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Monday, October 25, 2021

How to strengthen our emotions even in any negative situation


What we will learn from this article:
    • Effect of positive emotions.
    • Effect of negative emotions.
    • How to control emotions.
    • Emotional needs.
The difference in sweetness or bitterness of a melody depends on the tuning of the guitar, just as our emotions. Emotion is a driving force that can make our lives melodious or disharmonious. How would you react to an event depends entirely on the control of your emotions. Emotions are invaluable resources of life as long as we can control them otherwise they will make our life miserable. 

There are great effects of emotions in our entire life. 
Effects of positive emotions:-
Effects of negative emotions:-

Every human being has more or fewer emotions. Some people are driven by emotions and some people can control their emotions enough even in a negative situation. Actually, this totally depends entirely on what you mean by any event or situation, your thoughts, and the feelings that you harbor in your mind. It depends on how you represent the external event to your mind. You will respond accordingly. For example, if you miss a train you may think your day is wasted or you may think okay on the next train I will go with comfort.
If the switch of the bright light that is your emotion is in the hands of the external world, then the 'on' and 'off' of your mood will depend on the external events.
We have been playing a dangerous game without our knowledge since childhood, it is a blame game. Sometimes we blame others or pointing fingers at others for feeling bad or unhappy about anything, even if one thing falls out of our own hands.
Although slowly physically growing, 50 percent of people remain in that childhood mindset and are emotionally immature though they grew up. More than 50 percent of people do not take responsibility. They are driven by external situations, and their emotions are controlled by external events.

How to control your emotions:-

The next time you find yourself in a situation that can make you emotional, be sure to take the following steps.
Give a pause:- Pause for a moment, think about what you mean by the event, and delay for a moment without reacting immediately. Try to understand your feelings, whether you are getting angry or sad if any negative thoughts are coming to your mind. Mind it, we can't change the situation or event but we can change the meaning that we represent to our brain.

Change your physiology:- Take some deep breaths, raise your head and straighten your body. This will change your personal internal representation.

Change your thought process:- Suppose you go out in an emergency, you're ready and you can't find the car key, you're looking around too busy. At that time your child is calling you repeatedly, and your anger will reach the final stage like pouring petrol on the fire. Angrily, reluctantly, you look once and see that the key is in your child's hand and he is calling for it. In a moment your whole feeling will change and anger will melt into water.

Where you thought your child was bothering you at the wrong time, whether he was calling you to solve your problem which you never imagined. So, improve your thinking and think about what you can contribute to a negative situation, and what role you can play.
Know your emotional needs:- Why are you doing what you are doing! try to find out what is the driving force. Basically we, human beings are driven by following emotional needs.
  1.   Need for certainty:- Most people want certainty in their life. For example, 'as long as I live there should be no shortage of food or shelter'.
  2.  Need for newness:- We are most attracted to anything new, be it our clothes, our friends, or our girlfriends.
  3.  Need of significance:- Almost all people are looking for acquaintances. Want to attract the attention of others, get importance from others. Even a child cries to get significance.
  4.  Need to be loved:- Almost all of us are hankering for love and want someone else would love us.
All of these four needs depend on the results, depends on the external world. So our happiness depends on the result and the external world. We also have two emotional needs that will increase our happiness if we focus on them.
      5. Need of Growth:- Think like this about what you learned from a task you temporarily failed, and how much you grew.
      6. Contribution:-  You don't get emotionally hurt if you think about what you should do or what you can contribute to in any event.

Take responsibility for your emotions. No matter what happened in the external world, you have the freedom to choose your response. The mindset we hold doesn't require anything from the outside, all we need to do are to change our inner emotions.

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