can consciously play any movie of the future, present and past on our mental screen. If we can make a beautiful film with the direction of our conscious thought of a successful future life and play it in the screen of our mind again and again, then our subconscious mind will get well influenced. The more colorful  and bigger the videos, the sweeter the melody sounds and the more beautiful the feelings, the more it will be flooded our subconscious mind and the action will be taken to manifest it. The art of thinking is repeated thinking and this process has tremendously impact. It also is remarkable that thoughts with genuine emotions and burning desire are very powerful than any other thoughts. This will directly register in our Subconscious Mind. The name of the way we play and watch repeatedly the movie of future in our minds every day is called VISUALIZATION. Visualization must be done at a certain time every day. But it never means that you can reach your goal just by visualization. To reach the goal, you must need to find out the real road map and then take action accordingly. Visualization is the best tool which brings out thousands of ways by satisfying your subconscious mind.Almost all of us do the opposite most of the time.  Without making a movie of the future, we repeatedly play the movies that are left behind, dusty, sad or unsuccessful in the theater of our minds. This way of thinking makes our lives unsuccessful, messy, unbearable.
Properly balanced diet makes our body free from disease, healthy and strong, in the same way our positive thinking strengthens our mind. Just as a movie depends on a director as to how good or bad it will be or how interesting a stage program will be, in the same way our minds can be brightened or dimmed by the direction of our thoughts.

I urge my reader friends to enlighten their infinitely strong mind in the bright light of the golden dream of the future without covering it with gloomy black smoke of negative thoughts.


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