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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

How the power of persistence plays a vital role to achieve success

Table of Contents
        • What is persistence?
        • The power of persistence.
        • Symptoms of lack of persistence.
        • How to develop persistence.

A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence

"A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence." 
                 James N Watkins

Persistence is the outstanding quality of being steadfast in one's outcome or goal, regardless of all obstacles, hindrances, and discouragement. There is no second alternative to perseverance. This is one of the ladders of our success. Lack of persistence is the main reason why almost 98% of people failed. This weakness is just like fire, the lower it is, the less heat it will produce. Lack of persistence extinguishes the fire of our inner willpower. Lack of perseverance alone makes most people fail in the beginning. With perseverance, you can achieve success in all aspects of life.

Out of thousands, I want to give an example of a great person who achieved tremendous success with persistence.  Abraham Lincoln, an incredible character who has additionally been the ex-leader of the USA has experienced routinely huge disappointments for quite a long time after the year. Lincoln fizzled in his business in the year 1831 and after which in the year 1836, he got a significant mental meltdown. Battling reliably for a really long time, he again fizzled in 1856 during US official races. Battling and battling reliably he became the sixteenth President of the USA in 1861 and continued driving towards his lifestyle. He had enough reason to give up but he never did.

Persistence is another extremely valuable state of mind like many others. Naturally, this state changes when we face various obstacles, fail again and again, and various discouraging events happen. The human race is endowed with a special natural reward, that is patience. But about 99% of people lose patience in one way or another.  In front of nature, in front of this society, every moment we are facing some or many the other test. We lose this constant test only when we are impatient and when there is a lack of persistence. 

Symptoms of lack of persistence:-
  • No clarity about goals or outcomes.
  • Reluctant to collect special knowledge.
  • Procrastination without any reason.
  • Blaming others.
  • Fear of criticism and failure.
  • Give up in the face of minor challenges.
  • Lack of self-confidence.
  • Poor mindset.
  • Lost focus on the target.

How to develop persistence:- Persistence doesn't demand a great level of intelligence, education, not a large amount of money but a little bit of time and effort. We can cultivate this power within us. 
These are the necessary steps you can follow to gain the habit of persistence.

the power of persistence

Specific purpose with strong willpower:- First you need to set your specific goals or objectives and set goals that will keep you going all the time. If you feel motivation from within, your willpower will be strong. The combination of a specific purpose and strong desire will make you persistent.

Definite plans:- Once you find the purpose, make specific plans to make it a success.  If you move with a definite plan, the chances of failure will be low.  And as the afraid of failure diminishes, the habit of persistence will be developed.

Control over mind:- You have to control your mind.  There will always be obstacles, there will be criticism, there will be negative suggestions from your friends and family members, and there is no shortage of people to discourage at every moment. It is your challenge to keep your mind tied up tightly in all sorts of situations, here is the tough examination of your perseverance.

Build good habits:- Persistence is directly influenced by our habits. Everything we do every day or whatever we are habituated to do nurtures our minds.  It is not possible to get inspiration without the spontaneous support of the mind. Lack of motivation will take away your persistence. 

Persistence is the key to the success of many great people.  Only perseverance can transform extreme defeat into victory. Success in any endeavor is never possible without perseverance. The factor that can transmute your desire, and your goal into the real form of success is persistence.

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