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Friday, July 30, 2021

What we talk to ourselves (affirmation) is very powerful to programme our Subconscious Mind



      • The power of self-talk or affirmation.
      • What are the examples of self-talk or affirmation?
      • Why is self-talk important?
      • What are the most useful kinds of self-talk?
      • How self-talk may programme our Subconscious Mind.

There is a strange power in words that can build a person's life as well as ruin. We can't change the words spoken by others, but today I will talk about such words that you keep saying to yourself that is self affirmation. We usually talk to ourselves almost all the time while awaken. And I am sure that you are talking a lot in your mind while reading my article.
Affirmation is firmly establish oneself or one's statement. Self affirmation is positive phrases or Statesman used to challenge any obstacle created by our own negative thoughts. Confidence is grown up in our minds when this method is repeated. I don't know of any other tools better than self-Affirmation to motivate yourself, enhance your self-image and increase your values. 

We all want a great success and extraordinary performances in each and every area of our life. The efforts of our conscious mind are not enough to achieve the top-level performance or to achieve the ultimate success. This requires influencing our subconscious mind. Again without the help of the Conscious Mind we cannot influence the Subconscious Mind.

The power of a horse is many times greater than that of a horse rider. However, the horse behave in such ways as the rider trains and instruct.  Similarly we can compare our subconscious mind with the horse and the conscious mind with the rider. That is, even though the subconscious mind is very powerful, how it will behave depends on the training given by the conscious mind. Just as a horse understands the gesture of a bridle, so too the bridle of our subconscious mind is affirmation. You can consciously put this bridle in your mind.

If you notice, you can see for yourself that most of the conversations that take place in your own minds are very negative. Very naturally our subconscious mind is programmed in a negative way.
When we get any obstacles or face any challenge , this type of self-talk are running in or mind. 'I can't do it. It's impossible for me. I am not able to do so. I have no capacity. I have no more money. My circumstances are not supporting. Always I am unlucky' and more and more. By constantly doing all these negative self-talk, we lose belief and values in ourselves. Our confidence level drops to dust. We become mentally weak. And, the ominous impression of it effect in our daily lives, happiness disappears, the complexity of the relationship is started, career loses it's momentum.

Most of the people expect some miracle in life and hope to get everything magically. I will tell you it never happens. Those who are truly successful and those who have been successful for many years have improved themselves in every moment, change their own thought processes, programmed their minds.

You need to be careful about your self-talking. It will make such a big difference in your life. Here are some examples of positive affirmations. 'I can do it. I have more than enough. I am very confident. I love myself. I am doing my best. I am worthy. I believe in myself'.
Positive affirmations not only helps to succeed in life but helps to concentrate on work, maintain good health, strengthens the nervous system, increases self-esteem. If we can combine visualization with positive affirmation, it will work like a charm in our lives.


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