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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

How to bring the balance back in life

Table of Contents
        • What is the meaning of balance in life.
        • why we lost our balance in life.
        • What can be happened in life if you lose balance
        • How to balance in life



Disgusted with life? That means, you are not in balance. Your life is not in balance. As human beings we have so many responsibilities. We have a responsibility to our family, children, social and work or job. By performing all these responsibilities and duties, the consistency of our life is about to be lost, and that makes our life disbalanced.

The stability of everything in this universe depends on its balance. Skyscrapers are built while maintaining balance; huge ships float on the water for balance. Without balance nothing is unsustainable, be it in the case of any material object or in the case of our life. Similarly, happiness is not only lost when there is no balance in life; it also has significant effects on all aspects of our lives, such as worldly life, career or spiritual life. Even its evil effects harm us physically and mentally. 

What is the meaning of balance in life and why it is lost:-
Balance in life means mental well-being, being physically fit and at the same time achieving materialistic things, that is, achieving and enjoying outward success. If this trio is not consistent, then life is bound to lose balance.
I will first talk about Materialistic Things because mostly we lose our balance in life just by running after it. Cars, houses, money, wealth, all these are materialistic things. Materials things are so enticing that the demand of them is never fulfilled; when we achieve one, we look for another. We spend most of our lives trying to achieve these things. When we buy a car, we feel very happy for a few days, we stay joyfully. After a few days it seems that the car of another brand is better; the car of another segment is better. We have the same reaction to each and every materialistic thing, whether it is a bungalow or an electronic gadget. The same is true for money and wealth. The only thing that makes whether a millionaire or poor people suffer is because he has no balance in life.

Then come to the point of physical health, many people lose their balance of life due to physical illness. Keeping our bodies completely healthy is a big challenge, especially in this modern age where there is a plethora of interesting foods, too much work load and stress. Work stress sometimes takes away both eating and sleeping, which are most essential for staying healthy. I must also mention the addiction to social media. We no longer have time to spend 10 to 20 minutes on exercise but can easily spend a few hours on social media. Don't even think for a second that all the materialistic things we're working so hard to achieve are worthless without the body. 

The body and our mind complement each other, so in order to bring balance to life first we ​​must be mentally stable. Happiness, joy, ecstasy, agony, anger, pleasant- unpleasant, measurable, love-everything is our state of mind. All those things are generated from within. We feel happy,  feel love, feel pleasure from inside; there are no other sources. Those feelings make us satisfied or unsatisfied. There is nothing in this world that can bring happiness and peace to your life if you cannot accept it from the heart. If you are satisfied from inside you don't have to need an expensive car to be happy, you don't have to need a huge bungalow to be ecstatic. This does not mean that we do not need these things.

What can happen in life if you lose balance:-
Just as a multi-storied building can be dusted off in a matter of moments when it loses its balance, the earth can be destroyed just as life can be. Initially, the following symptoms can be easily detected if we are losing our balance in life and if we take such precautions then the consequences will definitely be better. 

How to balance life:-

  • Make the mind fertile and productive:- The first requirement for maintaining balance in life is mental change and preparation. The mind that produces our behavior, the source of our good and bad feelings, needs to be developed. If you ask yourself some very simple questions and take the answers genuinely from your own mind and visualize them for better clarity, then a lot more equality will come back in life. Ask yourself, 'What do you want to achieve? Why do you want? What steps do you need to take to achieve those goals?'

An illusion needs to be removed first, we think that if we achieve something, our mind will be filled with automatic happiness and peace. No, not at all. Thoughts and feelings, values and principles, respect, blessings, happiness and peace are completely different, the origin of which is our brain, our mind. Materialistic things are byproducts, they will keep coming to you, if you are steadfast in your goal, you will grow yourself, you will be focused on the goal, and take action properly, there is no need to romp apart.

  • Take care of the body:- It doesn't take much time to take care of the body separately, at least fifteen minutes can be given every day to play, exercise or morning walk; this will keep both your body and mind healthy. Eating at the right time and taking balanced food is very important for the body. Especially when there is work pressure, we swallow food or procrastinate, which makes it toxic to the body. It is very important to give timely rest to the body. 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep is required every day, without any disturbance.

We have five sense organs to perceive external objects for enjoyment. These sense organs report to our brain and our brain reacts as per representation. If these sense organs do not work, we will not have a separate meaning for each object or event, so we need to take care of the body to keep them active. 

  • Enjoy time without running with it:- Enjoy work while working. At that time, if you think about the family or something else, the solution remains far away, on the contrary, the complexity of the work will increase. In the same way, when you spend time with your family, you will have to stay focused. You will not be able to enjoy the companions if you enter another world of thought and your family will be also disappointed to have you with them.

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