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Monday, October 31, 2022

5 Steps To Mental Wellness

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What is Mental Wellness:

Mental Wellness is the internal resources which can help you to maintain good mental health and mental well-being. It is the state of mind in which the individual realises his or her own potential or abilities, can cope with challenges in life, can work efficiently & effectively, and is able to find the happiness and prosperity in life. It is an active process that helps us to think and act differently and helps us to create ameliorate and success by increasing our self-efficacy.

Why Mental Wellness is very important:

Mental Wellness constitutes our overall mental health and well-being without any clinical approach.  Mental wellness helps to overcome negative situations such as stress, anxiety, bad habits, loneliness, sadness, fear etc. and lead a life in a positive direction of happiness, life satisfaction, strong relationships or personal growth. 

Mental Wellness offers a holistic approach that focuses on enabling people to function positively, such as overcoming illness, maintaining excellent mental health, and pursuing optimal emotional well-being.

Mental Wellness is generally developed as an individual to pursue higher levels of happiness and well-being by meeting the challenges of daily life. 

The universal desires of man i.e. peace, love, money, joy, happiness and purpose can be fully realized only through the method of Mental Wellness.


Mental Wellness vs Mental illness:

Study says that about 15 percent of the world population is mentally ill but that does not mean that the rest are mentally well, or they are living happy and peaceful, healthy, rich, meaningful lives, they are satisfied with their lives. Many people who are not actually mentally ill also do not feel well mentally, or constructive and productive, because sadness, emotional distress, anxiety, loneliness and life's challenges want to consume them, make them dull. Mental wellness is a quality-approach that enhances rather than dullness. 

Again, the presence of a mental illness does not mean that there is no Mental Wellness, for example, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, brain injury, attention deficit disorder can also show positive mental health, they can also be happy, maintain good relationships, function properly.  can do work properly.

Mental wellness can alleviate and prevent mental illness. As Mental Wellness increases, mental illness will gradually decrease also. Mental Wellness can also significantly reduce the risk of future mental illness and help to maintain better mental health.

How Mental Wellness impacts in our life:

Mental Wellness help us to discover our inner resources like love, happiness, ecstasy, peace, mental fortitude etc. through self-actualization makes us mentally, socially, psychologically, emotionally strong, so that we can successfully overcome external obstacles and lead a meaningful life.

Mental Wellness provides inner strength to overcome extreme adversity, and leading to freedom from suffering, anxiety, anger, irrational fear in life by increasing resilience and persistence. Inspite of hundreds of challenges, it shows the way to reach the pinnacle of success and make life happy and prosperous by guiding oneself in the right direction. Above all, it helps to bring fulfillment in life by awakening the highest potential of people. 

Mental Wellness helps to forget past painful memories, break bad habits, create new strong beliefs and values, and restore balance in life.

Mental Wellness shows the way to get rid of the negative effects of the events that constantly happen in our lives, and frees us from negative thoughts, teaches us how to think positively. Mental Wellness gives motivation to a mentally broken person to survive, teaches how to stay mentally 
healthy, teaches how to be in peace in the midst of chaos.

5 Steps To Mental Wellness:


When you are mentally well that means you are ready for your best level performance, and when you are performed well in any area of your life you will surely get different results also. An experienced, skillful and compassionate Mental Wellness Coach can guide you in the right direction on how to root out life's problems and reach the pinnacle of success and live a healthy, happy, meaningful life. 


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