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Monday, October 11, 2021

Say bye bye to your bad habits and adopt life changing good habits

Table of content:
    • What is habit.
    • How do habits develop.
    • Why can't we give up bad habits.
    • How to quit bad habits.
    • How to adopt good habits.

Habit is the pattern of our behavior that becomes ingrained in our subconscious mind through the repeated practicing or doing something. 

In other words, habits are such behaviours that do not require our consciousness. For example, when you first learn to drive, you have a complete focus on when to operate the brake pedal, clutch pedal, accelerator pedal. After practicing for a while, you will become Habitual, then you will be pressed on the right paddle automatically at the right time. There is no need to conscious awareness to drive smoothly. 

like driving, we get conditioned by our habits. These habits can work to our utmost detriment or our absolute benifit. 
We become accustomed to anything only when we repeat it over and over again. More than 40 percent of the behaviours we do every day are habitual.  Some of these habits are good and some may be bad. Just as bad habits can turn our lives from heaven to hell, life can be turn into death, in the same way our every day's small good habits bring unprecedented changes in our lives, bring success.

The biggest challenge for us is to get rid of bad habits and build good ones at the same time.

Our minds work mainly on two levels, conscious level and subconscious level. At our subconscious level our habitual pattern is formed which is called Neural pathways in NLP. Whenever we want to develop a new habit such as waking up early in the morning, exercising, working on time, reading books, at that moment our Conscious Mind tries to find out if any such pattern of file is already existing in our Subconscious Mind. As soon as it checked and find the file have no existence then and there we get obstruction, demotivation. For this reason, we failed to build new habits even taking steps.

The best way to get rid of it is to start with the smallest step to the new habit you want to develop.  Suppose you want to exercise for an hour in the morning make up your mind that it's okay, I'll get up tomorrow morning and go out and walk atleast 10-15 steps. It will not be a burden on your subconscious mind, it will take it spontaneously. If you exercise hard or walk a long distance at the beginning of first day your mind will get exhausted, and it will obsract  you for the next day.
There is also another important reason why we cannot give up bad habits. A smoker knows how harmful smoking is to his health, but it is not enough to get rid of this bad habit. Whenever we think of trying to get rid of a bad habit and start to do it, we may be able to stay away from it for the first couple of days or weeks, but then we go back to that old habit again. 

In order to get rid of such bad habits, one has to be aware of his or her own mind in three ways. The first is the detrimental side of it, the second is the improvement in his or her life if  gives up this bad habit, and the third is 'fill in the blanks', what most people have no idea about. If we give up the bad habit, we will have to add some kind of new, healthy and good habit to the empty space that will be created, so that we can become our best self.

Just as no place on the earth can be vacated so our mind. If we cannot consciously fill that void with a good habit, our mind will automatically fill it with one of the relevant habits lying in the unconscious mind. So very consciously, carefully think about what type of new habits you want to adopt by replacing your old habits.

Another best method is to break the trigger point which forces you to go back to the old bad habit. You may use very powerful techniques that is 'Swish pattern'. Close your eyes, find out the behaviour you want to change, see the pictures. Now find out the starting point of the behaviour that trigger you to the bad habit. Put this picture in side.
Now think of the new habit you want to adopt. Check all the internal and external ecology, how your life is changing, improving in all areas, what others people are reacting to you for your new habit. Check if any kind of obstraction are there in your mind or not. Make all pictures bright and colourful. Then see that the new picture you created overlapping on the old picture (habit) and the old picture gradually disappearing. Repeat this process for five more times. This kind of VISUALIZATION help you a lot to replace the bad habit with new good habit.

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